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シンガポールのCosfest X.1

(The numerical system offends me.)

I promised that if someone were to provide photographic documentation of the event I would then produce a somewhat comprehensive blog post.

Which was in hindsight incredibly brash and/or foolish of me – in terms of workload equality. A picture may speak a thousand words but it also requires a thousandth of the time taken to write that much text.

On with the post.

Solitary lightstick is forever alone. (He didn't last long.)

First things first: I need to rage at the handling of the Anime Song Karaoke event.

I’m not going to go into the selection of an emcee who possesses little to no anime knowledge. It could have gone far worse.

No shame + high as a kite = too awesome to win.

It’s not very obvious, but there is a metal-fence-cordon-thing preventing the audience getting within 25 metres of the stage.

I don’t know if the organizers know anything about basic human communication, but interaction is inversely related to distance. I.E. people far away won’t/can’t give a s**t about things happening on stage.

That and the empty space was reserved for special guests who apparently never showed up. Hence the empty ‘mosh pit’, assuming otaku mosh at all.

I feel really bad for the contestants. I really do.

My well-intentioned, ill-advised hollering probably didn’t help them much either.

Shin Sangoku Musou! Woo!

Next up was the Individuals segment of the Asia Cosplay Meet 2011. I’m thinking that the only reason why Japan isn’t included in the Asian competition is because they’d win for sure.

Now, I must admit that I have an extremely immature approach towards cosplaying.

I think of cosplay merely as an opportunity to ogle cute/beautiful/sexy girls in outlandish and often skimpy outfits. So I don’t particularly care about the accuracy of the outfit – give me a visually appealing girl in a cardboard box and I’m good to go.

Which makes me ideally suited for judging male cosplay, since I am forced to actually look at the costume for lack of a female form to appreciate.

What I’m saying here is that those Thais are crazy. Again, I don’t really care about the accuracy. I’m a sucker for costumes with excessive details and flashing lights.

So obviously I felt that the South Koreans ought to win.

Flashing lights + overly elaborate costume + hot girl = perfect victory

I’m not sure how the Individuals segment worked, actually. I think it contributes to the overall country’s team score or something. But in any case the South Korean team emerged as champions in the end.

I should probably clarify at this point that we only attended the first day. One day of wandering through an apathetic crowd and enduring torturously slow proceedings was more than enough.

Still, we were there for the cosplay, and you’re here for the amateur photo action, not read my haphazard prose. Hence, gallery!

Oh, I have to bring specific attention to this one photo.

Cosplaying Konata cosplaying Haruhi. wub.

/totally not a lolicon

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