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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 05

"So was I cute enough?"

Yes, Kanakana-chan, you were cute enough. No, Kanakana-chan, I don’t think your opening introduction could have been cuter. Yes, Kanakana-chan, you’re the cutest girl I know.

"Really? Hee~"

It’s been 7 years since Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and 35-year old Yukari Tamura is still the go-to seiyuu for lolis.

Yukarin: Upstaging girls half her age since 2004.

"Did I say you could stop? Compliment me some more!"



"Oh, stop it... though I know you're right~"

So, uh, Kanakana-chan. Let’s discuss this scene. The scene where Ayase-tan catches Kirino at Comiket.

"Oh that? I'm surprised you guys actually made it out alive."

You’re kidding. Ayase-tan’s a nice, normal, cute girl.

She’s your friend – you know how she really is, don’t you, Kanakana-chan?

"Yep, that bitch really is dangerous."

I-I see.

"Especially when her eyes go like this."

“Man, there was this one time Kirino asked about what colour panties I was wearing. She was flipping up my skirt too.”

"Then Ayase started going all demonic on us."

You know what’s weird? I think that if I really did meet a girl like Ayase in real life, she could have a knife to my throat and I’d still be HNNGH-ing for her.

HNNGH not as in heart attack, but as in, you know what I mean.

"Incidentally, Kanakana-chan, what kind of panties are you wearing?"

I’d like to mention here that Kanako is one of my favourite side characters. Episode 10, where she pulled off a perfect Meruru cosplay and then immediately switched to burnt out crackwhore offstage? Priceless.

She’s like a cute loli troll. A cute loli troll whom I’d bang six ways till next Friday. And then some.

"GRK weren't we supposed to start our serious commentary?"

“It’s just so much fun talking to you that I end up joking around.”

You’re losing focus, Kyousuke. You’re supposed to keep pressing her on the type of her pantsu. And the colour too.

I don’t know if I’d be more aroused or horrified if it turned out that Kanako’s not wearing some set of normal white cotton panties but a black lace thong and matching garter set out of Victoria’s Secret.

Oh Kanako’s saying something. “Annoying. You probably use these heart-melting lines on every girl.”

"What other girls? You're the only one whom I'd ask about the type of her panties."


If anime!Kyousuke was this manly, I’d have no issues with OreImo being a harem anime.

Manly and fabulous. Note the sparkles in his hair.

"What a LAME monologue!"

I’m glad AIC decided to lampshade this. Because really, that was the most awkward, most unrealistic scene in the whole series. Even more so than Kirino beating up Kyousuke at random (which I actually feel is justified, since anime has to be exaggerated for effect) or Kuroneko-san being a godly gamer.

Who the hell monologues in real life? If Ayase wasn’t yandere and yuri for Kirino, she’d probably have broken free before the third paragraph and ran off. Then started banging Kyousuke just to get back at Kirino.

"But I love her anyway."

Turns out that when Kirino first wanted to befriend Kanako, Kanako trolled her by ignoring her.

If Shizuka Itou is the ultimate seiyuu yuri pimp, Tamura Yukari is the ultimate seiyuu troll.

She trolled lolicons when Nanoha grew up, she trolled otakus with Kanako’s backstage antics, and in general voices troll characters. Like that scientist girl who invented the Infinite Stratos systems. Hell, she trolls her fellow seiyuu too, as I mentioned way earlier in this post.

"I think Kirino's true feelings... and your true feelings... will be made perfectly clear even to naive people by the final episode."

Omg see she did it again. Loli cocktease.

Kanako: epictrollface.jpg

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