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SKET Dance 02: Frisky Samurai/Ape Escape

Man I’m loving this series even more even though I am already quite a big fan of the manga already because the anime really is pulling out all the stops to be as authentic to the manga as possible, it may seem too pretentious for me to say that from the second episode but I don’t care HAHA…. This episode was great and did not disappoint at all with tons of boke-tsukkomi jokes and laughs galore….

Well it first starts off with the introduction arc of the “Samurai” character Takemitsu Shinzo, the Kendo Club leader, who requests the SKET dan to help him solve his under-performance when competing in tournaments. Shinzo is quite an eccentric character as his speech and manner is that of a samurai from the past due to the influence of his period actor father.

Takemitsu Shinzo

The  SKET dan then proceed to observe his Kendo routine to determine the problem. Chaos ensues in their attempts to determine it, resulting in him losing a few matches due to their wrong diagnosis and tons of laughs in the process. Only at the final match are they able to determine the cause of his problem, it seems that Shinzo’s habit of ingesting a mint while donning his armor directly affects his ability to perform, a habit formed by his fathers recommendation. It ends with the SKET dan helping Shinzo with his first win as Taisho of the Kendo Club, but with an interesing after effect.

The second part of the show introduces Yabasawa Moe into the mix. Do not let her name fool you into thinking that she is a hot chick as she has the most unflattering(understatement) character design of the series.

Do i need to point out who is this? haha

She requests the SKET dan to help her to take care of her pet monkey while she go for her club activity. It seems like they have an easy request but the request is made worse when their club supervisor, Chuu-san( who has more screen time finally), gives them a request at the same time. He ‘asks’ them to help him dispose of his experiment, which looks like a baseball but is capable of producing quite a big explosion, so technically its a bomb. All hell brakes loose when Yabasawa’s pet monkey steals the bomb and runs away with it, leading to a mad chase around the school campus to prevent a disaster from occurring.

Highlights from the episode:

Sneaky add placement....Friske is goodfor u^^

Shinzo Bossun!!

Bossun takes aim....

ITS OVER 9000!!!

Thats our Switch!!!!

Chicks Galore!!!

Hot Himeko!!

Omg what happened to Bossun?

Overall, this episode has boosted my expectations of the series as it has really brought the manga chapters to life. My only gripe is that they seems to be skipping the initial character development chapters and jumped right into introducing more characters. Those development chapters were essential in understanding the members of the SKET dan so its sad to see them left out.

On another note, the choice of the cast for the newer characters are perfect as always. Yabasawa is voiced my Toyoguchi Megumi which is quite a big deviance from the usual tough and good-looking characters that she usually does but she does her quite well. Shinzo is voiced by Miyake Kenta who does the whole ‘Samurai” role perfectly without a hitch considering that he is very experience is all types of characters. The seiyuu for Chuu-san was quite unexpected as I really did not see Nakata Jouji doing this type of character but he pulls off Chuu-san’s dazed and uncaring attitude smoothly and it is always great to hear him in an anime.

Another part of the episode that stunned me was the ending theme. As all fans of the manga know, the mangaka of Sket Dance, Shinohara Kenta, is quite a fan of the band The Pillows. As the ending theme was not announced before hand, it came to be quite a surprise that they really managed to get them to perform the ending theme. This would also prove beneficial for the Band arc of the story which hopefully would be animated.

Sket Dance is proving to be quite a good anime, trying its best with the old school jokes and laughs to impress the audience instead of the cliche moe-characters and harem plots. So if you did find episode 2 quite nice, just stay on for the ride as Sket Dan will not disappoint.


PS: OMG, can’t wait for episode 3!!! MOMOKA’s debut…WOOO


Oh and if you are wondering why am I using a different style of writing for this anime, i would say that i am doing it due to the fact that SKET Dance has tons of jokes, doing a play-by-play would spoil the fun.

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