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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 05: The Butterfly Effect

Some things have changed since we were last here.

Ebara found himself holding memories of a life he had never lived, and holding no memories at all of the life he has been forced into.

But then again, you didn't think things could get this bad, did you?

Was it really any small wonder that his wife left him? Sure, this wasn’t a direct consequence, but that isn’t going to make Ebara feel any better every morning in an empty, unwashed bed, now will it?

It makes sense that going bankrupt would rob you of your future. Every single dollar of Midas Money you ever spent would have been voided. And most, if not all of life’s decisions are dependent on one’s financial wealth. Even the most miserly of Entrepreneurs would experience some negative effects.

One little mistake in a Duel and everything changes.

But wait! There’s more!

Needs more clothing damage.

So Kimimaro’s been taking Souichirou’s words to heart, trying to minimize his gains and losses.

So when he loses a Deal by the tiniest of amounts, it’s no big, right?

TL: tl;dr, Kimimaro epic fails.


Kimimaro failed his examination. Let’s try to analyze this. Kimimaro probably used a part of his Midas Money for textbooks or food, allowing him to cut back on his jobs and granting him more study time. The rest he probably left in his bank account.

But once he lost some Midas Money, the voided cash isn’t taken from his bank account. It’s taken from the things he spent the cash on.

The Financial District could have taken the path of least resistance and not screw up Kimimaro’s life. But it chose to troll him anyway.

I was hoping that Hanabi would fail to recognize Kimimaro at all, but no such luck.

The troll logic overfloweth.

I swear, you could dump all your Midas Money into say, the world’s largest stamp collection.

And then when you lose a Deal you’d return to the real world to find that your stamp collection is intact; but your dog’s been starved to death, your furniture’s been sold and the house is in the midst of being torn down by a property developer.

But hey, at least you still get the Guinness World Record, right?

Only Japan gets cool giant television displays like that.

In the case of Kikuchi, the old guy Souichirou beat the last time, losing has direr consequences.

Not only is his pharmaceutical corporation now on the brink of collapse, the livelihood of some 10,000 employees are now threatened.

Good thing Souichirou stepped in to buy the company and keep it afloat, yes?

This can't possibly be good.

Oh shi- Souichirou’s been giving Midas Money to the government as well.

For all his talk on minimizing the effect on reality, he’s actually tying more and more of the real world to his net worth.

One day some crazy nincompoop’s going to beat Souichirou and the whole of Japan would wake up to find their entire country in shambles. This is not my hypothesis for the cause of the earthquakes/tsunamis/nuclear power plant disaster, by the way.

It’s pretty obvious that eventually there’ll be some climatic duel that will tear the realms asunder. Excuse the poetry. I’m just trying to figure out how far reaching the effects will be. Only the next episode will tell, I guess.

It's almost as if she's begging you to do things to her.

This week’s humour comes in the form of Mashu and her inability to comprehend Food, and the practice of Eating.


If this brand of instant ramen existed, I’d clear the stocks all by myself.

Just look at that poster guy’s expression. So self-satisfied. So win. So legendary.

Mashu demands that Kimimaro feeds her, but he backs out at the last moment.

Wait. You can physically interact with your Asset through the card. Your Asset has to obey your every command. The card’s hole appears to be of the right size.



Fret not, Mashu gets her own bowl of instant ramen in the end.

An interesting question on how Mashu’s body processes the food presents itself.

Q, on the other hand, prefers to eat straight from the source.

High maintenance, compliant, looks like a teenage girl.

There’s probably an allegory about the less than virtuous behaviour of Japan’s Joushikousei in there somewhere.

I'm not even sure if this is supposed to be suggestive.

On the battle sequence front, nothing much has been added in terms of rules and mechanics. But I hope the writing will explore the idea of Pyrrhic victories – it seems more realistic if an Entrepreneur has to be careful or risk spending more than he can gain.

All that spent money has to go somewhere too, and this could explain where the money for new Entrepreneurs come from.

But the Asset design, while lacking at times, doesn’t really disappoint. In fact this episode provided me with a new favourite.

Aren't you the cutest little purple skinned thing?

Wait what’s that you’re doing with your eyes?


Seriously, this is how the Witches should have been depicted in Madoka.

Sure, paper cut-outs give the impression of being unnatural and not being of this world, but they should gone a step further and drew some bare muscle, sinew and bone…

Ahem. Anyway, here’s Jennifer Satou once again to round off this review.

You've got a hot body Satou-san, but you can't speak English even if your life depended on it.

  1. 3242
    May 16, 2011 at 6:00 am

    When it comes to C’s english:
    Satou= ..where the fuck are my english subs? shes still speaking a foreign language.

    • JohnnyYandere
      May 16, 2011 at 8:39 am


      And yet her seiyuu’s grasp of English is still way better than my grasp of Japanese.

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