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Matsurika vs. Takako

I shred paper at the GNB.

"I propose that we should prioritize service towards the mystery reviewers when we're understaffed!"

Yes, I’ve scoured the internet and it is of the common consensus that the intellect of Takako is comparable to a dormant single-cellular microorganism. And that people have been devising various devious ways to dissect and divide Takako if she was ever a real person.

By the law of Matsurika, you, Takako, have been declared as a SHAM.

What Takako needs isn’t Ohana cutting her off and taking command, she need Matsurika to give her the HAND OF OBJECTION. If they were playing Monopoly Deal, Matsurika would give her the JUST SAY NO treatment.

But Enishi just wants to get in her pants. Would you look at this…

"If I say that, I'll manage to set off the romance flag!"


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