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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 03: Investigations

This is Jennifer Satou.

She is the first and only agent who has been granted access to the alternate dimension.

She is intelligent, inquisitive and implacable.

And she has one hot, sexy body.

If nothing else, I would actually be willing to continue watching [C] just for more Jennifer goodness.

Nothing like a little global conspiracy to fire the plot up.

Jennifer works for the International Monetary Fund, which, last I checked, didn’t operate in the manner of  MI6 or the CIA.

Being the only agent who can enter the Financial District, Jennifer is under orders to report everything she sees and hears to her boss. Glorification of IMF employees aside, I’m pretty pleased with where this is going.

But the great part is that she is well aware of how inflation works. And she’s gutsy enough to confront her boss about it.

"All you have to do is report to me."

Maybe I’m putting too much faith in the scriptwriting, but I desperately want to believe that all this focus on the IMF is the buildup to a story which actually deals with market manipulation and monetary power and all that economic stuff which I no longer remember but still recite because it makes me look sophisticated.

The extremely depressing alternative is that this is the writers’ sloppy attempt at covering a gaping plot hole.

“Yes, we’re screwing with the economy, don’t worry, the IMF is working on it; ENJOY OUR HOT LIGHTSABER MONSTER BATTLE ACTION.”

Souichirou is seriously pimp.

Jennifer was once assigned to investigate him. She describes him as “a beast who has hidden influence in the government, the financial authorities, and giant authorities.”

You didn’t need to tell me that. Anyone who has enough cash/influence/power to build an estate on the roof of a condominium complete with trees and ponds is definitely beastly in my book.

His name is Georges, with a hard 'g'.

Jennifer’s Asset is a massive white wolf with shapeshifting capabilities. This is awesome.

Her strategy is based on deception. In this episode’s battle, she fogged up the battlegrounds and distracted her opponent with Georges’ transformation. This is awesome too.

Tactical sense in anime. I could weep. But I’m loving Jennifer’s monologue more. It’s a great way to explain the fundamentals of the Financial District without having to stare at Kimimaro’s stupid face or listen to his vocalized incomprehension.

Speaking of Kimimaro…

That's right kiddo, your dad was one screwed up but epic dude.

Turns out Kimimaro’s dad was an Entrepreneur as well. A pretty good one, though he ended up bankrupt and dead.

Still, I have to respect the guy for maintaining a diary filled with code like that. Mad props for the deranged art.

If I ever have a kid, I’ll make a diary just like that to troll the heck out of my children. Hopefully they’d take it in stride, troll their classmates in show-and-tell and do me proud.

"What's wrong with you?"

I want a card like this. Instant fanservice – anytime, anywhere. Okay, it’s fanservice that may insult you at every turn, but fanservice nonetheless.

Of course, maybe that’s just Mashu.

Q is rather... obedient.

Alternative interpretation: Q used to be as feisty as Mashu, but that was before Souichirou put her through some behavioural training.

… I wish that didn’t arouse me as much as it did.

I’m rather curious about how Entrepreneurs receive their Assets. Kimimaro didn’t get to choose, but I doubt that’s the usual procedure.

Actually, the Assets themselves still need explaining. How do they come into being? Where do they go after their Entrepreneur dies? Do the Entrepreneurs have the power to change their appearance? Their powers? Their personalities?

Not that I’m implying anything, but I’d have expected that with so many male Entrepreneurs, every Asset would be a skimpily dressed barely-legal subservient girl. With some variations on the theme, of course. Like meido and serafuku.

That screencap on the right’s a teaser for the next episode, by the way. I shouldn’t be so excited about the fact that the Asset appears to be a naked blonde loli.

Anyway, here’s one last screencap of Jennifer.


And one more for the road.


  1. enixfire
    May 8, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Holy cow I just noticed and you’re reviewing this one too O.o wow, Moshidora, Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, and [C]!? Don’t burn yourself out! Personally I like [C] not for the shounen combat, but for the lovely ladies and Mr.multicolors :3. Jeniffer is just so cool and give off a femme fatale feel x3.

    • JohnnyYandere
      May 8, 2011 at 2:03 pm

      Actually, much of the stress is due to Moshidora. Oh man. That ten episodes in two weeks schedule was really taxing.

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