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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 06

"Yoroshiku ne, Kuroneko-san!"

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Manami was deliberately taunting Kuroneko-san in the same way she provoked Kirino with her perfectionist housewife capabilities – Death by kindness.

"You are the very picture of Belphegor, an amorous demon who seduces men."

Belphegor, for the uninitiated, is supposedly the chief demon associated with Sloth. A particularly inconspicuous demon, in my opinion, because most games prefer the flashier names of Amon, Astaroth, or Asmodeus.

The scary part?

Manami actually knows of Belphegor. She’s either a walking encyclopedia, or she’s got some serious cult issues going on. Either way, there’s definitely more to Manami than meets the eye.


Manami’s shocked at Kuroneko-san’s accusation, but I can’t tell if it’s because it’s so out of the blue or Manami’s afraid that Kuroneko-san has guessed the truth.

Ah, Manami. In a different world, you’d have a winged god of death hanging over your shoulder, eating your Halloween apple pastries.

"That's right, seduces."

I realize now that Kuroneko-san is really better placed to be a shipper. She’s deadset on making Kirino confess her true emotions for Kyousuke, for one.

Of course, that would make her more sympathetic and pitiful, since she can’t be the shipper and still end up with Kyousuke. But I’d take that. Since I’d prefer melancholy Kuroneko-san than bicchi Ruri.

Confess, tramp! The evidence is incontrovertible!

I had the feeling, while watching that episode, that if it weren’t for her brother and grandparents in the house, Manami would have totally shagged Kyousuke right then and there.

Shag. I can’t believe I used that word.

The eyes of the Children of the Night! They detect dark energy from the Neighbour-girl!

Really. I’m more and more convinced that Manami is a chessmaster. She’s always crazy nice to the rivals when in Kyousuke’s presence, and never once gets upset when they blow her off.

Beware, Kuroneko-san!

A sleeping dragon lingers near – and only now does it deign to give a glimpse of its full capabilities.

She vomits sunshine and farts rainbows.

The dragon is immune to most, if not all, forms of intimidation.

"You love Kyou-chan, don't you?"

And she can be brutally insightful when you least expect it.

Kuroneko-san needs to be this flustered more often. Especially in the anime.

I would actually suggest that Manami gets an OVA of her own as an alternate ending. Except that as much as I’ve been disliking Ruri as of late, I’d still rather have a Kuroneko-san OVA than a Manami OVA.

Maybe she’d be less of a bicchi if she actually got together with Kyousuke. Only light novel 8 will tell, I suppose.

"Kuroneko-san, I'd like to be able to do the commentary track with you again sometime."

Yeah, Manami is as scary as Ayase-tan, in her own way.

"Eh heh heh heh."

You’re a devil in disguise, oh yes you are.

"I guess we're more alike than I thought."

Somehow Kuroneko-san sets aside her differences over their shared desire for Kyousuke.

See? This is the nice Kuroneko-san I want to see. A girl who can get easily flustered but is still mature enough not to let her emotions rule her.

And yet I’m still pining for Kirino. Heh.

Anyway, this is probably going to be the last Animated Commentary review I’m going to do. Not that it hasn’t been fun, but A) new season coming up, and I’ll have more stuff to write about and B) I don’t actually think anyone really reads these. Cheerio!

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