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Sekai-Ichi 10: …I still think Yoshiyuki should have dumped Chiaki

-scare chord-

… but a Yandere Yoshiyuki is fine too.

I could learn to love watching a terrified Chiaki.

And here I was thinking that Yoshiyuki would simply endure his one-sided relationship as the plot demands.

Alas Yandere Yoshiyuki, I barely knew ye.

I want one of those fancy chair things.

Admittedly, the relationship isn’t as one-sided as it used to be.

Sure, Chiaki may have run off with Yuu to a hot spring resort, but at least he felt guilty about it.

This would never work with heterosexual characters, by the way. There is no female character that could be in a relationship with a guy and then run off with another guy without being branded a slut/whore/woman-of-loose-morals. Just sayin’.


They see me chillin’, they hatin’.

I had to add this screencap. Look at his expression. It is priceless.


"Chiaki, I want to draw you. Wearing pants. Wearing only pants."

I can’t resist making a Titanic reference. But really, how dense can Chiaki get? I’ve got a couple of guys whom I’m best pals with, and I’d freak the hell out if they asked if they could draw me shirtless. Heck, I wouldn’t want to see myself shirtless.

No, I’m not saying that I would do it if I had Chiaki’s body.

I do not have subconscious homosexual tendencies. I most definitely would not want to be alone with a close male friend at a hot spring resort, in a situation where he’s asking me to strip, his strong hands firmly gripping my shoulders, his breath warm on my bare skin…

Ahem. That said, I’m rather puzzled by this scene. Chiaki is supposed to be the female audience surrogate. He’s the one whom possesses feminine traits so that females can fantasize themselves in his position.

So how does this fit in? I get the whole ‘posing for a cute guy to draw them’ part, but I can’t imagine girls would want to fantasize themselves wearing nothing but baggy pants.

(If I’m wrong, please don’t let me know.)

In flagrante delicto! Who says you can't be otaku and know random Latin phrases?

Tickling? Is that what you call it now?

Oh yes Yuu, I see where your left hand is. I know you want to tickle Chiaki real good, and you most definitely know what I mean.

Imagine waking up to this every day.

Okay so I would probably get sick of this really fast, but dang that is a nice breakfast. Yes, I am Asian, and I’d take rice over waffles. Most days.

Chiaki doesn’t know how lucky he is that Yoshiyuki comes over to make meals for him all the time. Seriously I would totally go out with Yoshiyuki just so he would cook for me.

Only go out, not marry, because that’s reserved for Kou or Masamune. Although neither of them have demonstrated cooking skills as of yet. A most troubling realisation.

Homosexual tendencies? What homosexual tendencies?

"And for your birthday present I give you manuscript paper."

Yoshiyuki has become such a great troll. I was expecting some cheesy nonsense like a homemade cake or something.

Not that I think that homemade cakes are cheesy nonsense (unless they’re cheesecakes ufufu I’m so funny), but it would have been so typical of what I imagined Yoshiyuki would have done. I am so happy with his change of character in this episode.

"Then I'll give you myself."

Another stunner. Yoshiyuki saying things that Kou/Masamune would say? He must have been taking lessons.

I can so totally imagine Yoshiyuki stalking Masamune with a notepad and writing down the things he says to troll Ritsu. Somehow it just fits Yoshiyuki’s hardworking nature.

He’d be practicing  those lines and his blank expression in front of a mirror.

Sex with Chiaki is so boring that Yoshiyuki fell asleep.

On the whole, this is actually a pretty satisfying conclusion to an otherwise downright unsatisfying story arc. Yoshiyuki stepped up his game and everything turned out alright. And from this we can conclude that trolling = successful relationship.

Yes, the title of this post was just me being sour grapes. I wanted Yoshiyuki to be happy and Chiaki to suffer – Yandere Yoshiyuki is an inspired solution to two sets of problems. Killing two Yaoi birds with one stone.

… apparently some idioms cannot be Yaoi-fied. A leopard can’t change his Yaoi, after all.

There's always going to be collateral damage.

Alas poor Yuu, I barely knew ye either.

Side note: I googled the phrase “alas poor i barely knew ye’ and as it turns out it’s probably one of the most overused phrases in the English language. Thank goodness I didn’t title my post as such~

Next Episode:

Holy crap it’s angry Yokozawa.

Yokozawa angry! Yokozawa crush puny rival Ritsu! Yokozawa smash!

I’ve been watching too many Marvel vs Capcom 3 videos.

It's raining cats and Yaoi out there.

  1. musicalcroc
    June 12, 2011 at 2:41 am

    LOL, to think that you mentioned Yoshiyuki going yandere on Chiaki last week.

    On the issue of modelling half-naked for a friend, apparently that is what art students usually do but I don’t have any proof other than words of other viewers for this (don’t have any RL friends who study art). No comment for posing half-naked for a friend who may or may not have a crush though.

    Er, running off with someone else does not work for guys either. You won’t like it when a girl gets jealous. On the other hand, demanding that one’s partner must not spend time with anyone else is just ridiculous. Yoshiyuki and Chiaki could have simply talked to each other and established their trust beforehand. Then again, this is Chiaki. A burned hand teaches best. Just poor Yuu 😦

    Trolling is no fun when the target is Chiaki. It’s more effective with a tsundere like Ritsu. Shouta is difficult to gauge. He might be confused in the beginning but he can troll back when he regains his footing.

    • JohnnyYandere
      June 12, 2011 at 3:34 am

      I did? I don’t remember that -is too lazy to search for previous post-

      Oh, I know. But Chiaki’s representing the females here. Unless of course it is a fantasy of most females to have a fling with a cute artist guy at a hot spring. Then I suppose the scene is somewhat justified if still treacherous.

      It’s actually not so much trolling – it’s more of a cold shoulder treatment thing. But at least Yoshiyuki’s found some way to manage Chiaki.

      But yes, poor Yuu. Dude was screwed from the moment he was written in.

      • musicalcroc
        June 12, 2011 at 3:59 am

        Yes, you did. 🙂

        How Chiaki is supposed to represent the females when the general consensus is that he deserves some whacking in the head is beyond me. Maybe the English-speaking yaoi fans identify more with the seme. Or Hatori is the one that seems female-ish here (he cooks and cleans and keeps his feelings quiet – until he snaps that is – etc). Or the writer’s true motive is to derail Chiaki so that the audience doesn’t feel bad to “take” Hatori. Idk.

        But yes, poor Yuu. Dude was screwed from the moment he was written in.

        Same for Yokozawa. Maybe they can hook up.

      • JohnnyYandere
        June 12, 2011 at 4:55 am

        Actually it’s not so much the gender roles but the position in the relationship. I suppose girls would like to be torn between cute artist boyfriend and doting awesome cook boyfriend.

        The obfuscating stupidity part could be seen as an allegory/metaphor for female love-sickness or something. Wakarimasen!

        Though I dislike Yuu too much (although I do sympathize) to pair him with Yokozawa. Oh well. Such is love.

      • xexexe
        June 12, 2011 at 4:57 am

        musicalcroc: “But yes, poor Yuu. Dude was screwed from the moment he was written in. Same for Yokozawa. Maybe they can hook up.
        Oh YES, for the love of Buddha! I approve! ( ̄∀ ̄)

        This episode was the only episode I watched so far without knowing beforehand the storyline, because I could not find Volume 2 and beyond of Chiaki’s arc (not even in Japanese) T_T but hey, I was fairly content with the ending of this episode, because Chiaki was finally more sensible. =x

      • musicalcroc
        June 12, 2011 at 4:39 pm

        @xexexe: I tried to stay away from the manga but my curiosity got the better of me when I heard that it’s nigh impossible for Masamune and Ritsu’s story to conclude within the TV series.

        Honestly, Yokozawa-Yuu would be a rather weird combination. I paired them up only because they are long-suffering third wheels. But who knows.

        It’s a bit late now to mention this but I’m amused by how fast Ritsu’s VA reads those “glossary” in the preview. Speaking of Ritsu, if you like this sort of things, he has a character song, in which he rants about his job.

        @Johnny: things can get rather strange when it comes to Yaoi. The textbook hypothesis is that the uke is supposed to be surrogate for the female audience and the seme is what they fantasize about. On the other hands, I have come across those who say that they would like to put themselves in place of the seme and dominate the cute uke. Oh well, I don’t know either. Maybe I’m thinking too hard about this.

        Since this detail would not likely be animated, at least not in the near future, Kou and Shouta do hook up after the events in ep.9 and Kou learns how to cook to be a good wife to take care of Shouta. He is probably not at Yoshiyuki’s level yet but you may swoon now. That guy is perfect. He is probably what you call a Mary Sue, but I can’t hate him for that.

      • JohnnyYandere
        June 12, 2011 at 8:41 pm

        I actually think it’s cuter in that Kou is learning how to cook rather than already being a good cook. Because it would open a whole new set of kitchen-based cute/romantic scenarios. Like Kou tearing up after burning a souffle and Shouta soothing him before they retire to the bedroom for comfort sex :3

      • xexexe
        June 13, 2011 at 2:30 am

        @musicalcroc: Ahahahaha, it depends on what you mean by “this sort of things”. ;D I actually translate Japanese songs, especially those anime and doujin-related. So yea, I already translated Ritsu’s songs here a couple of days ago. Not that I’m trying to say anything, but I like Ritsu’s voice better when he’s talking…

        Yokozawa and Yuu as a couple would certainly be something new. Seeing that they are both the “proactive” and “relentless” type, I’ll expect them to have quarrels everyday. I actually want them together only because I feel sorry for Yokozawa, and Yuu is single and into men lol. (I do know the chance of it actually happening is less than 0.000001%.)

        @YaoiYandereJohnnyYandere (sorry, couldn’t resist X3 blame defrayal.) You’ve got the potential to become a full-fledged fudanshi! Very good. We’ll be rooting for you! ;D

      • musicalcroc
        June 13, 2011 at 2:56 am

        @xexexe: Oh, so you are the master here *bow*. I said “this sort of thing” because there are people who think character songs are waste of time. I was a bit disappointed that they did not go for the gag route for Sekaiichi songs (I kind of expected a song full of denials for Ritsu) but Ritsu’s song is still cute. I dare not imagine what Masamune’s song would be like though. The only time I have heard Katsuyuki Konishi singing is that Hetalia song.

        What Johnny proposed sounds like something a fanfic writer would like.

      • xexexe
        June 13, 2011 at 4:54 am

        Haha, nah, I’m no master lol. I love character songs, especially for show I actually watch and/or care about. I did all 16 character songs for Kuroshitsuji II last year… That was painful, but I also had fun integrating into the songs elements/personalities of the characters. Like for Ritsu’s songs this time, I made sure to make him sound like someone who refuses to lose or admit loss (and his tsundere side). Admittedly, similar to what you suggested, it would be sooooooo epic if they let Ritsu AND Masamune do a few songs together with some comedy. Is Masamune gonna have songs at all? =x So far, besides Ritsu’s, only Chiaki’s and Shouta’s songs have been announced…

      • musicalcroc
        June 13, 2011 at 5:28 am

        Yeah, come to think of it, duet image songs would fit the show better. And yes, so much slap-slap-kiss comedy potential for Masamune-Ritsu (when I heard about Ritsu getting image song, I thought it would be titled “This is not love”). But how much does the decision in making songs depend on the voice actors? I know Ritsu’s VA has done duets before. Not sure about the others. I know no song for Masamune (or Yoshiyuki and Kou, for that matter) has been announced yet, but it seems weird if they are left out. Probably Ritsu, Chiaki and Shouta have songs first because they are POV characters. Kou’s song must sparkle and if he ever sings with Shouta, the song will probably be diabetic.

        I don’t watch Kuroshitsuji but it has that many image songs? Almost as many as the Suzumiya Haruhi series.

      • xexexe
        June 13, 2011 at 11:50 am

        omg musicalcroc, you have the greatest idea ever! I would seriously burst out in laughter if Ritsu actually has a song titled “Kore wa Koi ja nai!” since he says that virtually at the end of every episode and manga chapter XD Anyway, I would say voice actors’ own willingness have A HUGE factor in deciding whether or not to release character songs lol since, well, if they refuse to sing, you really can’t make them… And oh wow, I didn’t even know Tachibana Shinnosuke (Chiaki) also sang 2 character songs in Kuroshitsuji II; shows how great my memory is =P

        And I think you’re right. Those three are the POV characters, so it’d make more sense to make songs for them first. But hey, you never know. At the rate the anime’s going, there will almost have to be a season 2 to satisfy the fans’ lust demand. If they indeed make a 2nd season, then there will be more character development, and thus more room and background to actually make more character songs. (It will also depend on how well the current character songs sell…Piracy? What piracy?)

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