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Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – 03 : Stripping Aquatic Fun! Naru Ohtori’s guide to cutesy 101.

Lmao. That tear stream on her face. Yuri-ri-raped.

Woah… I don’t know where to begin. Let me stop my nosebleeding first.

OK. First off, some eye candies for all~

Aquatic Jousting ~Stripping the bikinis off~ Edition. Victim no.1! 1 X GOOD CENSOR BAR!

OMG Look! It’s Alice~tan~! Ka~Wa~Ii~ No censor bar needed =X

ARGH! Blood gushes out of my ears! Censor bar flees from the scene.

Hmm… Is this blond bijin even introduced in the main story yet?

The announcer is given… SPECIAL SERVICE!! 2 CENSOR BARS SMACKED RIGHT ON OUR FACES! Courtesy of victim no.1. Sweet revenge GETTO!

With the third episode. I have concluded that the fan service starting scenes have no relation with the main story line. It’s more of a… lonely male otakus garnering device.

Now back to the main story line. Shuusuke Chitose has decided to become a waiter and the responsibility of training him into one falls onto Tamaizumi Hiyoko.

I humbly reject the offer of teaching Shuusuke Chitose the art of being a waiter/waitress. – Tamaizumi Hiyoko

Meaningful decoration SPOTTO!

But of course, we all know she is the iconic tsundere of this series. Dere mode activated!

Tsun mode re-activated.

Side B of this episode was all about hardboil dood and miss cutesy lost bike recovery adventure.

Check out how to pass the train station entry gate in total cutesy style:

I dare anyone to do that in real life. ORZ

Naru Ohtori dropped her wallet on purpose just to see what will Narita Hayato call her as.

This smart cookie was pleasantly delighted when she was called “Naru”, her first name without honorifics. (the -san/-chan/-sama/-kun usually attached at the back of names)

You can hit me for being a smart cookie~ – Naru Ohtori

You should really hear how she sounded in this scene. Cutesy power LIMIT BREAK!

She got a kind patting instead 🙂 Narita Hayato… what a hardboiling playboy. Animation quality failed though. (Part of his hand got eaten up by witches.)

Reward for being a hardboiling playboy!

Side C of this episode rapidly evolved into a middle finger pointing festival.

DMC lead singer makes his debut, triggering the start of an epic gang fight.


Real whores wear Neko Pan!

More extravagant characters. BTW this is Naru Ohtori’s elder brother. Talk about similarities between siblings.

Woah… this anime ain’t just about the cute girls… harems… and fan services. IT’S ABOUT GUNS! GANGS! AND BLOOD DOOD!

AND OF COURSE… HOW HARDBOIL NARITA HAYATO IS YOZ! Stopping the fight with a gun in one hand and a helmet in another.

and with that… we have concluded another bizarre episode of Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa nai. Look forward to delicious uncensored blurays~!


The preview commentary is quite a laugh.

DJ Condor: What do you think about the third episode, Watarai Asuka-san?

Asuka: I had nothing to do with the main story…

DJ Condor: You are not part of the next episode’s main story either!

Asuka: Then why did you call me here?

DJ Condor: To laugh at you for being a weak heroine! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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