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Star Driver 24: Turns out you can enjoy this without watching the previous 23 episodes.

If it weren't for the half empty bottle of Pinot Noir next to me, I'd be sure I was trippin'.

I lie. It was a Merlot. But being thrown into this is some confusing shit.

Confusing, but fortunately still extremely entertaining.

Blondie is the only one who responds to the Pretty Boys' greeting. Curious.

This irked me more than it should. Blue-Haired Bishie seems to be the kind of school idol who’d have girls mobbing him wherever he goes. The feminine student under-reaction is startling.

So far, this looks like standard slice-of-life high school anime fare. Except that I don’t know any high schools painted bright pink. Still good though.

"'Cause I'm a model, you know what I mean, when I shake my little tush on the catwalk."

This must be a school play or something. The dramatic reimagining of Romeo and Juliet! Who could forget the mecha battles between the rival families?

Fantastic production values. I’d be impressed if my high school drama club’s musical featured an outfit more elaborate than 3 changes of jackets between scene changes.

Cute teacher is cute.

But still nothing on Amagami SS’s Takahashi-sensei. And I really hope that she’s dressed in that because she teaches gym and not because it’s a fashion statement.

Screwing the principal? Too obvious. Cute-sensei must be up to something. Blackmail or schoolboy prostitution ring.

This makes me think Darth Vader ought to have pimped out his helmet with a feather boa.

So the OP came out of nowhere. And the mecha be looking trippy. They’re still way more intelligently designed than the Infinite Stratos’es. Seriously, who designs a high tech battlesuit that doesn’t protect you from your head asplode?

(A scientist voiced by Tamura Yukari, obviously.)

I hate green haired girls.

GREEN. If Mio dyed her hair green, I’d divorce her tie her down and forcibly dye her hair black again. Or blue.

Sorry, but I can’t look at green hair and not think of moss, lichen, or generic green fungi. (Do fungi even have chlorophyll? Who cares!)

One of these days, I'm going to move a bed to the beach and have a guy wake me up with a kiss at sunrise in front of hundreds of horrified onlookers.

By the way, I’m going to be covering Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, if I can. Because I love the squeamish reactions from “manly” men who are apparently insecure enough in their own sexuality that they can’t stand the sight of two guys touching.

Either that, or I’m subconsciously gay.


By far, this is the best character I’ve seen in this whole episode.

Just look at those eyes. Those aren’t the eyes of an ordinary megane obaasan. Those are the eyes of a predator who can bring the pain in ways you can’t fathom, giving that thousand-yard stare that you can only find in special forces veterans.

Shit, I could follow up anything with that pic of Epic Megane Obaasan.


My Japanese Island Can’t Possibly Be This Native American.

This flashback was full of omgwtf. It was like omgwtf totem pole > omgwtf dumb kids > OMGWTF telekinetic powers.

Ultra-secret gang sign, yo.

The essence of the perfect Kiraboshi is that of a balance between manliness and fabulosity.


Dashing Entrance Ginga Bishonen. I’m laughing too much to even try a literary/artistic deconstruction on this.

Now this is what I call FABULOUS.

OWNERS LEAGUE. Random insert advertisement was so win.

Torii. That thing is called a Torii. Kindly stop calling it "Japanese arch thing".

It’s megane kaicho-sama again. Under that Japanese arch thing.

Wtf is that?

Leopard ninja? With assorted animal ears? I bow (read: orz) to their superior camouflage training.

I still don't know what the heck is going on.

Fortunately, there are lines of dialogue that keep me endlessly amused.

“I could go serve him and let my seal be broken.” Snicker. I’d break your seal, megane kaicho-sama, if you know what I mean.

By the way, this music is totally Disney. It’s like the Pride Lands are coming back to life again or something.

I was considering posting the screencap of their lips meeting, but it was vaguely disturbing.

Random kiss. I’d call her a slut if she weren’t so pitiful.

-currently attempting to figure out what those seals on their chests mean-

This is what I was talking about.

See, if Sugata was really such a hot bishounen, the girls would totally be doing whatever he wants them to do, such as wearing leopard-ninja-outfit things, just for a taste of his dick.

Stock market manipulation.

No longer as unexpected as it was before.



The planet is in peril!

-sound of women and children screaming-

The laws of physics have been broken!

-impromptu dance routine begins-

Who will answer the call, and be the one to save us all?

Let's get Dangerous.

You didn’t honestly expect me to post that screencap of facial distortion Takuto, did you?

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