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Fate/Zero Premier Date Announced!!!!

OMG……after camping the official website for so long…..finally the release date has been announced together with the first PV of the series….. http://www.fate-zero.jp/movies/index.html  or 

IT has been slated for a winter 2011 premier in OCTOBER!!!!! (announced 09/05/2011)

The PV is a beauty with ufotable outdoing themselves again which from what it seems to be quite good animation, a terrific colour palette and Sudou Tomonori adapting the character designs well, replicating Takeuchi Takashi’s original style as good as he did in Kara no Ky0ukai.

In my earlier post regarding this, I missed out one important member of the staff involved, which is the person doing the Music and I feel so retarded having missed it. It seems that Kajiura Yuki is doing the musical compostion for this series and it is music to my ears, and from the PVs music it seems that she will not disappoint. And as with almost all of her projects as of late, Kalafina should be doing either the opening or ending and hopefully Tainaka Saichi would also be doing a song, due to her close links to the Fate franchise.

Well seeing the cast plus the staff list, Fate/Zero is going to be an amazing story. With the combo of Urobuchi Gen doing the script( and the novel too) and Kajiura Yuki doing the music, prepare for a chilling story vis-a-vis Madoka. We all know how this story ends so its the whole process that would be interesting and as with the fans of this series who have read the novel, we all know that it is a very sad and emotional Grail War with only 1 victor but one who has lost almost everything. Gen does not like happy endings/stories and Fate/Zero is one of his superb creations which is not to be missed. For those who have read the novel, you would have read how much praise Nasu Kinoko has for Gen for his writing ability and how he has weaved a story from Nasu’s own and produced a scenario that is so close to the original style of Nasu that it feels that Gen was just guiding Nasu in writing this story.

And with this collaboration, it seems to have cemented the Type-Moon X ufotable alliance and another partnership seems to be brewing, that of the Gen and Yuki combo which is working out quite well as we have seen in Madoka. So lets prepare for the ride and onwards to the Winter 2011 season!!!!


PS: this is actually from the authors but FYI, prepare to see Saber get bullied by Archer and Rider…^^

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