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Ao no Exorcist 01

This has to be one of the most anticipated shows of Spring 2011. Finally after the delays caused by the Japan Disaster(God bless them), its finally time for its debut and boy did the first episode not disappoint!!!

Hell...its about time....

This episode is mainly an introduction episode so there is nothing much to say other than it is incomplete without the second episode. It seems they have did some revisions to the manga’s first chapter which has improved the pacing a little bit and from the preview it looks like they have added more action seems to give a more impact to the introduction.

Nobuhiko Okamoto and Fukuyama Jun are voicing the two Okumura Twins and they are done impeccably. The use of Fujiwara Keiji as Fujimoto Shiro is another good casting as he definitely is the no. 1 choice for voicing cool ossan characters.

Another good aspect of this show is that of the character design. This is one of the very rare shows where the anime character design mimics the manga art of Katou Kazue perfectly. If you compare the anime art to the manga art, you will find very little differences in the art.

So hang on for the ride as next week’s episode will blow your mind.

P.S I’ll be doing a combined episode post next week including episode 2 when it releases so it feels more complete. Oh and Kamiya debuts as Mephisto next week!!!!

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