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Moshidora 03: Minami Discovers the Art of Manipul- I mean Delegation

"Will you do it? Will you take on this thankless task?"

“Will you be the hero of legend I’ve always dreamed of?”

"For you Ojou-sama, I'd do anything!"


-ends up planning, organising and overseeing the team practices-

…for the rest of the day. By herself.


“I wonder who else I can manipulate delegate?”

Oh hai there random girl.

“I’m gonna make you a star, sweetcheeks.”

"Just keep picking up those balls baby, and you'll be famous in no time at all!"

Oh God Minami is hilarious.

By the way, I may have exaggerated things slightly with my captioning, but this is what Manami actually did. It’s all in accordance with Management.

"People are our greatest asset."

“The manager’s aim is to enable people to utilize their strengths fully. The objective of the organization is to find their strengths and neutralize their weaknesses.”

Which is another way of saying:

“Since Ayano is so good with statistics and paperwork, she should do all the organizing and the rest of us should stay out of her way. And since we need a ball-picker, and I’m not going to waste a team member on that, we should just grab a random talentless girl and get her to do it.”

Okay, that’s mean-spirited. But I facepalmed when I saw what Minami recruited the new girl to do. After giggling inappropriately, of course.

As it turns out, Minami’s powers of ‘management’ have gained quite the reputation.


Probably the most unrealistic thing in the story so far, apart from successfully convincing a hot delinquent girl that her goal in life should be picking up baseballs.

It’s Episode 3! And I’m still managing to churn these posts out night after night. The good thing about Moshidora is that it’s good slice-of-life . I can watch it without having to expend brainpower on convoluted plotlines or impractically-layered mind games.

The bad thing about Moshidora is that it’s good-slice-of-life. I have practically nothing funny/dramatic/intense to talk  about. Production I.G has defied my expectations by successfully mashing management theory and high school life together. Unfortunately, this means that the end result is as interesting to talk about as it is to actually study management theory in real life.

Which is why I’m latching on to the few truly out-there scenes for something to write about. And fervently praying that the chapter on CG scene employee incentives comes soon.

Curse you camera-pan! You ruin the proportions!

Well it’s not like they’re not trying, but this is probably the first time I’m actually wishing for fanservice. Genki girl Minami fanservice. Especially since she’s voiced by Hiyocchi.

  1. enixfire
    May 8, 2011 at 6:38 am

    I actually understand Ayano a lot. Her down right irrationally loyalty towards Yuki is pretty close to how I faun over my best friend Kit (although I know her real name it is the nickname I will forever call her by even if no one besides herself recognizes it). I’m just curious as to how deep their relationship is cause with me and kit, she saved my sanity by being my first real friend in 10 some years (and I’m not exaggerating all the other people I’ve tried to make friends with (minus one other) have drifted away and don’t even remember me TTwTT).

    • JohnnyYandere
      May 8, 2011 at 7:53 am

      Well… As far I know, Ayano’s been all stalkerish towards Yuki – what with the admiring from a distance and joining the baseball team just to be with her. I mean, the reason why it’s irrational is that other than “hi and bye”, Yuki doesn’t actually seem to be more than an acquaintance to her. Maybe it’s different in the light novel?

      Well, you’re not alone there, actually. Most of the people I’ve been friends with have also drifted away, but I tend to think it’s my fault because I don’t really make an effort to keep in touch :/

  1. October 20, 2011 at 1:47 pm

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