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Togainu No Chi 3+4: More Close ups and Less Scenery

Yes, I’m still not dying in my own misery because of this show yet.

So Keisuke has decided that he should have another try at joining Igra. I can’t fathom what made him chicken out last time, but I can gather that he’s a wimp and hasn’t ever had the need to be in a fight before. Probably because he was always being protected by Akira.

Now we meet the wonderful yet completely disturbing character Arbitro, this is the only character, other than some blue haired guy, who gets introduced to us in this episode, which is quite a step up from the two previous episodes.

I kind of like Arbitro, and yet, all the same, he makes my stomach churn.

What could I possibly like about him? Well, he defends his deranged art by stating “You wouldn’t understand it”, his voice is one of those annoying yet completely awesome voices that tend to be put on every single self indulged rich character, which, if you had yet to notice, he is, and he wears a pinky-purple fluffy boa. Can’t go wrong with that one.

What I obviously dislike… All of the Serious Creep Alert alarms are ringing every time his house appears on screen.

Akira, "it seems like he's taken an interest in you".Translation: Watch out, you might become an S&M pet with a stern case of Stockholm syndrome.

Arbitro is now explained as a bad minded individual, who loves young boys with pretty faces and his preferred method of admiring such persons is to put them through suffering, which is in fact that he likes to force BDSM onto under aged boys. That is totally normal, in yaoi that is.

Wouldn’t the whole “I’m a creep who likes forcefully putting young boys in bondage” image be a little more normal if there was actual yaoi in this, I mean, its screams ‘weirdo’ as it is, even more so when there is no rape or even consensual sex (which we all know rarely happens in yaoi) happening. It seems that in my mind this just doesn’t bother me all that much upon being put with all the rape that does happen in yaoi, while on its own… It’s a tad too much.

Keisuke, you a man? YOU SIT LIKE A GIR--

Oh Gunzi, you blood thirsty love, getting all excited about killing some people ~~

And suddenly, you find yourself with the creepy pokemon music. I like this music, regardless of the fact that it only plays when Arbitro’s disturbing hobby appears.

And I have now encountered a lie here.

A very, big lie.

There is, in fact, yaoi in this.


It is a terribly big but.

You need to be a little on the sick minded side to enjoy it.

Thank you Arbitro, the anime is still not showing itself as completely worth watching, but you made the episode a little weirdly interesting. Thank you very much.

I also would like to add that Inu’s breathing is a bit aberrant, its very loud and raspy, like there’s something in his throat. It just continues to add to Arbitro’s unsettling factor. That is presumably the point.

Nice going Keisuke, this is what happens if you leave your newly acquired tags just waving around in the air like that. Someone is bound to see them and realize you aren’t going to put up a very hard fight and soon enough have those very tags in their hands.
And just as I think it, it happens.

He gets beaten easily by Akira, and runs off. Dropping a cross which Akira picks up.

They go back to the room that Akira had found before in the 2nd episode, Rin is there, who tells them its not a good place to have as a hide out seeing as it faces the main road and anyone can see them going in and out. So he states he will show them somewhere better, but he got a little bothered when Keisuke tried to help him pick up the photographs that had fallen out of his pocket, I wonder what were they of?

While walking to the place that Rin had told them of, they bump into the executioners again, Gunzi and Kiriwar, who are looking for a guy with blue hair.

Blue hair, it’s all the rage.

Once the two executioners are gone, blue hair man grabs Akira and takes him through a dark alley way. He demands for the cross back, stating it was his sisters. Akira, upon being told that this guy had a sister replied “You have a sister?” as if it was unusual. He recognized Akira as Lost, and a short lived fight happened, that ended with Takeru running away, and I will assume that his name is Takeru, though he didn’t really announce his name like that.

Now, at episode three, we know all the characters other then II Re, who I have a hunch we aren’t meeting him till the end.

And onto episode 4…

For the first time, in 3 episodes, Rin’s eyes have failed to make me think he is 100% unattractive. I really mean this, his eyes here, they are quite captivating this time. I do mean this, he’s trying to sneak his way into my favorite characters list I think….

Both Rin and Keisuke, who I might add isn’t looking any better than usual, are running around looking for Akira, I didn’t know Akira was a lost child. Oh wait, Akira is ‘Lost’ after all.

Forgive me for that lame joke.

Anyways, Rin found him first. Keisuke isn’t very good at this is he?

“You’ve found yourself a partner here already, huh?” He’s talking about Akira, so it really is implied-yet-slightly-more-than-usual-subdued-boys-love. Did they think we would no longer be as interested if there was completely no reminiscence of its original yaoi? Or were they trying to reel guys in with this level of work.

OR is it that there is absolutely no way to completely rid this particular story line and its characters of its yaoi, because if they were able to completely destroy all the yaoi in this then characters like Rin would be terribly boring.

Oh those eyes~ Those are probably by far the prettiest eyes I have ever seen on his face. Before this episode I was drowning in the idea of him appearing in the episode, Fukuyama Jun or not, but now, these eyes, they have me captivated. Why look at those eyelashes, the shape finally looks right and isn’t made weird by his pointy nose and chin. Though I still feel his face is a funny shape. There just has to be something in the water I’m drinking…

Who is this guy again? Motomi, Motome, Momone? I really cant remember, considering he’s appeared in every episode since his appearance, which reminds me of how I can’t figure out what his importance is.

Akira. We know, that you know, that Keisuke knows, that he was just about to hug you but realized you might not have appreciated that. You seem to have a big decision ahead of you, Keisuke the idiot or Rin with weird eyes? I feel like I’m forgetting someone…

I'm suddenly really pretty, teehee~

Whoever has been drawing Rin’s eyes this episode, I would raise a glass to them, they’ve been doing it right. Though I get this odd feeling I’m going to look through the other episodes and realize there is nothing different. Have your eyes that now emphasized doll’s eyes now grown on me!? Well I do love characters with doll eyes…

Look at those tight jeans… Ah yes that’s who I was forgetting.

Lets try that again; Akira must choose between, Keisuke the dumbest, Rin the soul stealer, or Shiki sexy pants.

I’m not entirely sure which is the best choice, so can I go play the game now? Please.

While watching Shiki rip up some bodies and spray blood everywhere, I noticed the sound effects used at these kinds of moments. Either my head phones are killing those parts, which I highly doubt seeing the quality of headphone I use, or they are using some really crappy sound effects. It seems to be yet another budget cut.

Actually, I was told animators aren’t paid a lot, maybe the animators went on strike this time round with the animating. This would explain the lack of animation, the amount of backgrounds and the non-existent drawing quality.
Especially during battles, the characters faces show how badly the drawing quality is, another budget I suppose.

Rin is secretly the other part of the yaoi that has managed to sneak its way into this anime, and yet it has no impact on you what so ever, as you know very well nothing good is going to happen, due to the fact that this anime has not been labeled under the genre. What do they want us to do, imagine it? I’d rather go buy the game, even the manga is better than this.

Rin's such an acrobat.

I don't think we really need to keep seeing Akira's face this closely...

ENDING SONG NUMBER 3 “Don’t Stare Me” – VERTUEUX; So far this is one of my favorite’s, its rock, its got a strange sound too it, but they might want to check their English…

ENDING SONG NUMBER 4 “-toge-” – Sadie; But, what sets this song appart from the rest I have heard so far is it is by Sadie, who are amazing, but its ruined by the ending animation that they use every single time.  Don’t mind me while I go watch the MV…

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