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Infinite Stratos Ep12: WHAT IS YOUR NAME??? ~ also, a review on the show

I'm crying cos I'm so happy this shit is over

Japan happened. Almost all shows were delayed by one week because of the disaster. I’m not sure if Japan can take another disaster in the form of the last episode of Infinite Stratos. It wasn’t even appropriately titled. “Your Name Is”. Whose name are they talking about now?

It was terrible, on the grounds that so many deus ex machina took place and multiple plot threads were left hanging in the gentle breeze that is the brain fart of the producers.

Episode 12 resumes immediately from the events of 11, with the 5 girls attacking Silverio Gospel. Numerical advantage is a great asset when fighting any battle, and it takes a toll on Gospel. I have to mention, the music was extraordinary. Classical music during frenetic fighting? Unorthodox, but great move in my opinion.

I kinda had my hopes up, for the great action scenes that fighting robots promises, but NO. Within ONE minute, the scene switches to Ichika’s coma state, a gleaming sandy beach with cheery blue sky, white clouds and dead trees. Contradictory, but still fulfilling a certain extent of surrealism. Certainly a contrast to the landscape of deep blue sky, dark clouds and grey seas that is the raging battlefield in the real world.

Enough of descriptive writing. Ichika encounters a mysterious girl in a sundress and sunhat, who immediately leaves after distracting him with “It’s calling me.” My assumption is that mystery girl is Byakushiki, as right after this the environment is enveloped in sunset orange, with Shirokishi, the previously mentioned IS which took down the multiple missiles on Careless Monday (OH HEY LOOK, I REFERENCED HIGASHI NO EDEN) appearing, and asking if Ichika “desired power”.

Cutting back to Real World, Gospel has been smacked into the sea, but reemerges after an explosion of cyan, with brand new sparkling wings. At this point Laura proclaims, “Crap! It’s Second Shift!”

Pause here. DOES ANYONE EVEN REMEMBER FIRST SHIFT? It was mentioned only once, and that was right at the beginning, in the SECOND episode. Good job, guys. Bringing back a concept that had seemed to been discarded for eternity.

Ichika wants the power to protect his comrades, prompting an “I see” from Shirokishi and an reappearance from Byakushiki, saying “Then you must go.” I sense that dreamy world is about to end…

Gospel lays the smackdown on the girls with its new upgraded abilities. As Houki struggles to retain consciousness… Oh and again, the eerie aria here impresses.

check out my FAAAABULOUS ears! :B

Here, I got you a piece of cloth for your birthday

…Who should appear but Ichika! IN HIS SECOND SHIFT AS WELL. The sheer audacity of reviving a concept that has been unmentioned for the whole show. TWICE! Almost as if it was an afterthought, Ichika casually wishes Houki a Happy Birthday. Turns out 7th of July is her birthday, which is why Tabane actually bothers to show up.

More mecha bullshit ensues, especially when Akatsubaki’s One Off Ability conveniently restores all its energy, which translates to Houki sharing her energy with Ichika’s Setsura. I get enough asspulls from watching Star Driver, must you come into Infinite as well? In the end, they reused the actual battle footage from Episode 1, and Ichika plows into Gospel with his manliness, finishing the conflict once and for all.

The good bits of Infinite eventually crop up.

We get to see a blushing Chifuyu (tell me how is that not kawaii. She’s more tsundere than Houki).

We see the three unnamed but recurring girls, one of them being the pikachu/renamon.

We get an explanation, muddled and vague, but still an explanation, from Chifuyu and Tabane’s dialogue. Seems like Tabane cooked up all the shitstorm that happened throughout the show.

We finally get private time for Houki and Ichika, in their underwear. Houki molests Ichika with her boobs, and then makes him touch them. With their libido overflowing ala Star Driver (again), Ichika leans in for the kiss.

Cecilia's evil laugh. Pure rainbow

THEN we get Cecilia, Rin, Char and Laura regressing into rage forms, screaming for Ichika’s blood. AND EXIT STAGE RIGHT, Ichika carrying Houki princess-style again (remember the previous time where he carried her similarly into an IS cockpit?)

The show was so promising, much like the coveted Double Rainbow All the Way. The character development was good, the action was intense. The huge-ass problem was, the story got ABSO-COPULATING-LUTELY NO WHERE. Where did it all go wrong? I felt like the show eschewed plot all the wrong reasons.

You will never watch Infinite for its story. The interesting characters might pull you through, the fight sequences might appeal to you, but the story will assrape you till you’re crying for mercy to be released.

Very much like SuckerPunch actually. DON’T WATCH THAT MOVIE FOR ITS STORY.

Problem, Plot?

On a final note, I think I’m getting addicted to this drug known as Hikasa-Youko-voicing-tsundere-characters. She’s so win. Probably one of the very few wins in Infinite Stratos. I think the studio tried to adapt the light novel faithfully, but it might have actually been more suited for 24 episodes. That, or give us a second season to clear shit up.


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