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Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – 02 : Breast Groping Masturbation Anime.

Huh?! Caught changing in national TV?

Starting off the episode with 4 girls groping each other and 2 guys behind the bar… masturbating? WTF!?!?

Why… the guys were sitting under the bar table.

What… was under the bar table.

What… the TV was showing.

What… the two guy’s faces were expressing.

What… the girls were doing.

Why… the tomato and mayonnaise were placed on the table.

What… the anime was trying to achieve.

What… happened to the faces of the two masturbaters.

Why… two guys shouldn’t masturbate together.

What… happened to the radio when tissue wasn’t gotten on time.

And for those AGE wannabes~ the producers have kindly allocated 20 seconds of screen time to the AGE Statistics Wikipedia.

All genre indeed…

Detailed ranking chart picture for the 4 heroines. If only it was uncensored.

Best scenario of the episode.

Best expression of the episode.

My favourite animal is... PEGASUS!

Best Joke of the episode.

I still don’t know what this anime is trying to do. Mainly I’m just watching for the lulz and eyecandies. The episode presentation of jumping around stories confuses me. Take for example, @ episode 1, Takashi Haneda was shown to be in a harem with all four of the main heroines already, but this episode clearly pointed out that Shuusuke Chitose is scoring with Hiyoko Tamaizumi and Hayato Narita is winning Naru Ohtori. The ending of the opening song also revealed the couple pairing… so what exactly is going on? Episode 1’s ending song also portrayed the male characters as heroes in another world, but episode 2’s ending song decided to go with colourful pictures of the heroines. And I’m still quite bothered with the starting of this episode, 2 guys masturbating? really?! Was it just a “dreamlike” scenario or was it real?

NVM…. Who cares?! Next episode is a BEACH EPISODE!

Frankly, I’m quite disappointed with the absence of my favourite goth loli Alice this episode… used and thrown away so quickly. Haiz… at least she is still being featured in the opening song…

They should really make her a main heroine… such win.

  1. April 19, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Oh, I was thinking to avoid this series as it looked too generic…Well, no more. Going to watch it…:D

    • defrayal
      April 19, 2011 at 11:23 pm

      Yea, it’s actually really funny at some points. But this anime is constantly using confuse ray every episode. Well… I’m totally sticking around for the eyecandies. Ahaha.

  2. enixfire
    April 21, 2011 at 9:15 am

    (Yay finally I got a chance to see this one \(^∇^)/) Personally I think the anime’s going for a comedy slice of life with surreal sequences. I dunno about all the eye candy (breast have no effect on my lower abdomen), however I do think that the characters are pretty funny and likable. So far miss fish-stare Hiyoko is by far the one I like the most. Her expression is almost identical to mine when I get hit on by guys. And the guys are just perfect~ I have to say the only one I might not like is Takashi Haneda who’s the most bland and boring of the bunch.

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