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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 11: Heartbreak. Seriously.


I was going to focus a whole lot on the battle between Souichirou and Kimimaro but then Mashu just had to overload the cuteness.

And damn Tatsunoko refuses to show the kiss. (RAEG)

So now I’m not in much of a state to review the rest of the episode properly.

First things first – Q is a beast.

I thought that biting thing -Cannibalization – was bad enough. Turns out that’s just her normal attack.

With her Macroflation, Economic Blockade, she can freeze opponents completely.

And then she’ll take her time chewing parts of their bodies off. This is some twisted crap.

It's dinnertime, my sweet pretty thing.

Oh and she can apparently implant herself in another Asset’s body while choking them to death at the same time.

Moving on…


Pretty much why I couldn’t take the fight seriously. Once I started pausing to look for good screencaps, I noticed the ragdoll-ish poses and movement and their cute little faces. Animation quality really went down. Although I’m not really complaining.

One gripe – since when did Kimimaro become some sort of master duelist? I can expect that Souichirou’s quite the veteran, although I don’t know why he didn’t just amplify his blade as usual.

But suddenly Kimimaro’s jumping and slashing and rolling and dodging like a Jedi. There, I said it. As if the glowing blades weren’t obvious enough.

Subliminal advertising hohoho.

Don’t those little shapes in the background remind you of a certain fashionable brand?

(I’m not in the least fashion-conscious so I never noticed until I stumbled upon this.)

Go give that link a look, even if you hate Louis Vuitton. Beautiful surrealistic anime mindfluff.

We're in the Matrix! Omg!

I found the real world effects rather silly. Unlike the vanishing people, the money actually disintegrates visibly. Into little red pixels too.

Yeah, Japan’s collective history gets rewritten anyway so no one’s going to remember it, but I still found it weird.

Poor Jennifer. When she started weeping and laughing wildly in the streets I died a little inside.

Would have been more merciful for her to just die in the Financial District rather than to return to the real world with her mind lost.

Although then she wouldn’t have been around to be affected by the rewrite. Or would she? Non-issue. All’s well that ends well (probably).


Anime seems to be springing these moments more and more lately.

Was it so hard to just let us imagine that The Financial Districts were created and maintained by otherworldly immortal tentacle creature things?

Now in an OVA they’re going to reveal that all the world’s religions stem from The Financial Districts and that angels/demons/spirits are either Assets or Masakaki trolling again.

Onii-chan daisuki!

But unlike Kimimaro, Souichirou doesn’t get a kiss.

Well of course not! Q’s practically his younger sister! To suggest that they might bear romantic tendencies towards each other would imply that incest is acceptable!

-cue hypocritical moral outrage-

Kimimaro you lucky dog.



huur Mami nom nom nom huur

No Hanabi for you either.

It’s all rather bittersweet. Kimimaro saves Japan but he loses Mashu. And Hanabi seems to be going on with life with no need for him either.

It’s like happy endings aren’t acceptable anymore.

“So many futures to ruin, so little time!”

… or at least that’s what I would have said if I were Masakaki.

He even ribs Kimimaro about how Hanabi doesn’t need him and tells him that he’ll always be open to another contract. A true troll til the end.

... needs more Mashu. -sniffs-

Final Impressions:

I won’t be rewatching [C] anytime soon, and I’m probably going to forget about it and only remember it whenever Matryoshka or RPG shuffles through my playlists, but it was moderately entertaining while it lasted.

I think I went into it with the wrong expectations. I’d expected a far more cerebral and intellectual anime. It ended up being more about characters’ motivations – which is not bad, but the story didn’t emphasize on them enough. Most of the time it was just flashy battle sequences over and over again. Which weren’t exactly very well done either.

Part of what annoys me is that I wouldn’t have enjoyed [C] as much as I did if I wasn’t paying close attention. And I was paying close attention only because I had to review it. If I wasn’t so stubborn I’d have dropped [C] ages ago.

Perhaps the broadcast schedule had something to do with it. [C] might have benefited from a few more months of story brainstorming. Maybe it’s in the wrong medium entirely: I can visualize [C] to be a rather interesting action JRPG.

But if nothing else, [C] gave us Mashu, whom I grew to adore over the course of the series. I will now miss her terribly.

Hot absurdly-sized official art yes please.

Yet there is so little fanart of Mashu. And like only 3 Ero pics. SIGH.

Now I want an OVA. Just for the Mashu.

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