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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 07: Much ado about Mashu

"You watch this anime just for me?"

I doubt I can make it through an episode of [C] without some appearance by Mashu now.

This definitely isn’t a good thing.

He couldn't exactly look sophisticated with that fashion sense, now could he?

We get a glimpse into Mikuni’s past, and the things that potentially motivate him. Half of the episode is devoted to it, and approximately half of that is devoted to showing what a jerkass Mikuni’s father is.

Technically, a patient this sick should be breathing with a tube down her throat, but hey, we need that final conversation scene right?

Specifically, the part in which his corporation is undergoing financial difficulties and he’d rather save it than save his daughter.

While the resemblance between Takako and Q is uncanny, I’m pretty sure Q isn’t the reincarnation of Takako or anything of the sort.

Rather, it’s more likely that since Assets are the lost futures of the Entrepreneurs (this was only just clarified in this episode), Q is probably the physical manifestation of a future in which Takako did not die.

It’s probably going to be revealed down the line that the more impossible a future, the more powerful the Asset. Which would probably explain why Q is the most powerful Asset in The Financial District.

If only I had a cute young innocent girl who enjoys watching everything I do...

But as I said, Mashu is pretty much all I watch [C] for.

All that stuff about Mikuni is good information, but I’ve lost too much interest in the plot to care about that.

No real girl could look this cute while pretending to eat ramen.

While Kimimaro is the audience surrogate for an introduction to the unfamiliar Financial District, Mashu is the exact opposite: a different perspective on everything familiar in our lives.

Maybe it’s because she’s Mashu and Mashu happens to be a cute girl, but I’m more interested in seeing her react to things we take for granted like eating (and one other glorious example later) than in being introduced to The Financial District through Kimimaro.

From a storyteller’s point of view, it’s easier and more relatable to put an unfamiliar character in a familiar world than to put a familiar character in an unfamiliar world.

That said, more information on the Financial District pops up every episode.

This cafeteria/food court establishment thing raises more questions than it answers.

Such as, who is the owner of the joint? Can people actually spend their whole lives without returning to the real world? Are there toilets in The Financial District?

Also, if there are jackasses with Assets as attractive as Mashu or Q, why hasn’t there been any sexual harassment/assaults yet?

On second thought, the less said about this, the better.

Mashu gives the cutest sly smiles.

Back to Mashu. It’s obvious that the writers are playing the romantic angle up.

It’s about as obvious as a boot to the head. A boot that’s on fire, dresses in a slinky red two-piece outfit with matching red thigh-highs and asks questions about kissing.

So I may have taken that analogy a little too far.

Oh Mashu I would be your practice partner for as long as you want.

But there’s no denying that as forced a couple they may be, Mashu is still irresistibly cute.

I don’t actually care much about Kimimaro. I may be of the opinion that he doesn’t deserve Mashu, but I’m willing to live with it if I get to enjoy more scenes of Mashu going all red and blushing.

Or more close-ups of Mashu's body. Those are fine too.

So yes, I’m watching [C] for the fanservice. And it’s not like it’s great fanservice – there’s more fanservice in Hanasaku Iroha than there is in [C]. It certainly isn’t a show that was built around fanservice.

Which is sad, because it actually seemed to be going somewhere at times. I say ‘somewhere’ because the plot hasn’t been tight enough to point towards an end. At certain times it seems as if an objective has been set, but then it’s never brought up again:

Is Mikuni going to spend the rest of his life wasting away in the Starling Guild? Is Jennifer/The IMF actually going to do anything? Are all of these mere distractions from the core story of an improbable romance?

Personally, I no longer care about the intrigue or the investigations, and I won’t be changing my mind unless something really drastic happens in the next episode. But until the series end, I have faith that Mashu will take up a prominent part in each episode, and thus provide me some measure of fulfillment.

I could watch Mashu stretch her legs all day.

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