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JohnnyYandere’s Summer Anime Coverage


I’m sorry, I stumbled upon the official chibi art of Ayase-tan (HNNGH) and I couldn’t resist.

/sidetracking ends here


First up is Kami-sama no Memo-chō, a 12 episode anime to begin airing on July 10th. J.C. Staff at the helm. I hope they don’t screw this up.

As taken from ANN (with multiple grammar and spelling mistakes corrected):

The story revolves around Fujishima Narumi, an ordinary high school boy who remain isolated from his fellow classmates. One afternoon, his fellow classmate Shinozaki Ayaka invites Narumi to join the gardening club and introduces him to a reclusive detective named Alice. Alice hires Narumi as an assisant and put him to work solving the strange mysteries of Angel Fix, an illegal drug. Little does he know it could put him and Ayaka in serious trouble.

Multiple reasons for choosing this show:

First, this looks like it could be what I wanted Gosick to be. This is like Gosick+Death Note. With no supernatural nonsense, thank goodness. And it’s present day. Tarnation I hated Gosick’s setting.

Second, the character Sōichirō Hinamura, alias Yondaime. He is the head of a NEET Yakuza group. And he can sew up/refurbish teddy bears. Yakuza = win. Yakuza with sewing skills = FABULOUS WIN.

Third, Shionji Yūko, alias Alice. Holy crap that light novel illustration. If there was ever a perfect glomp target, it’d be Alice.

Zettai Ryouiki + Long sleeved flowery dress shirt + exposed pantsu = extreme cardiac arrhythmia.

There might be a reference to Lewis Carroll here, but I’m probably overthinking things. With a side of Nate River. Cannot wait.

Apparently the first episode will be a 60 minute special? WordPress is going to screw me over again.

I’m probably going to buy the light novels. If only for the art. Omg. Alice is so damn cute.

Token loli rawr.

Second is R-15. Also 12 episodes, begins airing on July 9th. Animated by AIC, which should turn out well, although the preview underwhelmed me somewhat.

Taken from ANN again:

Akutagawa Takuto has a special ability for writing porn novels. He applies to Hirameki Gakuen, a high school which only accepts people with unique talents. Now he must chase his dream and direct his classmates to win an interclass competition. All while trying to create the prefect harem.

Let’s just say that I want to cover a fanservice-y anime this time.

Also the premise amuses me. Writing erotica improves one’s written language skills. Or so I heard -cough-

So I know covering 2 series at once is already going to kill me, but I’m willing to consider covering one more anime, since the above two broadcast on the weekends. Priority will be given to Kami-sama no Memo-chō’s coverage. But if you have any requests, just drop a comment and I’ll consider it.

  1. musicalcroc
    July 2, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Writing erotica improves one’s written language skills

    Writing good sex scenes is not easy, you know. That needs skills. Just look at the so-called sex scenes in many fanfics. I don’t know how our teenage protagonist can be better than an average teenage fanfic writer. We’ll see. This series is surely fanservicey but it looks amusing. And look forward to your coverage.

    • JohnnyYandere
      July 3, 2011 at 1:36 am

      Ahem. Let’s just say my writing skills weren’t solely the product of 12 years of government-approved indoctrination.

      Back to R-15. I think it’ll be great if he wrote a cellphone porn novel. Complete with emoticons.

      Sample text: “気持ち!!!~ www \(>。<)/"

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