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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 09: I’ll take a stock exchange… and BUY IT

"Begin the rousing orchestral backing track!"

Now this is what I wanted from [C].

Stockbrokers gesturing wildly and spouting indecipherable economic lingo as male choirs croon in minor chords.

Sadly, this is probably the first and last time we’ll get to enjoy such legendary potato chip eating stockbroking.

"We can't repel stockbroking of that magnitude!"


Seriously I wish they wouldn’t bother with making non-Japanese speak English.

I like to think that the rest of the committee are more appalled by the violation of the English language rather than the imminent collapse of the world’s economic systems. Look at those faces.

Sure, it was weird as hell when the American President in Death Note made his speech in Japanese, but at least it didn’t murder my ears like whatever the hell otherdimensional creature-speak the IMF chairman was enunciating.

Woo! More Singapore stuff!

That is uncanny. See for yourself.

Oh sure it’s being assimilated/unfabricated/erased from existence but hey it’s another cameo! Woo!

Woo- aw, nuts.

I suppose alternate future Malaysia can finally stop blaming their problems on Singapore, huh.

But we should totally do this. Once we have the technology, we ought to convert the whole island into a floating fortress and sail for Hawaii. Or New Zealand. Bioshock Infinite flying city is cool too.

Shanghai looks like it just sank into the ground. Or alternatively every other building grew taller.

I bet the Japanese scriptwriters were too scared to depict any catastrophic changes.

“Oh sure, we can wipe Singapore off the map. Shanghai? Baka! They’ll kidnap us in our sleep and we’ll spend the rest of our lives mining WoW gold in labour camps!”

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Masakaki and his clone brothers are douchebags of the highest order.

Power! Unlimited power!

At least Kyubey didn’t cackle when Mahou Shoujo were despairing/dying all around him. Although he did have his permanent trollface on.

It's Kannagi all over again.

Well maybe not. Apparently Kimimaro’s dad’s Asset looked just like Mashu, just that she had black hair and was called Mua.

It’ll be kind of awkward if they turned out to be the same person though. I mean we have no reason to think that Kimimaro’s dad and Mua had anything other than a simple partner relationship, but if they were anything like what Kimimaro and Mashu are right now…


It would be all too easy to accuse Kimimaro of playing hard to get, except that the blockhead cannot process the thought of Mashu liking him.

Not that I blame him. I mean, she’s not human, even if she’s hot and cute and always showing off so much skin and willing to do anything her master asks of her. And insists on practicing her kissing skills.

And after all, he does have a human love interest back in the real world, yes?

-bad violinist playing in the background-

Holy crap next human love interest please.

Woah dude.

Kimimaro teaming up with Jennifer is not going to end well. No, it’s not that I think they’re a bad pair.

But in the OP you only see Kimimaro and Mashu going up against Mikuni and Q. No Jennifer anywhere.

50% chance she’s shuttled off to do secret IMF agent stuff, 49% chance she dies, 1% chance we’re rewarded with awesome Jennifer fanservice by series’ end. I’d take those odds.

Georges knows the good stuff.

Dang Mashu is crazy cute.

So now it’s down to the cute personification-of-the-future possibly dad’s ex-girlfriend versus the emo emaciated suicidal childhood friend.

I wasn't kidding about the suicidal.

Hanabi looks like she’s strung up on crack and 2 seconds from offing herself with a .45.

Hypothetically speaking, of course, because the Japanese don’t have easy access to guns and they seem to prefer speed/methamphetamine.

So yes. Cute horned girl versus depressed human girl. Things are really heating up! Which will Kimimaro choose? Find out in the next episode!

Oh right there's the matter of the world's critical existence failure.

Or something. Everyone knows they watch only for the romance-comedy hijinks.

  1. June 18, 2011 at 1:26 am

    Can’t wait for the episode 10 commentary. Cuz you know Msyu has a LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY one shot.

  2. June 18, 2011 at 1:34 am

    Also, and as freaky as it is, you see Q fight.
    And now i cant wait for episode 11. final battle

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