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My Top 5 Otaku Girls

By definition, an otaku is a person with obsessive interests – and these interests can vary from photography to knitting. Although in modern parlance, ‘otaku’  is used most often to refer to anime or manga enthusiasts.

That being said, there is a distinct lack of female representation of the manga/anime otaku in both manga and anime.

Let us hope that by the time I decide to remake this list, there will be far more otaku girls gracing us with their presence.

Honourable Mention: Sanzen’in Nagi, Hayate the Combat Butler

Nagi only gets an honourable mention because her otaku character isn’t crucial to the plot. It seems to have been thrown in among the lines of, “hey we have a rich girl, what’s the weirdest character defect we could give her?”.

But Nagi is rich. Not Saori Vageena rich, not Scrooge McDuck rich. It would not be unreasonable to suggest that the Sanzen’in estate could clear the current USA public debt (which is approximately US$14.32 trillion) and still have a couple hundred billion or so left over.

That being said, Nagi loses out to Saori because as rich as she is, I don’t recall her ever using her unfathomable wealth to make meido dresses for her friends. I may be wrong though, since I haven’t actually seen the anime/manga :3

5: Izumi Konata, Lucky Star

Yes, I put Konata at number 5. Not because she’s lacking in enthusiasm – of the girls I’ve listed here Konata is possibly the most outspoken and irrepressible. She simply has no sense of shame, which is a great attribute for an otaku girl.

However, I prefer my otaku girls to actually do things with their lives. Singing terrible renditions of anime songs at karaoke lounges aside, Konata hasn’t really done anything you could consider productive.

4. Nogizaka Haruka, Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu

Haruka is intelligent, beautiful and rich. And a Dojikko. All those are positive attributes on their own – except for the clumsiness which will depend on my mood at the time.

But what draws me to Haruka is her mad skillz at the piano. When people start giving you names like Lumière du Clavier (The Piano’s Light), you know you’re good.

There’s something stupendously appealing about a girl who can patronize high-class winesnobs but actually enjoys anime and manga in secret.

3: Gokou Ruri, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Ruri beats Kirino this time. Because while I do prefer Kirino overall, there’s something to be said for a girl who’s willing to wear a cosplay-esque outfit every time she’s outdoors.

Not to mention that she sews her outfits herself. And that she cooks and cleans and looks after her two adorable imouto. And that she’s awesome at games and she draws doujinshi.

And I suppose her lack of sociability could be a plus point. While she’s definitely going to be awkward and withdrawn when going out with friends, when she’s alone with her significant other… I leave it up to your imagination.

2. Ogiue Chika, Genshiken

I find it odd to refer to her as Chika, since nobody seems to ever call her that. And it is stupidly hard to find good fanart of Ogiue that doesn’t involve some sort of sexual fanservice.

I’m not too sure why I prefer her over Ruri. Ogiue is as withdrawn as Ruri is and doesn’t do cosplay – although there was that one time she tried a fashion makeover that failed miserably (it was cute as heck though).

I suppose it’s because Ogiue is more human. Ogiue, with all her strengths and weaknesses (she draws doujinshi and fantasizes about guys all too easily) is a girl that you could actually find in real life.

1. Tsuyuri, Dōjin Work

I was doing my research for this article when I stumbled upon Dōjin Work. And I was thinking then, “well, the protagonist of this anime looks promising”.

So I watched an episode or two of Dōjin Work, and I loved it. And then I made up my mind that Tsuyuri is the most awesome otaku girl ever.

She draws doujinshi and her doujinshi circle (of which she is the only member) is called Pantsu Kakumei (TL: Panty Revolution). And she specializes in rape. Yaoi rape.

It should be pretty obvious right now that Tsuyuri is a troll. She is a troll of legendary proportions. The things she says in public to troll her friends are unbelievable. And the voiceovers she does for the endcards are pure gold.

Plus I totally dig her fashion sense. Tanktop and short pleated skirt, check. Grade S zettai ryouiki, check. Short hime cut, check. BERET, CHECK.

(I was going to put ‘green beret’, but that has retarded military connotations.)

I haven’t seen a girl in Singapore wear a beret (who wasn’t conscripted/signed her life away for the military/pseudo-military-high-school-girl-scouts-thing) and I swear I will ask for her number if I ever find her. Non-military berets are super cute in that advant-garde way.

Tsuyuri could exist in real life and I would totally marry her if she did. We’d never stop trolling each other. Just imagine what a fiasco the wedding could be.

I’ll review Dōjin Work when I get the time. It definitely needs more love.

  1. June 16, 2011 at 4:22 am

    Well, I certainly had a lot of fun reading this post. Although I’m a girl, I find my favorite characters almost always being females, as well. I recently did a similar post, only the parameter wasn’t as specific as otaku, but just girls in general.

    You named a lot of the same otaku girls who I find interesting, including Chika, Kuroneko, Haruka, and Kona-chan (who would’ve been much higher on my list). Some other favorite otaku include Tsukimi (Kuragehime), Nodame (Nodame Cantabile), and Kanako (Genshiken).

    • JohnnyYandere
      June 16, 2011 at 1:54 pm

      Omg! I forgot Tsukimi! Then again I never did get around to watching Kuragehime. Or Nodame Cantabile. There was such a craze over it among the girls in my high school class that I got turned off. Terrible reason, I know.

      I didn’t add Kanako (or Kirino, for that matter) because I prefer to have one character per series – although I don’t actually like Kanako all that much. She can be rather cold towards Ogiue sometimes.

    • musicalcroc
      June 19, 2011 at 7:02 am

      I know (as in having watched the actual series) only Ogiue in this list. She is indeed likeable.

      Does Nodame count as otaku? If playing piano and Chiaki counts then she does. Otherwise, I don’t know.

      • June 21, 2011 at 12:13 pm

        I think you’re forgetting how much she loves anime, particularly her favorite show (the name escapes me now), which is featured in the first season in episode 7, titled “Kazuo’s Many Years.” There are several scenes in all three seasons that show how much of a die-hard fan she is for the anime: going crazy for gachapon figures, learning French from the French-dubbed version, and attending a con while in France. Chiaki also refers to her quite often as an otaku. Also don’t forget her hikikomori habits of hardly leaving her room and letting trash build up all around her.

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