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Hanasaku Iroha – 06: Minko just got NTR’ed

This took me a hell of a long time to stitch together with Paint. Photoshop would've been better.

All hail the Chinese who invented the qipao. Simple yet elegant, sophisticated without looking risque. The girls of HanaIro look fabulous wearing it, in yet another standalone episode meant to serve as a buildup.

Ohana’s been staying and working at Kissuisho for quite a while, and her grandmother (henceforth referred to as Okami-san) duly gives her her pay. Receiving it with much joy, Ohana was startled to pull out 20,000 yen. It’s quite an upgrade from her monthly allowance of 8000 yen given by her mother. She’s mighty appreciative of the sum of cash, as she does the same things at home. With her first paycheck, she looks upon her work with renewed (and quite misdirected) vigour, proudly exclaiming that it’s such a joy to work. I’d think she should reserve further judgement after she’s been in Kissuisho for a year.

Enter Takako, a business consultant whose services were employed by Ohana’s uncle Enishi. Not that Kissuisho wanted any consulting to be done from the looks on their faces. It seems that Okami-san merely waves off Takako as a joke; her ideas to generate business don’t really belong to the practical category.

That’s one right here. Getting the waitresses to dress sexily to draw in the customers and then the cash. Normally I’d APPROVE OF THIS, but these outfits are more for host clubs than your run-0f-the-mill family bathhouse getaway.

We get to see Tohru spying on the girls with a calm face that belies his inner lust. There’s really only two explanations for this. One, he’s looking at Ohana with vested interest, which means he’s a Petanko DFC person. Two, he’s actually looking at Nako, which means he’s been hiding it pretty well until now, and he likes delicious oppai. Minko finds him and he scurries off with a blush. At that point, you can practically feel the NTR vibes buzzing about.

They’ve picked quite an innocent looking man as the first recipient of the sexy Chinese dress-wearing waitress tactic. He gets flustered enough to land in a heap on top of Ohana at the most opportune moment, right in front of his wife and child. Surely it’s a wrong choice to bring in the sexy for a bathhouse! But we get to see some tasteful high slits from Nako. Dem thighs.

After Ohana, Yuina has got to be the next best character. This fun-loving girl encourages Ohana to make the suggestion to make the slits of the dress higher! We’d love to see you in one, Yuina-hime.

Takako somehow gets the impression that her ideas aren’t quite getting the reception she’s expecting, and she takes it out on Enishi for wasting her time. Driving off in her not-so-reasonably-priced car, Enishi is left down in the dumps. Ohana gives him a little pick-me-up treatment in the form of a dekopin! (otherwise known to the rest of the non-japanese speaking world as a forehead flick) and tells him to cheer up. Enishi recollects a similar treatment by Ohana’s mother Satsuki, and he is quite stunned at how much Ohana is taking to her mother. In a good way that is. Not the leave-you-to-live-and-die-by-yourself way.

Spurred on by Yuina’s encouragement, Ohana makes the rash mistake of bring forth the idea of lengthening the slits to Okami-san. Before you can say “Hobiron!”, she’s thrown out. Old Denroku then bids Ohana to follow him.

He brings her up to the attic to show her a room full of traditional kimonos, most of which has been dearly kept by Okami-san who used to wear them when she was young. It seems Denroku has been working at Kissuisho for quite a while, and he knows generally everything about Kissuisho. Seeing a sprightly young thing like Ohana probably gave him the idea to give her access to the clothings to give Okami-san a pleasant surprise and possibly to spruce up the atmosphere of Kissuisho as well.

The foreground and background move at differential rates, and so to put it simply, it means alot of Paint work.

It sure is a cute and lovely outfit, especially on Ohana and Nako. It made me wonder why Okami-san didn’t keep up this tradition, until one of the regular customers remarked that Ohana’s grandfather, who was the manager of the inn before he passed away, would not have approved of this outfit. With Ohana’s arrival, this outfit has made its renaissance, and is proving to be quite a big hit amongst the customers. Okami-san couldn’t help but to be appreciative of Ohana and Nako’s effort.

Ahh...sweet serendipity.


Tohru smiling to himself gives such a chill up the spine of Renji that his serious demeanour is broken instantaneously. I wonder how things are gonna pan out between Ohana, Minko and Tohru.

Despite this episode consisting of practically nothing but character buildup, it still maintains top-notch quality and pacing. Ohana’s little outfit surprise would’ve given Okami-san a nostalgic treat. And judging by the preview, we’re in for a rocking episode next week. It’s probably why I stay up late on Sunday night fervently waiting for HanaIro. It’s just so pleasing to watch.

Here's an excellent ED screenie to end off this post. Till next week guys!

  1. enixfire
    May 25, 2011 at 4:32 am

    Finally got around to reading this (I’ve been watching anime in order of airing and had to wade through at least 15 episodes before getting to this hanasaku iroha episode), I don’t have much to talk about I just wanted to say I like the way you review (31 pictures in the actual review section and yet it doesn’t feel as though the words are overpowered, but rather balanced with the correct amount of words describing each event). I dunno about your “If your comments are any indication, you’re capable of writing more content than me” statement, it’ll probably take me a long while to get that correct balance.

    • May 25, 2011 at 12:42 pm

      What I meant to say was that your worries are unfounded, as your comments, with a little bit more refining, can easily be a good blog post of agreeable length.

      And thanks! It took me quite a few tries to search for a blogging method that is suitably long, yet precise enough to not make myself too long-winded. I’d take a boatload of screenshots for the episode, then extract the important ones, and intersperse my paragraphs between the pictures, to avoid that tl;dr feeling. Then I’d put the entire gallery of screenshots at the end.

      I used to insert all my pictures one by one, but that took me half a day to complete! I’m not saying I’m an experienced blogger (in fact, it can’t be further away from the truth), but this style is what suits me the best these days, and is perfect for a series with good pacing. You don’t have large chunks of an episode showing stills of people’s faces with action lines, instead there’s always something to blog about in HanaIro, and it’s probably why I’m so glad I picked it up in the first place.

  1. May 28, 2011 at 3:36 am

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