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Hanasaku Iroha – 15: Strategic censoring of naked bodies

Light shafts, begone. Copious amounts of steam, begone. Black bars capable of eclipsing the Sun, begone. Convenient/Strategic censoring is the way to go.

By now, many of us would be familiar with Ohana’s pattern of thought. There’s not really much to it, just go for the jugular.

I think lots of people would have experienced something like this: You are off-duty or not working, but you find yourself subconsciously doing stuff pertaining to your line of work. Same goes for Ohana. The lack of part-time waitresses at the inn the students were staying in awoke the waitress-senses in Ohana, and you just know that she’s not going to quietly help out. She’s gonna burst into the office and demand that they employ her services.

Naturally this is not going to rub Yuina the right way. She’d probably think that Ohana is being a little bit pretentious.

After all, it’s her fiance’s inn, and she just rejected him in a not-too-straightforward way. Ohana makes Yuina look like a fool when she steps forth to help.

But I think Yuina masks her emotions pretty well. That’s not to say she fakes it in front of other people. It’s just that she’d rather be happy than to hold contempt for another person.


Testament to Ohana’s ability to ‘fest it up’, I think she has positively influenced Nako and Minko. Her energy inspires them to go to the ends of the earth for her. You’d think that only Ohana is crazy enough to help out an inn she is on vacation at, but even the timid Nako and reserved Minko are somehow compelled to help their dear friend.

And that has certainly got Yuina thinking. Why are her three friends pushing themselves so hard when they are supposed to be relaxing on a school trip?

Furthermore, Yosuke pointed out that Yuina has never worked before, and he prefers someone who works hard like Ohana. That probably caused Yuina to snap, as she has been irritated to no end by the behaviour of Nako, Minko and Ohana in particular.

I feel it triggers the childish notion in Yuina’s mind that Ohana is better than her. For two people of similar stature, one has been taking care of people all her life, and the other has been living in the lap of luxury. But the one who worked hard was supposedly superior in the eyes of others.

Yuina probably sets out to correct that notion by cleaning the bathhouse herself. It’s not that she bears hatred to Ohana, it’s just that she cannot stand losing. And that’s more or less helped by the fact that the fiance she rejected irked her by saying that her friend was a much better candidate.

At that point, I was expecting a direct confrontation between Ohana and Yuina, and thing would get a bit ugly. But I don’t think this is how Hanasaku Iroha is set out to be. Instead of creating a situation where they argued with each other, Yuina is surprised by compliments from her peers.

For Yuina, who is finally doing some hard work for a change, being complimented came across as a cathartic release of pressure from peers and built-up emotions. That satisfaction caused her to rethink her goals in life. Instead of thinking it, do it, and work hard for it. I think that was the message that Ohana was driving across, by being proactive and taking problems head-on.

In her short stay, Ohana has managed to change the attitude of both Yuina and Yosuke, which is just what we would expect from a feisty character like her. Yosuke, who seemed like an ass in the previous episode, finally looks as if he’s realised his follies and is determined to study hard to make up for his shortcomings.

Yuina, too, seemed to have an epiphany, that living in an inn and seeing how work is done everyday made her scared of working. But attempting it herself, and being praised thereafter made her overcome that barrier that has been limiting her development.

In these short two episodes, we’ve got plenty of fanservice and entertainment, but there has been character development in bushels as well. Even though Yuina’s arc isn’t the longest, we get to know that beneath her cheerful exterior, she’s also troubled by various worries and external pressure. But she’s been able to make herself a better person with the help of none other than Ohana.


Other random stuffs:

That’s mango ice cream with strips of fried chicken topping. Officially nominated for: ‘Weirdest way to make your stomach think that you have a potato for a brain.’

Ohana’s mom likes to be naked.

When will we ever be able to see Nako flaunt her assest like in Episode 3?

Yuina looks fabulous with this hairstyle as well. But that’s probably enhanced by the fact that she’s not wearing anything.

We get 10 full seconds of Minko and Ohana wrestling each other naked in a bath, but not a SINGLE frame was censored by sudden bursts of light shaft, body-hugging steam, or black bars warped in from another dimension.

As we go behind the scenes, this was actually very carefully choreographed. Minko and Ohana were told exactly where to stand, what poses to strike, and where to place their hands so that their lady parts wouldn’t be exposed. Manyuu Hikenchou, Seikon no Qwaser etc. you need to learn some choreography too. If not you’ll be assaulted by hyper beams, dense fog and black bars of death.

This is Ohana’s idea of ‘something perverted for Jiromaru’.



  1. Wonderllama
    July 12, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    I hate they when they tease me so much. just make love already. am I right??

    • July 12, 2011 at 4:28 pm

      If you mean Minko x Ohana…then YEAAAAAHHHHHHH. Who needs Kou or Tohru?

      Or better yet, have an awesome foursome. With Nako and Yuina, that is.

  2. July 14, 2011 at 3:38 am

    Hm, it was indeed a interesting episode. with such strategic censoring. Body hugging fog was beginning to make my eyes bleed lately.
    Also, poor ohana, never having her name on anything. I never do either..

    • July 14, 2011 at 6:53 pm

      It looks like you need a hug. I happen to give free hugs once in a while *hugs*.

      There, there…

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