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Togainu No Chi 1: Black and red all over

To start off, before we dive straight into the review, for anyone who has never heard of this particular title before, this is an adaption of a Boys Love/Yaoi game, which is rated 18+, probably for rape and gore. As for the anime, I’m pretty sure they’ve toned it down, a lot, or at least I hope that they have.

And, already, just from watching the first few minutes of the anime, I’m already partiality fond of the art. Not so much the opening credits, or the way the characters are drawn, but the background images of Toshima, is absolutely, wonderfully, stunning. The distressed buildings, against a red and black night sky, with crimson blood coloured liquid. Perhaps I’m just easy to please, but, I really could not be happier.

This is more than likely the first time I’ve properly paid attention to the colour scheme used, as well as the backgrounds. I’m also very much in love with the broken destroyed city.

Very first scene, with whom is obviously our protagonist for the series; we get some generally okay fist punching action. Why is it that blood flying in eccentric ways is a bit of a norm in anime? Would blood really fly up like that?

This is the expression of someone who just won a battle.

My first impressions of our protagonist, Akira: antisocial freak.


Apparently, he doesn’t want to go celebrate his winnings, with or without a bunch of fanboys and friends, here I am suggesting he might actually have friends, though I willingly doubt that he has that many. He also, has yet to smile once. Not even after he won. That’s got to be significant.

Here we have a little girl, who gets to make a meal for the boy she’s wanted to ask out for ages.

Time to throw in a character whose personality seems to be quite the opposite of the main protagonist, and just to rub it in a bit, he’s going to be a close friend to the antisocial. His name is Keisuke. Yes. Somehow, this smiling maniac is actually friends with an antisocial depressant.

Keisuke is either just ignoring Akira’s lack for emotion or is just really, really ignorant.

I’m going to guess that it’s the latter.

After Akira gets home and everything, the plot leaps a bit, or maybe a whole lot, I’d have preferred it to have fleshed out a bit, even if it took a whole episode up to get to this scene. So, Akira goes home and takes a nap he obviously shouldn’t have. I guess if he hadn’t been the sad loner character he is, he wouldn’t have the law enforcement knocking at his door. Though I need to question why they were able to let themselves in.

Apparently, Akira is exceptionally intellectual, because they didn’t let themselves in by breaking down the door, not by jumping in through a window and definitely not by pick the door open, they just OPEN the door. Doesn’t Akira know what the locks are for? But this is most likely intended for the plot to go forward. But I believe that this is a bit cheaply done.

Well they turn out to be cops. Now assuming that very little time passed from the killing of the guy, to the authorities turning up at his house, and that these police are the ones who did the murdering.

Having fun are we?

All we learn from this little experience is that Akira was part of a street fighting game called “Bl@sters”, where he was a champion of the individual matches. Simply put, he’s good at hand to hand combat. Actually, that’s all we really know of Akira. There’s going to be a lot of character building in this production, I know it.

After being quickly put into jail, he’s visited by some more characters.

"We'd like you to think of us as being unimportant" To late sweetheart, you're a female in a boys love anime, you were unimportant before you even got to appear.

She is introduced to us as Emma, and the guy behind her as Gwen. And I think it’s safe to say we aren’t going to be seeing either of these two for a while, if ever again.

This is from a yaoi game? Really?

After arriving back at his apartment, we find that Keisuke has been there all night.
Black out.

I hope this anime doesn’t have too many black outs, I’m confident that that’s around about the 3rd or 4th black out. I don’t usually notice them, but for some reason I am now.

"What if there's something that I want to do that I can’t do here?”

We can just assume that Akira explained, during that black out, his strange situation to Keisuke, or we could let our imaginations run insanely wild, and think that something interesting happened in that short period of time that obviously couldn’t have.

I dont think he's ever going to say a proper good bye.

I can’t say I like either Akira or Keisuke.

Akira still hasn’t given a sincere smile, and to say the least he is quite personality-less right now. And, so far, I can’t stand Keisuke’s idiotic personality, he’s really a naive male, and I’m never really keen on those sorts of characters.

Car ride, and a jump over a fence, and we get some pretty scenery of what is Toshima, and as I said before, I’m really liking these backgrounds, but we sure do get a lot of scenery shots.

For some reason, I got reminded of disgaea.

After having a short fight with a group of bizarre guys whose veins are popping out of their heads, another new character appears.

He’s sexy. But still not my type.

After removing his katana from its sheath, he starts chopping the men up, one by one. And when I say chopping I do mean chopping.

When they put Boys Love anime onto TV, they tend to black out anything you wouldn’t want kids seeing, usually crotch groping or something. This anime is blacked out too, for a whole new reason to me.


Oh how I love the high contrast of bright red blood against the dark backgrounds of the ominous city. I only need to question anime for the amount of blood that gushes out.

So, this man with his sexy tight leather jeans, and I shall say, those leather pants are designed way too sexy, has inevitable just kill around 6 people. And I’m not going to argue with that.

He’s obviously meant to be a skilled, and the idiots who tried to attack Akira only had knives. In my opinion, it’s really realistic that they didn’t stand a chance against this guy.

I wont kill you, because I like your eyes

And it was all so considerably quick, just as it should be. Nice and realistic, this I am enjoying. Akira almost threw up. Perfect and no, I’m not being sarcastic in anyway.

Unfortunately, this episode could have been better if it had been stretched and explained more in two episodes, instead of just one.

Just gonna have to trudge forwards.

  1. enixfire
    May 31, 2011 at 10:38 am

    Hopefully it’s just me, but every single picture in your review isn’t showing up at all (and now I know what could go wrong with a first time review I’m panicking, again -.- any writer know a good tutorial or are willing on explaining on how to use wordpress?). But issues with pictures aside might wanna check over your review for spelling and typos (nit picky I know, I do it a lot to when I type fast, but I think if you read over it again you might have noticed that you put one in place of won in “This is the expression of someone who just one a battle”). I’m guessing you’re also a new guest writer, for a first review this was pretty good (a hell of a lot better than my failure that consisted of 60 pictures and barely any words |||orz ). I also wanna say you might want to learn how to make some pictures smaller so that you can put them in a row to save space.

    Togainu No Chi actually get a high five from me not for the story itself, but for the fact that at the end of the credits they had an advertisement for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Though if it were me I’d have made an anime of a different yaoi game (I eagerly hope Lucky Dog1 gets popular enough to get made into an anime, it’s got far more potential in my mind), Togainu No Chi was okay, but it was mainly made into an anime due to it’s popularity and not exactly it’s content (what other yaoi game has such a dark, gory story? To my knowledge, none. Therefore just due to there being a lack of choice it became popular it’s a little sad).

    • Marazaki
      May 31, 2011 at 2:48 pm

      I fixed it, and this wont happen to you, as it was something to do with the way I changed my file extension’s from bmp to jpg. So I doubt you will have this problem.
      Ah, to think I re-read it around 8 times, and I didn’t see that, thank you. It’s a write up so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with picking out all the mistakes, and I usually make a lot.
      In fact, this is 1000 words less than what I originally wrote, I left out a lot of me picking at it, as I know I can pick at it more in the second episode~ I have a tenancy to write far more than needed.
      60 pictures… That’s going to be fun to upload!

      I don’t think that’s a good reason for a high five for a show. I’ve heard of Lucky Dog, and I probably only know of it because its that artist again, but I don’t know much about its plot or anything, so I can’t really comment on that.
      Yes it probably did get turned into an anime due to popularity, but I dont think its popular because of its blood alone. I read the manga before and the story is very good, and it has a lot potential to stand on its own without the yaoi, which is why it could have been a better anime, but they used a small budget, payed for good actors and lots of ending songs and probably left them with nothing left for the anime itself, which is what ruined it, and they really don’t seem too bothered by it.
      I’m sure you’ve heard of Enzai?
      That story is very dark, it’s also quite popular, and has OVA’s and such. So I can’t say that TnC is only popular for its blood and gore, or is the only one that is popular for this.
      They saw something in TnC that suggested they could make a non-yaoi anime out of it. Maybe that was the wrong choice, and they should have just made a bunch of explicit OVA’s, I wouldn’t have minded that.

      • enixfire
        June 1, 2011 at 4:19 am

        Here’s a summery I found for Lucky Dog1. And to boot here’s a japanese let’s play from nico nico douga.

        I think I should have probably gone into more detail as to my “what other yaoi game has such a dark, gory story? To my knowledge, none.” statement. Heaven help me I know that there’s some pretty dark yaoi out there, but those normally fall under the category of creepy. Togainu No Chi is more focused on the badass demographic with bloodshed and fight scenes rather than what Enzai did (want a creepy, dark yaoi game? Go see sweet pool I swear that thing reminds me of Saya no Uta). Also is it just me or is it a common trend that yaoi isn’t very well done half the time when it transitions from game/manga to anime. Yaoi normally gets an OVA, but there haven’t been that many full yaoi anime that were all that good, that or I’m picky (junjou romantica & Seki-ichi Hatsukoi are really special in that they’re both good and full animes).

      • Marazaki
        June 1, 2011 at 3:39 pm

        oh it is quite interesting. Actually that could make a very good anime! I suppose I’ve been looking for a good prison break anime! This would do nicely, sadly no ones sad they’d pick it up for an anime. And then, would they do it any justice, or would they do the same thing they did to TnC? Ruin it completely.

        Ah, yes the fighting part, I think its that part that allows it to have the ability to stand without the yaoi, but they didn’t bother with it, hoping its popularity would bring them the money anyways. Sweet pool is quite okay, but its not so popular, or rather, its less popular compared to TnC and even Lamento.
        Yes, that is very true, the job is almost always sort of half-ass’d when turned into anime.
        But both junjou (I don’t like this one’s anime) and sekai-ichi (I love this manga with a burning passion, I like it so I like the anime, but the manga still has the true effect) are both very cut from the original manga. Maybe that’s why they do well? As I still prefer Seki-ichi Hatsukoi’s manga, I’m not entirely sure.
        But OVA’s like Okane Ga Nai and Sensitive Pornography are also pretty sad. Compared to the manga, its a almost painful to watch them, I sort of just watch anyways because its short.
        I think there is very few anime that are better than their manga counterpart, and I cant think of any off hand, of any genre.

  2. xexexe
    May 31, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Like I said in my comment to one of the reviews on HIMYO weeks ago, I generally care even more about the voice actors, and when I found out Tomokazu Sugita, Jun Fukuyama, Hikaru Midorikawa, Katsuyuki Konishi (JohnnyYandere, if you’re reading, this is your ex, Masamune Takano lol) would be taking part, I had soooooooo much expectation for this show.

    That’s why this show was such a letdown for me. I struggled to finish 3 episodes, and then gave up on the show entirely, because it literally bored me to death. I couldn’t understand why they’d waste such a great cast on such a mediocre, no I mean lousy, no I mean unholy, fine I mean disappointing show. T.T

    • Marazaki
      May 31, 2011 at 2:51 pm

      Yes, lots of good voice actors, you’d think the anime would be done a lot better, sadly I think they spent all their money paying the voice actors and the music artists.
      There is 12 different ending songs, that’s one for each episode. My brain cant even understand why they did that.

      I somehow feel compelled to watch the next episodes almost one after the other, this is either to get it out of the way faster or I’m desperately trying to find something good in it.
      Its letting me down, but honestly, I’m not noticing it till I go back over the episode to note stuff down… Weird?
      Isn’t it odd that A1 pictures can make this and also make Ao No Exorcist, which is produced 100x better than TnC? There’s something wrong with their quality control here.

      • JohnnyYandere
        May 31, 2011 at 10:29 pm

        I was so hyped when I was told that Togainu No Chi was Yaoi. Then I found out the anime had no Yaoi whatsoever. Heartbreak!

        One silly suggestion – you should change the title to “Black and white and red all over”. Just because it refers to an obscure penguin joke.

        RABU RABU RABU Masamune wants my RABU oh wait he’s got Ritsu. It’s okay! We parted on amicable terms.

      • Marazaki
        June 1, 2011 at 3:43 pm

        If it had yaoi, I think it would be real yaoi, like the game, not just shonen ai like Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, would you really want to see the rape?

        I was going to, but I couldn’t make sense where the white was so I just left it as Black and red.

      • JohnnyYandere
        June 1, 2011 at 6:09 pm

        It depends, actually. Would it be rape as in actual forceful painful rape; or rape as in rape-you-until-you-love-me rape? I’m in favour of the latter, because no matter how well it’s handled, it’s still going to be really funny :3

        Omg I know! The hair colours of the protagonists! One’s a black haired bishie, the other’s a white haired bishie, and there be red blood all over. Genius!

      • xexexe
        June 1, 2011 at 10:04 am

        Are you seriously saying that Togainu and AoEx are made by the same studio!?!?!?!?!? Mind = Astronomically blown! I looked them up; they also produced Kuroshitsuji and Working!!… Wow, I can’t believe Togainu came from them… Now excuse me while I sulk in my room until Friday (when two of my anime series will have new episodes coming out, Denpa Onna & Sekaiichi).

        I’m glad things worked out between you and Masamune. XD

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