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Star Driver 25: Sundays will NEVER be FAABULOUS anymore

The end of a beautiful world

I’m crying. No, not really. But I’m really, really, really, really sad. Anyone who has been following Star Driver for the past 6 months knows that Sundays will never be the same again.

You will always have this empty hollow feeling in your heart. Sure, the middle episodes have been monster-of-the-week garbage with Takuto winning through numerous asspulls. But the amount of FAABULOUS that has been there, since the beginning, since episode 22, and especially in this final episode, has made sitting through all the bullshit worthwhile.

Star Driver, you will be missed ;'(

Epic fight scenes. Wako Apprivoising. Bosh Rush Mode. Glittering Crux Power Rangers. Takuto Punch. Moar epic fight scenes. RAINBOWS, IN SPACE




I can’t stop crying feeling really really really really sad and empty. I’m hoping for at least an OVA to clear things up (since the ending gave so little closure), and let us have a peek at the lives of everybody after the Samekh’s destruction.


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