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Tokyopop’s NA publishing division has closed as of 31/05/11….T_T

Well if you have not heard it, it seems that Tokyopop, one of the premier English Manga publishers, has closed its doors as of the 31st of May.

It is a sad day for American Manga fans as they have lost one of the largest manga publishers on their side of the planet and this may lead to a few repercussions for the industry on the whole and it may cause further problems for scantilation groups in the future.

Well the main reasons of their closure was mainly due to other factors such as poor financial planning and other red-tape in the licensing industry which created many problems for them throughout their run. The latter could be attributed to the fact that certain titles were released much later than their initial publishing date in Japan due to the delays there, and as we are Otaku’s and want first dibs on those books, resorted to other means of obtaining them, which could have hurt them and let to more issues…blah blah blah….

Ok so I’m generalizing but this behavior can be hurtful to the industry at some point as sometimes we are not doing enough to support it. I’m trying my best to give my own support, within my financial means, by buying at least one official copy of a certain title that I really like and if I have more cash, I buy more, and sometimes even the original manga in Japanese. This way at least we are not free loading off the works of others, and this has been the notion that some scantilation groups are trying to put out, saying that if we are able to get the original copy in our own country, we should purchase it to show our support.

Another way to show support is to buy the official merchandise such as figures and such, as in an article I read a while back, it says that of a certain title, the manga and anime only make around 20+% of the sales and the rest coming from merchandise sales.

I really do hope that this closure would not affect the Manga industry that much. For those who buy English manga published in Amercia, maybe you can support the others that are still around such as Viz Media, Dark Horse(manga) and the up-and-coming Yen Press. Viz and Yen Press have been improving quite a bit these few years with Yen Press leaving a big impression with their accurate translations, original name order, overall good quality of scanning and their trying to keep the message as close to the original as possible.

I can go on and on about the rest of it with even more and more examples but I think I’ve made my point so I wouldn’t want to bore you the reader with a Full 3000 word essay with all the stuff I want to say. So to summarize it all, let me just say this, if you enjoy something a lot and really love a series, try and support it as much as possible and maybe go the extra mile sometimes to do it. That is the least we Otaku or Fans can do as a whole to support the industry we love so much.


PS: OMG what am I’m gonna do with my incomplete Tokyopop Manga sets….>< Luckily I can read Japanese so lately I’ve been buying the Originals to add to my collection.

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