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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 10: Let it be known that Japan was saved by a troll of legendary proportions

for the lulz

So Japan hasn’t actually been saved yet, but we all know that Kimimaro’s going to beat/neutralize Mikuni and save the country in the end, and it’s all because Masasaki decided to troll the hell out of Mikuni.

Mikuni’s outrage tastes good. It tastes of sweet delicious successful troll.

im in ur economy killin ur futurez

 I’ve always interpreted Masasaki’s actions as that of a being of evil.

Happily allowing Mikuni to ruin and erase thousands of lives in dubious efforts to protect the present, persuading people to risk their lives and futures in an alternate dimension, wearing an inane grin at all times – these sort of things don’t exactly inspire confidence in the guy either.

So when he did something to help Kimimaro I was rather bewildered.

It ain't personal, it's just business.

Then I remembered the scene at the start where Masakaki’s American bro hit him in the face with a giant metal coin.

Hilarity aside, it became obvious that if Masakaki and his brethren were really seeking the destruction of humanity, they’d be collaborating. (I derived some amusement in imagining the epic fail such a collaboration would be.)

It’s because they’re such massive trolls that they can happily screw over Entrepreneurs and each other for idle entertainment.

There is no good or evil. There’s just personal amusement and collateral damage. Like giving lightsabers to children and betting on the outcome.

Cthulhu fhtagn!

But it was a pretty good troll. Simple and elegant, yet super effective.

“Oh hey, you know that card Mikuni has, the Darkness Card that allows him to screw with Japan’s future, the only one of its kind in the whole Far Eastern Financial District? The card that you have to beat Mikuni to get, which is pretty much impossible and will result in much suffering and death?

I just made one for Kimimaro. Why’d I do it? Because it’s funny.

So Masakaki didn’t actually say that. But he probably meant it anyway. Mikuni’s pain is his pleasure.

She's half the woman she used to be.

And the troll doesn’t stop there. If Kimimaro and Jennifer had known that Masakaki could have made another Darkness Card so easily they wouldn’t have risked confronting Mikuni – which got Jennifer killed.

Of course, it’s more than likely that Masakaki wouldn’t have upgraded their cards so easily, and a confrontation was going to be inevitable, but there might have been a chance of Jennifer surviving.

So now 50% of [C]’s fanservice material has been erased. Masakaki has succeeded in trolling the viewers too.

A worthy challenger appears!

Although Masakaki isn’t alone. Taketazaki Shigeomi the information dealer is quite the troll too, although he loses points for possibly having a conscience.

But who on earth could have expected that his mobile crepe-shop-van actually contained equipment to monitor and manipulate the economy?

And who could have expected that Shigeomi, who has been collecting cash from just about everybody for over a decade and hoarding it, would suddenly decide to spend it all to save Japan?

It does make you wonder why the pilots didn't just abscond with the cash.

It’s not so much that he can toss amounts of ¥100,000,000 into random people’s bank accounts. This part alone makes him awesome.

What makes him legendary is that he has enough financial capital to cause hyperinflation in Japan in one day.

Here’s a simple way to get an idea of how much money he has. As of the last population census in 2010, Japan has 128,056,026 people. Assume that the average total value of cash/possessions each person holds is US$1000 (which is ludicrously low).

This would mean that Shigeomi possesses at least US$128 trillion. This is just a lower limit based on an implausible assumption. It could easily be 20 times that figure.

A final example of Jennifer's battle prowess.

We finally get to see the Macroflations – and I’m appalled that Jennifer hasn’t been abusing Georges’ Merger and Acquisition. She can simply steal opponents’ Assets and use them as her own.

I’m assuming it’s only temporary, but if she then defeats the Entrepreneur it’s more than likely that the Asset would then be entered into her possession.

She could have ended up with an army. An army that could easily hold Mikuni down while Jennifer tickles his stomach with a Midas Money laser blade.

Mashu’s Overheated Economy, on the other hand, effectively calls down a small tactical nuke from the heavens.

She does say that she probably shouldn’t have used the Macroflation and goes extremely pale afterward, implying that she can only use it once per Deal.

I say she should be using it all the time from now on and Kimimaro needs to schedule Deals with rich opponents who wouldn’t have any idea what hit them.

You're running out of episodes kids.

At least the two of them seem to be getting closer. Kimimaro and Mashu are already actively protecting and voicing their concerns for each other.

All it takes it one little action (like say, Mashu’s desire to practice kissing) and this little tale will end up as a special edition Blu-Ray OVA in the R-18 section.

Not unlike a certain recent magical girl anime.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never said it before since I never had reason to, but Q is freaking scary.

Mikuni doesn’t control her. She can attack of her own accord.

And she defeated (read: killed) Kakazuzu, who was skilled enough to defeat almost all other Assets, in one bite. She freaking ate him.

Those numbers didn't stop climbing.

As for Mikuni, we get an idea of how much cash he puts into his Directs. We still haven’t seen the upper limit. But I don’t seem to recall any other Direct going past 5 digits.

Is it any wonder why everyone else is fighting with daggers and swords while Mikuni’s swinging around the wing of a Boeing 747?

Did you know that the next episode is the final episode? [C] only has 11 episodes. Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

But at least the stage is set, and while I doubt every loose plot end can be satisfactorily tied up within a single episode, I’d be happy just to see the flashy confrontation.

Oh, it's on now.

  1. Rick
    June 21, 2011 at 7:03 am

    Jennifer did send her Asset to Kimimaro (which is a embodiment for her Future). If Kimimaro wins, it is possible that she recover in Real world…

    • JohnnyYandere
      June 21, 2011 at 2:21 pm

      But the Asset is no longer hers. If it were so simple, Kimimaro would have bought over the Asset of his university professor to protect his future.

      It could turn out to be a loophole in the system. Fingers crossed for a happy ending.

      • Rick
        June 21, 2011 at 6:00 pm

        But didn’t Kimimaro destroyed his teacher’s Asset before the teacher’s bankruptcy? (And also Kimimaro wasn’t aware of the consequences of it…)
        And Jennifer *did* said that Georges was her Future, so it is possible that while Georges still exists, she had a Future

      • JohnnyYandere
        June 21, 2011 at 7:15 pm

        I don’t think Assets can be destroyed – they just need time to recover/regenerate. Kind of like how Mashu got her arm back. But yes, Kimimaro didn’t know then, but I really don’t like how [C] keeps bringing up new rules and such.

        I suppose I would fit into the philosophy conflict going on – sacrificing the future for the present versus sacrificing the present for the future. Since Kimimaro has taken the side of sacrificing the present for the future, there might be a slim chance that Jennifer might survive. It would depend on how the rules of The Financial Districts work. If Singapore comes back Jennifer probably will too.

        Although it still doesn’t make sense because technically if the present doesn’t exist, all possibly futures are void.

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