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Maria Holic: Alive – 03: K-ON!! vs. reality.

Kanako does actually have a fine figure.

But alas, grim reality is harsh. Even the raging dyke, full-on yuri protagonist Miyamae Kanako isn’t spared from the real-world troubles that plague the fairer gender all across the globe. And no, I’m not talking about being at a loss, exclaiming out loud in front of a closet full of clothes that they have nothing to wear. Men will say, “I have found her, she’s given me meaning in my life. I have to be with her. Without her, I’m totally gone. I can’t walk, I can’t sleep, she has to be MINE!” That, is how women feel about shoes. But I digress. I’m talking about going crazy over their weight.

This is the moment when +1 means so much. (I just noticed something. Isn't the skirt supposed to be blue? Not green? Unless she's pulling up her blouse. Which means she has a bigger cup size. And that +1 would hence be no problem at all. Unless you're a girl.)

This is the moment when the dust settles, and the shocking revelation dawns upon her face.

Turn out the tapes!

The scales!

And set your eyes upon the three numbers, willing it to stop rising with the power of your mind!

Aye, the inevitable has happened. Kanako has put on far too much weight to feel feather-thin anymore. But she is loathe to admit it!

This is the moment when all rational thought has been stripped away in a fit of desperation.

And what’s the cause?

Guilty as charged for inundating Kanako with weight-increasing goodies.

The usual suspects, Mariya, God-sama and co.! Always gathering in her room, enjoying a spread of the finest pastries whose names sound more like fine works of art.

No it's not because of water, Kanako. Stop deluding yourself.

Meanwhile, in a certain slice-of-life anime about 5 girls getting together to form a band, they enjoy sweets and cakes and tea and pastries DAILY.


And they never have to worry about getting fat at all! HAS REALITY FORSAKEN THEM?

Kanako when she hears about this.

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