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Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka – 12 (End): Also, boobs.

Yes please, I would like a healthy serving of Seraphim.

I guess with the story proper ending at episode 11, this is a pure, unadulterated fanservice episode, and it’s fanservice you’ll get. The premise of this episode can be described in a few sentences, hence I shall not torture you with words. Instead, enjoy the picture spam! Stitched, too!

EDIT: Stitching is harder than I thought. It doesn’t help when the background pans up at a different speed as the foreground. But I’ll do my best with my limited Paint skills!

Well, there couldn’t have been a better way to end off this series. Given that the last few episodes were a bit dreary, this finale packs enough of a punch to conclude the series on a high note. There’s absolutely no semblance of a plot in this episode, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, as it epitomizes the kind of nonsensical humour that we’ve grown to like about this anime. As a testament to the success of the characters, there really isn’t any need for a dramatic end of sorts; all we need is to see them having fun, being themselves. And what better way to show that other than a pool episode?

Kore Zombie being Kore Zombie, this will never be solely about the pool. Instead, we have a Vampire Ninja Moe Moe Concert 1v1 Face-off! On the right, we have Sarasvati, who is Vampire Ninja by night, but Internet Idol by day! Going by the moniker of Kira, she has legions of otaku grovelling at her feet! And on the left, we have the lovely Seraphim, who just only recently found out that she too had become an impromptu net idol.

This pic of Dai-sensei is the first that can be stitched properly! Dai-sensei FTW!

That tilted top hat! That's MIO fashion!

She's really giving Seraphim a run for her money for Vampire Ninja of the year.

But, she's not going to be outdone so easily!

Naturally, Haruna wants to join in the fun, and she enters all guns blazing with a dazzling performance accompanied by pillars of flame and exotic entertainment a la sparks from Mysteltainn. Such is her enthusiasm that Yuu, betraying her normally reticent self, wants to take the stage as well! That feat is realized by Dai-sensei, who handily comes up with the goods, producing a contraption that allows Ayumu to act as a proxy, wearing Yuu’s armor to absorb the release of the magical powers.

How cute is she when totally out of her armour? Her joy is somewhat shortened when the contraption starts to malfunction. Luckily, Haruna holds her hands to bleed off the excess magic, so that Yuu can finish her performance.

Ayumu is enraptured by the performances, and basically the notion that there are beautiful girls all around him. He couldn’t help but think aloud, wishing that all girls in the world should be dressed like Seraphim. What he didn’t anticipate was that whilst wearing Yuu’s armour, the magical power that he absorbs would be able to grant his wish, to disastrous (?) effects.



Mmmmm yes micro-bikini fest! We’d have problems if all the girls wore these out in the streets, but it doesn’t hurt having a fantasy every once in a while.

With our urge to see bikini-clad girls sated, the series finally comes to a conclusion. It’s been a roller-coaster ride; The buildup to episode 6, which was arguably the best episode, was exhilarating. Following which, it slowed down to a crawl in the final arc, before making an explosive comeback in the last two episodes. However, it was the characters that kept me watching this anime. Without the colourful cast, this series would have taken a nosedive.

It looks like the producers have teased us with a bit of information, leaving us to speculate whether we’re gonna get another season of Kore Zombie. Who is this lady in pink? Surely she didn’t make a cameo lasting a few seconds just for the sake of being there? This’ll keep us guessing for a while. If it does get another season, I would pick it up in a heartbeat.

Till then, it’s goodbye from Ayumu and company! I really hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my posts regarding this series; I had as much fun blogging it as I had watching it. It’s such a pity that I picked it up mid-way through the series when I just started blogging. Thankfully though, I started off with some Kyoko goodness (who’s nowhere to be seen in the last episode. Pity much?)

And look forward to the Spring 2011 anime season! I’ll be blogging Maria Holic S2, and since I’ll stop lending my services to the nation in a few weeks’ time, if time permits, I’ll cover either Hanasaku Iroha or A-Channel, or any other series that catches my eye that are not already being blogged about by the rest of the HIMYO writers.

  1. April 6, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    LOL at Sereaphim’s Haruhi cosplay ;P

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