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Anohana 03 – never pee on a tree near a shrine; you’ll see spirits, yes you will.

Hey guys out there who know that Anohana is probably gonna be one the best anime that is a ‘must-catch’ this season..

This time, Jintan is still struggling to break out of the mentality of not going to school.. At Naruko’s request and from Menma’s persistant riding up and down on him. (LOL)

But there’s something else that needs to be addressed: Poppo also saw Menma’s spirit..?

Yup, he peed alright, no shit.

And to Jinta’s pleasure next morning..

I could have inserted misleading words to the following pictures but, just like Gintama, our blog is rated G. Oh wait crap.. posts by other horny fellow members have ecchi stuff in them. Zzzz.

And so remembering Naruko’s request and thinking that this might be Menma’s wish (that always seem to fit the situation for every episode), Jinta puts on his uniform and heads off to school.

Muttering complaints under his breath as he heads to school, he wanted to turn back when..

And look who’s not far behind..

Feeling unwelcome, Jinta spouts some mild sarcasm and heads back.. Not directly home though, for he promised Menma that he would attend school.. Meanwhile Menma being alone at home decides to do some exploring.. and chances onto Jinta’s mother’s spirit tablet..

Does she feel pity for Jinta or is she just feeling lonely..?

And here we see the antics of a guy named Poppo who has travelled almost around the world.. Before Jinta calls out to him.

And Poppo relates to Jinta about his sightings of Menma’s spirit.. which Menma later denies being there and then after Jinta’s inquiries..

Jinta arrives home to find Menma having made a mess of he kitchen and producing something that would be called muffins.. which triggered him to remember..

Must have been hard for him.. to see two of his closed/loved ones die when he was so young.

Meanwhile Yukiatsu is picking some hairbands.. but surprisingly not for Tsuruko.. and he has been doing this for quite some time..

As Tsuruko asks him who the accessories were for, Yukiatsu never gave an answer.. Just a smile and a secretive ‘not telling’.

Poppo gets this crazy idea to throw a party that night to ‘search for Menma’ and goes on to invite everyone else..

Menma catching a glimpse of the invitation, somehow manages to come up with another wish that she might have wanted to fulfill.. and so Jinta has no choice but to attend the party.. at their ‘secret base’.

Having caught a glimpse of Naruko as he was heading to the party.. He remembered what happened earlier on his way to school and wanted to turn back.. But of course, with Menma stopping him, Naruko saw Jinta’s ‘weird actions’ (being pulled by Menma that she couldn’t see) before he fell, and walks over to help him up.

Lotsa fanservice for this episode =w=

At the party.. Everyone arrives.. except Yukiatsu.. And it seems the only food brought for the barbeque party was from Jinta.. his german sausages.

Social Link Closeness +1

Hearing the ‘Super Peace Busters’ being brought up after such awhile.. Tears of nostalgia flow down Menma’s cheeks..

And enter Yukiatsu, who brought more food and a sudden twist..

Saying that he just saw Menma.. At the creek below. As Poppo and Menma rushes down to check it out..

Yukiatsu smiles at Jinta and says: ‘Looks like it wasn’t just you.. I can see Menma too.’

..and Jinta’s eyes open up in shock.

And so I wonder if next episode they really will find something down at the creek.. or is Yukiatsu just an attention whore..? Or should I let Infinyx do Anohana posts from now on since he likes it so much..?

=w= see you next time.. Damn, I need to get my focus back to doodling.

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