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Tales of Xillia and Star Driver collaboration

I’ve been eagerly following any news about the upcoming Tales game for the PS3, and Namco Bandai has finally revealed a boatload of information after Day 1 of Tales of Festival 2011 (which runs from May 28-29).

Seems like Xillia was paired up with Star Driver as their anime collaborators, similar to our Tales of Graces was paired up with Code Geass. In a nutshell, what this means is Star Driver costumes for the characters in Tales of Xillia! You have to pay as DLC to get them, naturally.

The theme song is titled ‘Progress’, and will be sung by Hamasaki Ayumi. I’m glad she hasn’t given up and is still continuing to sing/produce music even after all those problems with her ear.

There’s also going to be a special PS3 version, which of course has set my limited-edition-collecting-spirit on fire.

The gameplay trailer was finally revealed, with Jude and Milla (main characters) wearing special costumes in celebration of Tales 15th anniversary. If you’re a Tales fan you should immediately recognize the costumes as that of Cress (Phantasia) and Stahn (Destiny).

The game is slated to be released on September 8. I really hope Xillia gets translated, although Graces f is supposedly being translated. That or I have to go learn Japanese, fast.

sauce: andriasang, Famitsu


  1. xexexe
    May 30, 2011 at 6:54 am

    Star Driver costumes for the ToX characters!!??
    Kira~astronomical~boshi! I approve!
    All I need to do now is to steal my friend’s PS3…

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