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Hidan no Aria 01: the birth of another Kugimin-voiced tsundere loli

Im so angry that you didnt post until now!!

Right. New season, new show. My fellow writers have already started on their respective series while I’ve been stewing around (albeit having fun when watching Nichijou) and waiting for Hidan to air on TV. As luck would have it, just when I got ahold of episode 1, I managed to end up in a household that had its internet connection severed due to bungling contractors, which is why this post is only coming out now.

With Hidan being done by JC Staff, obvious comparisons definitely arise, Shakugan no Shana coming to mind, what with its similar naming (Shakugan NO Shana, Hidan NO Aria) and Kugimiya Rie voicing the lead. What’s more, Aria is basically a tsundere with guns, instead of a tsundere with swords (a la Shana).

The difference, thank god for it, is that our male lead isn’t some hapless pussy that’s being dragged around by an overwhelming powerful heroine. Tooyama Kinji, voiced by Majima Junji (most recent appearance as Aikawa Ayumu in Kore wa Zombie?),  first appears to be some lazy run-of-the-mill guy that wanted nothing more than to blend in and be part of Anonymous. He is enrolled in the Tokyo Butei High School, an academy where students are trained to be armed mercenaries in order to counter rising crime rates. I’m not sure if it was mentioned in the anime, but Kin-chan is of Level E (the lowest).  Instead of being forced to go through the trope of powering up and getting stronger throughout the course of the story, Kinji is able to transform into a Level S (highest) Butei by getting sexually aroused. -FIST PUMP- This god mode, or Hysteria Savant Syndrome (the actual name), causes him to adopt a change in personality and speech, turning into some suave smooth-talker.

It did succeed in making me cringe when that came out, the lines he sprouted were cheesy beyond infinity. It serves its purpose well, as a foil to the already powerful but easily flustered female lead.

Kanzaki H. Aria. Aaahhh another tsundere rolling out on the conveyor belt that emits from Queen of Lolis Kugimiya Rie. Let’s take a look at her physical attributes. Flat-chested, check. Twintails, check. Funny colored hair (pink), check. I approve of tsunderes, but prefer them to be of the straight long black hair, slightly bigger chest proportions variety voiced by Hikasa Youko. Keeping with the theme of Buteis, Aria wields dual M1911 pistols, but knows martial arts and has two Kodachis for close combat as well. She fills the typical loli archetype which you can find almost anywhere, so as of the first episode there’s nothing much else to talk about her. With a well-known fanged grin, she barges into Kinji’s apartment and orders him to become her slave in the last scene, which means that we’re looking at another familiar “living under the same roof” scenario once again.

The other character of note i.e. had more than 3 lines/ had more than 2 minutes of screentime is apologetic, subservient, and well-endowed Shirayuki Hotogi. Her relationship with Kinji is unrevealed, but she fully possesses all qualities of a childhood friend, and probably is one too. I mean, she fulfills the role well enough by bringing food to Kinji, and always gazing at him with eyes associated to that of unrequited love. I’m not sure if it’s going to be an important plot point, but it’s been mentioned twice that she loves phone texting. Takahashi Mikako is Hotogi’s seiyuu, and has plenty of experiencing acting in the role of an osama najimi as she voices Nishizawa Ayumu in Hayate no Gotoku.

She gets a few scenes near the end, but I’m so looking forward to big boobie blondie Mine Riko, done by Ise Mariya. I loved Stocking, and can’t wait to see what Mariya berings to the table.

The whole episode serves as a medium for the meeting between Kinji and Aria, and giving the audience a brief glimpse at the prevailing antagonist, the Butei Killer. Why Kinji is targeted is unknown, it may have been due to an unlucky turn of events, the bomb randomly attached to any bike, OR it could have been, you know, because he’s the main character. Whatever the case, it was good enough a reason for Kinji to eventually unleash his Hysteria mode after burying his head long enough in Aria’s unsuccessfully pushed-up A-cup breasts.

I liked Shana, and that was with the existence of a weakling like Sakai Yuuji. Which is to say I don’t see why I wouldn’t like Hidan, when the male lead has the ability to become so goddamn powerful. Shana shows were two cours long though, so I’m slightly hesitant in getting my hopes up for a one cour Hidan. With this time limit I’d rather Hidan focus more on the action than become another high-school romcom fest, but that’s not up to me. As long as it doesn’t become too indulgent like my previous show (Infinite Stratos), I wouldn’t grudge too much. I do seem to have a knack in picking up these kind of shows to write about.

Oh and the music that played when Kinji entered Hysteria Mode was caramel to my ears.


  1. April 18, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    I cannot tell a lie. I haven’t been this excited for an anime since Oreimo. Favorite series of 2011 thus far for me.

    • April 18, 2011 at 4:56 pm

      it really has potential, which is what I’m excited about. I just hope the plot doesn’t end up being secondary to Aria’s tsundere-ness :3

      wow, not this season but the whole of 2011 so far? that’s saying alot about how much you like Hidan

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