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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 15: Sabershirou’s take

Why do you even bother kissing the siscon?

I’ve watched it, and frankly speaking, I feel that there’s too many things to fit into one episode. Also, I don’t really like the way the return to status quo is handled. After the jump is a long rant that’s most likely tl;dr, but I just feel strongly that even though it isn’t a fault of the series, it’s something that I’ve been meaning to write about for quite a long time.

Poor Kuroneko, she deserves someone better than Kyosuke. She finally plucked up the courage to confess to him, and he didn’t just reject her, he didn’t even know it was a confession till she kissed him. And when she asked him for a reaction after she poured her heart out to him, he said he was going to see Kirino. So Kuroneko resigned to the fact that she’ll never best Kirino as Kyousuke is a siscon, and gave him encouragement.

So you see, the fact that Kuroneko can find it within herself to love Kirino isn’t because of Kirino being a great friend, it’s because Kuroneko has a great heart that belies her cold exterior.

I support Kuroneko not because she’s moe (but it helps), but she has the capacity to provide support and assistance. It’s only her character that needs some fine-tuning, and that’s where Kyousuke comes it, to help her integrate better into her social circle.

Kirino is the one that needs more help, as she has deep dark secrets that will compromise her status in her social circle. Turning to her brother is a first step towards reconciliation, but it only fuels Kyousuke’s siscon drive.

And that’s just why I dislike the relationship between the two siblings altogether. Their relationship is dysfunctional at best. Kirino is perennially snappy towards Kyousuke, whose blind support of her solely rest upon the fact that she’s his sister, and his almost too overtly expressive in his ways of adoring her. So how can this be a loving relationship if one party can’t be brutally honest to the other (I’m talking about Kirino)? You will pour your heart out to somebody whom you trust and love, but that’s not fully the case for Kirino. She can tell her brother what she can’t to others, but she’s not kind to him. Simply put, she is loath to not dislike him.

As I mentioned earlier, Kuroneko confessed because she trusts and likes Kyousuke. But Kyousuke only has eyes for Kirino, and is willing to bear the brunt of her bitchfest for two reasons, one that he’s her brother, and two that he likes her more than in a sibling kind of way. When it comes to the crunch, Kyousuke says that the rest are just “bucchake omake mitai no mon”, which literally means “frankly they are just like extra bonuses”. His heartfelt confession should give Kirino enough impetus to physically express her love towards her brother, but she can’t bring herself to do that. I can’t understand why she remains snappy towards him, it’s just not a ‘happy ending’ in my book, which is clearly what this episode is trying to achieve.

I can understand why Kirino has so many friends that’ll follow her to the ends of the earth though. She’s just like Ohana from Hanasaku Iroha, in a sense that she has boundless passion for doing what she likes, and those that share the same interests are drawn towards her energy. But that’s where the similarities end. Ohana is positive to a fault; she’s the one that solves problems with her willingness to do things with integrity. Kirino has internal conflicts, and her character makes it such that the people around her are always worried about her.

So her strong character will undoubtedly garner alot of fans, but do not discount that she has great friends. I don’t go around expounding that Kirino is a bitch and she must die, but I have an outright distaste of her as she is made to look better because of her friends. Saori and Ruri will gladly put their pride on the line to plead with producers not to mangle Kirino’s work. Ayase will get to the bottom of the situation if she realises that something is amiss with Kirino. Kirino is energetic in doing what she likes, but when she finds obstacles in her path, she sort of crumbles, and it’s up to her friends to pull her out of the rut. It’s also true in this final episode. Kyousuke has to go all the way to the USA to drag Kirino back home as she’s depressed that she is going in circles.

Naturally, Kirino is grateful that she has such good friends, but she just. doesn’t. show. it. I don’t know if I have the capacity to put up with her nonsense, and that’s why I salute Kuroneko and Saori and Ayase for their dogged determination to right whatever’s wrong with Kirino.

I’d welcome a second season though. This series is unique in a way that it explores the fine details of relationships, and its finesse at handling issues dealing with people who are covertly otaku. It is comical to see interactions between Kyousuke and Kirino, but at some point, Kirino’s just gotta stop hiding behind her facade and be brutally honest with herself.

  1. JohnnyYandere
    June 4, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Tsukasa Fushimi has actually done quite a bit to address several of these issues through Light Novel 8 and Ruri’s spin-off manga. I’ll try to minimize spoilers as much as I can.

    What most ‘Ruri fans’ never seemed to realize is that Kyousuke is not suited to her.

    He is simply Ruri’s first crush. He helped her and stood up for her and is the first male figure she’s had an actual friendship with. It’s no surprise that she fell for him, but she deserves better.

    They may go “KURONEKO END FTW” but this is rather short-sighted – they only want it because they want to see Kirino upset, at the expense of Ruri’s happiness. A Kirino hater is not necessarily a Ruri fan.

    Which is why the manga spin-off is perfect. Ruri can finally meet someone else who she can actually be happy with. Someone who isn’t so dense or obsessed with his sister to completely ignore a confession of love.

    Now, what most people don’t realize – both fans and haters of Kirino alike – is that she is more aware of the situation than she is letting on. She knows that she has more than familial feelings for her brother, yet society will never allow it. She is so afraid of revealing this part of herself that she only reacts with hostility toward Kyousuke.

    This issue is beautifully addressed in Light Novel 8. Suffice to say that Kirino gets alot of character development – and she does prove that she IS a great friend to Ruri.

    On the topic of friends – it is true that Kirino has been relying on others to solve her problems for her. But that is not to say that they do not enjoy her companionship.

    Ayase doesn’t really do much for Kirino, as far as I remember. And Saori does get her own way more often than you think. I suppose the main gripe comes from Ruri and what people view as her constant self-sacrifice.

    Again, in Light Novel 8 Kirino helps her friends for once, and it is shown that Ruri does want to be with Kirino, in a strange sort of way.

    I’m not saying that Light Novel 8 isn’t some kind of last-minute ass-pull. It is, what with how Kirino is suddenly getting ‘whitewashed’. I’m a Kirino fan and even I have to say it’s all very abrupt.

    But now that it’s out, each character, especially Kirino and Ruri, must be re-evaluated in terms of the bigger picture. And if you’re willing to change your assumptions and predispositions, you’ll find that it all fits nicely in the end.

    • June 4, 2011 at 10:03 pm

      Ideally then, an anime should be able to hold its own without the need for tons of backstory. But in this case, with just 15 episodes, it’s hard for people who watch solely anime to appreciate what there is to appreciate about Kirino.

      But I did mention in my last paragraph that it deserves another season. Obviously the author is aware of the shortcomings of the character she created, hence the light novels that you talked about. It’s just that I reviewed it purely from the standpoint of a person who watches only anime, and very little of manga and light novels.

      Of course, if I read further into the Oreimo story, I might not have penned down my thoughts. If anything, I’d want nothing more than another season to change my perspective.

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