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Moshidora 09: From The Ashes

A loved one sleeps.

A mother weeps.

A connection… breaks.

A manager blunders.

A team sunders.

A new spirit… awakes.

I haven’t actually been moved by the death of an anime character before. All the previous deaths were either too overwrought or too detached.

From a writer’s point of view, it’s honestly rather manufactured – the guiding soul of the team dies, harsh truths are revealed, the team recovers and triumphs.

The thing is, even though I know it, I can’t help but be swept along by it. Because for all its faults – especially the terribly slow start and almost nonsensical approach to management theory – it is, at its core, a story with heart.

/cynical aside: chances are I’m only thinking this way due to my emotions over Yuki’s sudden, heartbreaking departure.

But manufactured or not, the stage has been set, and set well, for the Hodokubo team’s glorious victory.

"With blood, sweat, toil and tears; we will prevail."

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