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Sekai-Ichi 11: The Melancholy of Takano Masamune

If he cried I would have seriously cried too.

Oh Studio DEEN, why do you test me so.

I had given my heart to Kou, and now you force a hurt Masamune upon me.

A Masamune that you know all too well that I cannot resist. A Masamune that I want to hug and comfort and tell him that things will turn out alright.

Studio DEEN holds nothing back with the weary gazes.

It probably worked as well as it did because I was completely blindsided.

I mean it was shaping up to be a good old fashioned Masamune wrecking havoc at the office episode.

Complete with cameo performance by Isaka.

Who, by the way, is devastatingly dreamy in his own right.

Argh he has blue eyes like Kou. And Ayase, but that's not really so important.

This is making me want to watch Junjou Romantica as well. I need more Isaka.

But where Isaka is merely dreamy and lovable…

I realize that this is the standard shoujo manga male pose.

… Masamune is dreamy, lovable, smart, sexy, naughty… so on and so forth.

I think it’s his glasses. Masamune works his glasses good. He never does give off the same aura of smexiness when his glasses are off.

Or maybe I just have a subconscious megane-fetish along with my subconscious homosexual tendencies.

It’s just a pity I couldn’t produce a stitch of Yokozawa to round it off.

Not to say that Yokozawa is off form in this episode.

I know it’s wrong, but I was so hoping that Masamune and Yokozawa would advance on each other, shouting all the way, before suddenly engaging in a most passionate liplock.

Right in the middle of the conference room. Office sex fantasy for the win.

Master of the rolled up memos.

Masamune’s level of cool is definitely superior to that of Kou’s. It’s probably because Kou’s still young and doesn’t give off the cool old guy vibe.

Not saying that Masamune is old, of course. But that Kou has some way to go before he can aspire to the heights of Masamune’s awesomeness aura.

Masamune plushie. Now.

Even when he’s chibified and art-shifted, Masamune retains the awesome. He’s cute and awesome, whether he’s dumping last minute work on Ritsu…

Masamune nendoroid. Now. Glasses are a must.

… or whether he’s scaring Ritsu out of his wits.

Masamune’s nendoroid, if he ever gets one (which is extremely unlikely), should have only one expression – The Scowl. I would so buy an army of them and position them around my room just to unsettle any visitors.

Those steps can't be all too comfortable.

All Masamune wants is a hug. And a torrid sexual relationship with Ritsu, but that can come afterwards.

Armour-piercing slap is super effective.

I can’t help but feel that Masamune is actually screwing up his own chances with Ritsu. Yes, Ritsu is one heck of a tsundere, but Masamune isn’t exactly going about it sensitively or subtly.

So far, Masamune’s main romantic approaches have been sexual harassment and violent physical sexual harassment. He really needs to revise that game plan. If he could just sit down with Ritsu, show him a little concern, buy him groceries, all that stuff that Yoshiyuki does for Chiaki, there’s a chance that they might have hooked up by episode 7.

But then he wouldn’t be Masamune, now would he? Awesomeness is both a blessing and curse.

I had to include this stitch despite the focus change.

Because it really is rather funny.

And also because I need something to lift my spirits at seeing Masamune so depressed.

Gah. I am definitely thankful that I do not have any wine next to me right now.

I don’t usually turn to alcohol to inspire my writing, but I’d have easily finished a bottle just to cope with all this emotional trauma.

Seeing Yokozawa makes it worse.

I mean it’s obvious that Masamune and Ritsu are going to end up together.

Which means that Yokozawa, who cares loads for Masamune, and has been watching over him since college, is obviously going to be left out in the cold.

And if there’s one thing that can pierce my heart easier than that of an anime OP playing up at an emotionally fulfilling scene, it’s unrequited love.

They just had to show Yokozawa hugging a kitten, didn’t they. Accursed Studio DEEN toys with your heartstrings with the grace of an unskilled violinist.

Fancy footwear for a college student.

It just kills me to see more and more examples of how much Yokozawa loves Masamune.

Because he’s just so emotionally involved. Ritsu could do whatever the heck he wants and Masamune would still pursue him, which is honestly incredibly unfair to Yokozawa.

But then again love isn’t about fairness. And it means that Yokozawa is chained to his one-sided relationship with no hope of a happy ending. And it’s another punch to the metaphorical gut if you know know Masamune professes his love to Ritsu in the end.

Man this episode was depressing, wasn’t it.

Next Episode:

And just like that the next episode is the final episode.

I just hope something nice happens to Yokozawa. Anime-original story for Yokozawa perfect end please?

And what a storm it was.


  1. musicalcroc
    June 19, 2011 at 6:49 am

    Heh, Masamune totally pulled a Superman or Quicksilver in that falling scene. If he hadn’t already followed Ritsu, he had like 2 seconds to run from the book return box to that spot. That plus holding Ritsu from falling.

    This episode reaches Junjou Egoist level in terms of angst. Be glad that you’re spared the scene where Masamune brutally rejects Yokozawa later in the manga with the kicker being Masamune telling Yokozawa to stop interfering with his personal life (I do find Yokozawa’s manner of caring invasive, but won’t blame his knowing his love and jealousy). Well, if Nakamura Shungiku keeps her habits, she may give the poor guy his own story. I mean all three stories of Junjou Romantica start with someone suffering the agony of unrequited love in one form or another until second chance smiles at him, so why not this case too.

    Although I think Ritsu seriously needs to do something about how he treats Masamune, I feel sorry for him too. It’s not pleasant to get a career change for which he was unprepared, a nerve-grinding job plus a boss who sexually harrasses him at work and at home. He kinds of asks for it because of his pride but it’s not surprising he would feel spiteful. Ah well, shoujo manga stories. Hey, isn’t Masamune a bit like a shoujo manga heroine too? The one who likes the bad boy and ignores her faithful childhood friend who’s always there for her ^^;;

    Next week is last episode already. So fast.

    • JohnnyYandere
      June 19, 2011 at 3:15 pm

      Oh yeah. And it’s all the more improbable when you consider that Masamune was coming from behind and had to then reverse direction to catch Ritsu the way he did so. Argh, these little things really irk me.

      Actually, I don’t think Yokozawa never really got that invasive. I mean, he does threaten Ritsu, but he doesn’t stalk Masamune. It’s more of Yokozawa having loved Masamune since college and never having a chance to enter into a relationship. And it’s all the more hurtful for him when he realizes that Masamune would rather pursue the guy who broke his heart in the first place.

      I never really considered Ritsu’s feelings much because he seemed to be much of a determinator. But then it is kind of weird that someone who would go all out to manage his mangaka would be so indecisive over his relationships. Shoujo manga stories indeed. Although I can’t really see Masamune as a heroine – I don’t think heroines would do the things he does at work. The angst fits, but Ritsu as the bad boy’s really pushing it 😮

      It felt like Episode 04 was broadcast only yesterday. Hard to believe that it’s been almost 3 months already. -deep sigh-

      • musicalcroc
        June 19, 2011 at 6:10 pm

        Ikr. A friend of mine joked that it’s superpower of anime love interest.

        Yeah, Yokozawa has not and will not go to the deep end, and I’m glad that he is sympathetic instead of being derailed to make it easier for the protagonist relationship. Just that I know I would be seriously pissed off if a friend/family of mine goes behind my back and chases away another person I consider friend like that, even with well intentions

        Ritsu’s working condition is mostly played for laughs, but it’s not good for health or sanity so it’s not surprising his morale gets low. Kind of unnerving when some viewers have noted that in Japan, working can get as hard as that (or I’m just spoiled by European easy-goingness). Being new to the job adds into the uncertainty. Masamune’s approach to wooing him as you said doesn’t exactly help the matter either. Well, that does not excuse how long it takes for them to talk like the adults they’re supposed to be and get the heck together though.
        The analogy is a stretch, but if I get it correctly, in anime when a guy is in a triangle with two girls, the faithful yamato nadeshiko childhood friend is usually the “winner”, so shoujo manga story pattern probably fits Masamune better (though the thought of him as a shoujo manga heroine is indeed funny).

      • JohnnyYandere
        June 19, 2011 at 11:40 pm

        I am reminded of Love Hina. Naru’s punches can pierce the heavens.

        I don’t really hold it against Yokozawa as his actions seem to stem from desperation and maybe a bit of jealousy. I can’t expect him to stand aside and watch Masamune hook up with Ritsu when Yokozawa himself wants to be with Masamune, and it has been festering since college after all. But yeah, it would look rather bad if Ritsu ever told Masamune about what Yokozawa’s been doing.

        It’s actually rather difficult to convey the sense of working life in an anime. No viewer is going to want his source of entertainment to end up reminding him of the daily slog. Which is why I actually liked the Endless Eight arc in Haruhi season 2 (which was the same episode repeated 8 times with changes in attire/camera angles) for its meta-effect on the viewers.

        … I don’t think any of the Sekai-Ichi characters matches the Yamato Nadeshiko persona. Maybe Yoshiyuki on nice days.

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