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Moshidora 06: Of Sweat and the Status Quo

"Nikai-kun! This shirt is for you!"

“We girls took turns sweating in it for a week, so it’s strong with our scent!”


TL Note: ‘Kunka’ is Japanese for ‘sniff’



This episode's "Crisis of the episode" happens to be over-staffing.

We can therefore conclude that Minami got a little too enthusiastic in her “recruitment drive”.

No prizes for guessing what all those horny young men queuing for.

I’m kidding, of course. After all…

... Minami would never grant a CG scene to a kid like this.

Or would she?

Stay tuned for more scandalous updates on the shocking behind-the-scenes antics of Kawashima Minami!

"I can't believe that Nakaya Sayaka is getting more lines than me!"

Our dear Hanazawa Kana’s screen/voicetime is decreasing with each episode.

Must be because she stopped wearing her freakin’ sweet hat.


Oh, Drucker, you well-intentioned naive soul. CEOs with 6.6 million dollar salaries must have smiled kindly at you.

Minami is insatiable.

“Captain, I can’t feel my legs…”

“Stop, Minami, no more! Have mercy!”

Okay, seriously though, this episode felt a bit like filler. But not because it was a beach episode or anything like that (obviously, although the thought of Minami frolicking in a sukumizu is enticing), but because there didn’t seem to be a clear focus.

It’s strange, because there was a clear-cut problem in this episode – the selection of the starting line-up – but this episode didn’t end like the previous ones; with a sense of accomplishment.

Maybe it’s because there simply isn’t much you can exaggerate about picking team members. Especially since the positions weren’t much of a surprise – Gay couple is still pitcher and catcher; Clumsy arse is still fielding; Sprinter is, well, sprinter.

Speaking of Clumsy arse, this is something that should happen more often in the episodes:

Hilarious moments of physical violence.

Or, you know, long graphic CG scenes would be good too. I’m not a picky guy.

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