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Maria Holic: Alive – 02: Infinite SHAFTos


Someone please tell me what this anime is trying to do.



Trademark Tauburn finisher.

Super Robot Taisen: Ginga Kanako

Well, I’m quite sure this is not the real OP for Maria Holic: Alive, but this has gone on for two episodes already. I’m not really complaining though. This one that’s sung by Tomokazu Sugita is quite funny and awesome in its own right.

Get sucked by a vacuum cleaner and die.

I want Cecilia to do this for me too.

She finally gets some screentime. In another anime.

Charlotte caught in a changing situation, as always.

A kiss for the wife!

And then Infinite Stratos gets SHAFTED. Don’t worry Kanako, most guys agree with you on that part. Having a maid harem, that is.

And that’s about everything interesting about this episode. Also, God-sama is a lesser god compared to Madoka right now. So what if she can change weather at will? Madoka can CHANGE THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE.

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