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Anohana 04 – 05 (More drama ensues!)

After arriving at the scret base, Yukiatsuclaims that he saw Menma as he was on his way here, and so Poppo and Menma races off first to search, followed by Jintan and Naruko later..

She slips.. nearly ending up like Menma back then.

And her knight in shining armor rescues her in the nick of time <3..?

Returning back to their secret base, Yukiatsu disses Jintan about his whole ‘I can see Menma’ story.. Which really upset Menma.. And Jintan, being the only one who was able to see how she felt after Yukiatsu’s remarks, tried to find something of a proof, which he took the muffin bread that Menma cooked.. and blurts out that Menma did it.

LOL, if only things were as easy like the show ‘Ghost Whisperer’.

The following day.. Tsuruko drops by, admitting she doesn’t believe in Menma making the muffin bread and is suspicious about Yukiatsu’s behaviour.. I love her ‘ice-queen’ face.

And Jintan positions himself in the route of Yukiatsu’s daily jogs.. And seems like the plan was to provoke him.. so that he would crossdress using the clothes and accessories he bought with Tsuruko at their meeting place tonight.. at the secret base.

Busting false peace..? She sure knows how to convey the true messages..

And Yukiatsu SNAPS!! Funny how he could hear that when he just about crossed the road and his earpiece was still on.

He is dark, is he not..?

Back at the secret base, operation begins..!! But with a little clowning around with Poppo first.


Hearing Tsuruko utter out something sarcastic that was directed at him, out of anxxiety, dashes away but in his haste.. He trips and the wig comes off.. Yes, it’s Yukiatsu. BISHOUNEN..!!

Jintan makes his way down with Menma to speak to him..

Menma finally provides the link.. Jintan thanks Yukiatsu on behalf of Menma for the hair pin he offered her when they were chasing after Jintan after the incident..

Yukiatsu liked Menma back then.. so why did he switch over to Tsuruko in the end..? Hmm.. Maybe he’s the kind who goes for girls in his clique..?

Hey guys.. I can explain.. I was doing a play and I was Juliet..


and here’s the flashback.. which should probably convice Yukiatsu that Menma’s spirit is really around, since the two of them were the only witnesses to the ‘hairpin’ incident.

That stupid alert just had to appear at such a bad time.

My guess was that Tsuruko probably saw the whole thing and went to pick up the hairpin after that..

But I don’t think Tsuruko heard the exchange between Jintan and Yukiatsu.. or else that’s one more believer to the ‘I can see Menma’s ghost’ story.

And now, onto Naruko, who we’ll probably see her relationship with her ‘bad friends’ deteoriate over time, and Jintan would probably get a wish from Menma to cheer her up, that ends up bring her on a date.

Anyway, seeing that she hasn’t been spending time with her ‘friends’, Naruko joins them in karaoke, but her lack of interest is immediately spotted by that guy who’s standing in the pic below.. And both of them excuse themselves from the group..

And Naruko was led to…

Ghandhara.. V’hotel. (Gintama Reference) = =

And just as Naruko was about to get overwhelmed by him..


On the train ride home.. Yukiatsu and Naruko had a small heart talk.. about Jintan.. and some important things that they almost lost.

And Poppo, with his crazy antics, once again tries to find a way to fulfill the wish of Menma or ‘exorcise’ her so to speak.. But saying such things to Menma.. she realises that she wanted to be with her friends more than anything.. and finally breaks down.

Never seen Menma so upset before, Jintan finally asks Poppo.. to stop. For just like Menma, he too, is clueless as to what to do.

Anohana was developed in a smart way, for every scene has been playing with the audience’s emotion, which makes most watchers attracted to this anime very much. Although the event are almost like everyday life, but the difference would be the emphasis of their struggle of their emotion of how they dealt with the loss of a precious friend.

Like manga/comics, I always thought the readers were supposed to be smart and know when they would be controlled by the author to what he wants them to feel and stuff.. but it seems I can’t say the same for anime.

  1. May 21, 2011 at 12:11 am

    awesome post is awesome -3-

  2. May 21, 2011 at 5:08 am

    this show rivals hanasaku ihora in terms of quality.

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