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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 04: Horrifying Implications

Hanabi isn't going to be running a baseball team anytime soon.

Now that Moshidora’s out of the way, I can return to blogging [C] on a semi-punctual basis.

And the best part is that [C]’s writing has begun moving into high gear.

Price of Mashu's ass? ¥50,000,000.

There are actually several interesting issues brought up this episode. First of which can be seen in Kimimaro’s most recent Deal, in which he almost loses after being hit by the newly-introduced Poison-type attack.

As Mashu explains, Assets are comprised of 10 units of stock, and a total of 9 of these stocks can be sold to regain financial resources mid-battle.

Since resources are equivalent to an Entrepreneur’s hitpoints and are required to sustain an Asset’s attacks, the stocks can be sold to either regain hitpoints or to charge a limit break. The stocks can then be bought back after battle.

I’m surprised there isn’t a guild in the Financial District that Deals MMORPG-style: Buff an Entrepreneur and fire off a Macroflation attack. Rinse and repeat.

Who wouldn't want to wring Masakaki's white-skinned neck?

Kimimaro’s opponent was his university lecturer Ebara. And due to Souichirou buying Mashu’s assstock, our bland protagonist ends up victorious, sending his lecturer into bankruptcy.

Masakaki, like the uncaring jerkass that he is, banishes Ebara promptly.

Now, I was assuming that after the battle, Kimimaro would meet Ebara in the real world and they’d talk, and Ebara would give Kimimaro a whole lot of advice. Ebara would then live happily ever after as a normal person, and that his being bankrupt and the ‘using one’s future as collateral’ was just more of Masakaki’s nonsense.

... Daddy? Why didn't you say anything to me?

And oh God how wrong I was.

Before this last fateful Deal, Ebara had been Dealing for about a year and a half, using his winnings to supplement his household income.

Before this last fateful Deal, Ebara had 2 kids, and his wife was expecting a third.

Now, with the loss of this Deal and having entered bankruptcy, Ebara no longer has children. His wife doesn’t remember having children at all.

But Ebara still remembers. So does Kimimaro, but that’s not the point.

I've been a good boy, aren't you proud of me? ... Daddy?

With his bankruptcy, the events of the past 18 months have been erased.

Ebara is now living the life he would have lived if he had never been introduced to The Financial District. But the memories remain.

I’m probably overreacting, but holy shit. That’s 3 lives gone. Terminated. They never existed in the first place. Not to mention the changes in Ebara’s relationship with his wife.

I’d like to think that maybe The Financial District has control over time, and by extension parallel universes. That maybe there’s a parallel universe in which those 3 kids are still alive. That there’s a parallel universe that retains continuity every time someone goes bankrupt.

The longer you stay in The Financial District, the more you risk losing when you go bankrupt. A piece of your life just wiped away, yet the memories of wealth and the amount of time passed remain.

Suddenly it’s not surprising anymore that people commit suicide over this.

For now, let us forget those implications (however temporarily) by focusing on another newly-introduced battle mechanic: passive Asset skills.

The Assets-of-the-week are getting increasingly dangerous with each episode.

This particular Asset’s skill is named “The Pacman Defense”. I have no idea why.

But it doesn’t take the form of a single focused blast like Mashu’s Scorched Earth.

Rather, Pacman Defense acts as an enhancement for the Entrepreneur, granting him pseudo-self-multiplication and pseudo-teleportation – at the cost of a constant drain on the Entrepreneur’s financial reserves.

Don't look like no Sleeping Beauty to me.

Souichirou doesn’t play fair either – he summons another Asset, which emerges from the extended midsection of Kakazuzu (his wolfman Asset).

I’d like to know why Souichirou gets to use more than one Asset.

She didn't exactly seem demonic... until now.

For that matter, I’d like to know why Souichirou never uses Q in battle, and why she can appear without him summoning her.

I'd like a house like that. If only to screw with Google Earth.

Alright. Back to implications.

It turns out that Souichirou is actually the head of “The Starling Guild”. Guild members earn reduced winnings, but they will never go bankrupt. I suppose they’ll cover guilds in a future episode.

Souichirou claims that he’s trying to prevent bankruptcy so that lives will never be ruined in this fashion ever again.

Previously, I said that the Financial District appears to be effectively printing money, which would eventually cause inflation in the real world. But in a Deal, the winnings are derived from the loser, therefore there should be no net increase in money.

Since financial reserves are hitpoints, bleeding Midas Money actually makes sense.

I have the feeling that it’s the bankruptcies that allows new Entrepreneurs to be issued Midas Money. One’s future need not be that of Ebara’s.

If instead of children, Ebara had used his Midas Money to speculate on stocks or develop a business, a resulting bankruptcy would undo all those business transactions – which means that all that money that would have been earned would have been terminated.

But if this money was not terminated but was instead transferred to new Entrepreneurs, this would explain why there has been no inflation in the real world. Because the money was already earned – it’s just that only the bankrupt Entrepreneur remembers it.

What Souichirou is planning appears to be a destabilization of The Financial District by not permitting bankruptcies despite Masakaki constantly recruiting new Entrepreneurs. This would result in the devaluation of Midas Money as more cash must be given to the new Entrepreneurs. Maybe this would cause that giant floating coin to explode or something.

But as it is, I’m enjoying [C] now, and I really do hope they keep up this level of scriptwriting. Here’s one final screencap of Ms Satou to end this post.

IMF Standard Issue: A lifetime supply of purple lollipops.

  1. 3242
    May 13, 2011 at 4:24 am

    Is it strange that I feel if she goes bankrupt, her lolipops will all dissappear and wait–
    how does this work for food?
    If its used to buy food–
    and someone uses it to buy all their food for a long time before going bankrupt–
    would it be like they never ate the food and were dead instead?

    • JohnnyYandere
      May 13, 2011 at 2:44 pm


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