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Freezing – 12 : No Pantsu Satellizer! (Finale)

Aoi... suck me dry~

Aoi Kazuya: Its my first time, please be gentle.

Satellizer L.Bridget: Its my first time too, can you help me take my pantsu off?

Aoi Kazuya: *nosebleed*

Chiffon's most sinister smile yet.

Alright, it’s finally down to the last episode! Continuing from the previous episode, Milena Marius, whom made a fool out of rank 2nd Elizabeth Mably, broke into the underground Ravensborne Nucleohede facility which holds the body of Maria Lancelot. There, she face the smiling monster, ranked no. 1 third-year Chiffon Fairchild and ranked no. 3 third-year Ticy Phenyl.

Ganessa Roland Steak in Black Pepper Sauce. Cooked Well Done.

Meanwhile, self-proclaimed no.1 among the second-year Ganessa Roland recovered from her fainting spell and tried to be useful by blocking a Tau Ginga Beam shot by Nova-form Cassie Lockheart. With half her body cooked and her right arm torn off, the producers went off and created a tragic solemn scene where she dies uttering words of chivalry, stating that Satellizer is her comrade and it is her duty as the stronger one to protect the weaker Satellizer.

Ganessa sempai... don't die on me, you promised to whip me more tonight...

I think that beam... overcooked me... *head tilted down a little and dies*

And there we have it, the death of Ganessa Roland. Boo hoo hoo.

Actually, my real nickname is not Godspeed, it's Permanently Erected Nipple Cassie Lockheart!

What?! Ganessa's last words were that I AM WEAKER THAN HER?!

The sacrifice of Ganessa Roland caused Satellizer to go berserk and enter her Nova form, where she matched Cassie’s quadruple accel with her own, brutally slashing off her arms and ripping off her infected stigma.

The next thing I'm gonna chop off are your nipples.


Sempai... actually... my true motive was to touch your boobs, not to save Cassie sempai's nipples.

However, before Satellizer could finish off Cassie, Aoi Kazuya went in and calmed her down, telling her that Cassie has already returned to normal and that he doesn’t want to see his beloved sempai killing her comrades.

Alright Aoi, since you promised me hot sex tonight I won't kill Lockheart.

Aoi’s gibberish words of wisdom always manage to calm Satellizer and return her to normal.

Damn, Fairchild took me out so fast it was impossible to animate it.

With Cassie returned to normal and Milena taken down, the pandoras and their limiters thought that it was time to celebrate the successful defending the holy corpse.

It's time to give her some tentacle actions.

However, the victory cries didn’t last as Chiffon did not break Milena’s infected stigma (how the hell did she rank no.1?), resulting in the last undefeated Nova to use it as a beacon and warped right into the Ravensborne Nucleohede facility, poised to rape Maria Lancelot’s corpse.

GO GO POWER PANDORAS! *inserts power ranger's theme song*

The team consisting of Satellizer, Rana Linchen, Chiffon Fairchild, Elizabeth Mably, Ticy Phenyl, Arnett McMillan, Cleo Brand, Attia Simmons and Ingrid Bernstein thought that the combined effort of the best pandoras West Genetics has to offer will easily take care off the lone Nova, however, this was when shit happens.

OMG! This infected stigma on my chest, DIDN'T HAPPEN IN THE MANGA!? WTF!

The producers decided to add a plot not found in the manga’s storyline. Cassie’s infected stigma found its way onto Satellizer’s chest, causing her to Nova-form and cast a powerful freezing upon the other pandoras, effectively pinning their movements while the Nova continues to tentacle rape Maria Lancelot’s corpse.

What!? You freeze me here to show my pantsu?!

And one of my boob?!

I'm casted in Freezing solely to look cool and hot.

Come on! I have 6 legendary stigmas! No way any of you can beat that bicches.

The third-years attempted to free themselves off Satellizer’s freezing field by activating their pandora modes, but they were instantly defeated by Satellizer’s overwhelming freezing field.

I'm naked and cold. Save me Kazuya!

Meanwhile, deep inside the consciousness of Satellizer, she begs for Kazuya to save her.

Despite my pussy face, I'm not the main character for nothing!

Linked by mysterious telepathy powers, Aoi, upon hearing his beloved Satellizer sempai’s pleas, was revived from his KOed state and casted freezing upon Satellizer.



Noto Mamiko meets Noto Mamiko!

We were then treated to a naked Satellizer meeting Aoi Kazuha in a dreamland state, who reminded Satellizer of her beliefs, being the strongest, never losing and having the power to protect her loved ones with the stigmas inherited from her.

I can feel...

Aoi Kazuya...

Touching my XXX...

As Satellizer crushed the infected stigma with sheer willpower and regained control, Aoi’s freezing also released the pandoras from the Nova’s imprisonment, triggering an amusing display of affection from the pandoras. Through a combined effort of all the pandoras, Satellizer landed the last hit on the core and the Nova was defeated.

Thanks for saving me Kazuya... here's your reward...

Heh! We survived!

Now officially ranked no.1 troll among the second-year pandoras.

Come into me gently...

Just do me as hard as you like~!

With a last touch of fan services, the ending credits roll and my weekly dosage of Freezing has come to an end. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did and hopefully, a second season will emerge in due time. Meanwhile, I will definitely camp for the blu-ray releases to enjoy this series in its best quality.

Let's look forward to a second season!

The fight with the Nova is far from over.

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