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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 04

Yet another beautiful, heartwarming moment between our sibling protagonists.

Just a few episodes ago, they wouldn’t speak a word to each other and each pretended the other didn’t exist. To see them now sharing such an intimate moment, all trespasses forgiven, finally bonding at last, brings a tear to my eye.

Don’t you think so too, my sweet Ayase-tan?

It looks like Ayase-tan is too moved by that sweet sibling scene to speak.


"...gomennasai! Ohayou gozaimasu, Aragaki Ayase desu!"

Although the anime rendition of Ayase doesn’t stand out from the other girls, her chibi form more than makes up for it.

I could look into her eyes for hours. Right up to the point she decides to cut off my head and keep it in a box. And then my unseeing eyes can gaze into hers, forever~

And just like anime!Ayase, chibi!Ayase is easily affected by anything Kirino says.

But I suppose “I wouldn’t let you watch me change my clothes,” is a lot more provocative than usual.

chibi!Ayase’s just sad that Kirino said to to Kyousuke and not her. It’s alright, Ayase-tan. I adore you, but I wouldn’t let you watch me change my clothes either.

Oh look, it's Kyousuke...


What… what is this demonic aura I sense?

"Don't let yourself be fooled! He may look nice at first glance, but that guy is a seriously perverted sexual harasser!"

What. Two Ayase-tans?!

The best part? The art team wasn’t lazy enough to simply flip the character sprites to face different directions.

"I guess this is something that can only happen on a bonus track."

“Sou desu. Anyway, I’m you from the future.”

“Honto ni? This is great! We should think the same, right? Hey hey, don’t you think Kyousuke-Onii-san’s nice? He seems like such a caring and considerate older brother…”

Battle hymn of the asian tiger yandere.

“… there’s no way my past self can be this naive!”

...three Ayase-tans? My body wasn't ready for this much awesomeness.

“That dirty pervert. I should never have been taken in by his harmless-looking demeanor. I should never have looked at him or even greeted him! I’m going to show you how dirty a pervert he really is.”

-one video demonstration of Kyousuke having an Ayase-tan fantasy later-

"... ehhh?!"

Man, I can’t get over how cute chibi!Ayase is. If only anime!Ayase was drawn to look this cute.

"...and I definitely should never have given him my phone number. What was I thinking?!"

Kyousuke would be pretty sad if he knew that the girl of his dreams hated him that much.

Or maybe not. I know that Ayase-tan doesn’t even know of me (and can’t, because she’s a fictional character, obviously) but I still love her anyway.

Speaking of Kyousuke…

"Ohayou, Kyousuke-Onii-chan!"

“Go away! Little sisters give me nightmares! Nightmares of little sisters forcing me to play games about little sisters!”

"Gomene Onii-chan, gomene!"

If only Kirino treated you the same way, eh, Kyousuke?

"I'd appreciate it if you stop ignoring me."

Oh, Kuroneko-san. Have you been here all this time?

I think I’ll refer to nice Kuroneko as Kuroneko-san and bicchi Kuroneko as Ruri. Kinda weird that I think that Ruri’s manufactured persona is nicer than her real self.

Apart from episode 9, I mean. Man, I can’t understand the giant difference between Episode 9’s nice Kuroneko and Episode 13’s bicchi Ruri.

"You would prefer a girl other than me, wouldn't you."

Hell, even when Kuroneko-san’s upset or annoyed, she never approaches the level of jerkass Ruri exhibits.

Dignified yet easily embarrassed Kuroneko-san, how I miss you.

Ever noticed how Kuroneko's normal outfit is just her cosplay outfit with the blouse tucked out and the purple rose hairband replaced with pseudo-nekomimi?

She’s actually quite the accomplished seamstress if she made her outfit all by herself. If there was a Project Runway Japan, Kuroneko-san should totally star in it.

Speaking of outfits, I wonder what Kuroneko-san wore before Maschera came out. Spend too long thinking about this, and you’d be thinking less of clothes and more of a lack of clothes. Or maybe that’s just me.


I liked the vulnerable side of her. The easily flustered, furiously blushing side. The side that pleads for you to cast a magical spell on her to make her yours and only yours…

Too bad episode 13 was just bicchi and more bicchi. Give me back my Kuroneko-san and maybe my review of episode 14 won’t have to be a rage fest.

"You looked so beautiful in this scene, Nii-san."

Oh, Kuroneko-san. You can be awesome when you want to be. So why is it you insist on showing the world your arrogant, hateful side?

(Because scriptwriters are all masochistic arses who secretly desire to be punished by arrogant, hateful girls. Feh.)

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