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Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka – 11: The Weight of Words

Oh yes, you know what this means.

This episode was awesome! It finally has some semblance of sensible pacing, and it has struck a balance nicely between comedic moments and serious ones. We get to see the summoning of a rather ominous-looking Megalo, not unlike a Protoss Carrier of Starcraft fame, which is arguably a monster that could possibly cause mass destruction, rather than a giant flubber bird. Also, towards the end of the episode, we get a crowning moment of D’AWWWW, which I guess is what people actually look forward to when watching this anime. It’s a markedly more interesting episode than the last, and I guess it is befitting that I review this episode at face value, rather than to nitpick about its inherent flaws.

The mood switches back and forth from comedic to melancholy, so there’s really no particular scene to “set the tone” of this episode. But we open off by discovering the fate (and subsequently whereabouts) of Ayumu, who bravely leapt into the clearing with a bomb on his head, assured by the fact that he is immortal, and that his “sacrifice” would save the lives of Yuki and Haruna. He’s alive, naturally, and his body parts are strewn all across the town. You’d guess that this might be quite gruesome, but given the context, and the girls happily scrounging around to pick up his appendages, it was oddly funny.

Seraphim remembers why Ayumu was disgusting.

When Ayumu’s limbs begun to come together and regenerate at the seams, it was finally one moment that eked out a chortle from me. My word, for a few episodes I’ve been trying to figure out what the series was trying to do, but the immortal that is Ayumu isn’t very dignified when he regenerates himself! Also, may I point out that Ayumu is naked for the whole first part of the episode, and nobody really seems to care?

She'd rather poison him than give him the kiss of life.

Ah, the three heroines caught in an estranged battle for Ayumu, but alas, his heart belongs elsewhere! Woe betide them when they find out that their actions are for naught, as the damsel in distress is what Ayumu really desires!

Their fated meeting at the Tokyo Tower awaits!

The shopkeeper sports a new hairdo! Yuu is none too pleased about the situation though. We couldn’t possibly imagine that under her calm veneer, she’s actually a wreck of emotions inside.

Meanwhile, despite the best efforts of Seraphim, Haruna and Yuki, they’re still unable to wake Ayumu from his long slumber. We’re back to serious mode. It really does change very fast no?

Like every shounen series, the protagonist goes through an internal battle in their minds, within bearing an entity that’ll bestow upon them a new skill or greater powers! Ayumu’s spending too long moping around in depression. While naked too.


Saving the day with her overpowered magic!

Giving her another large screenie cos she's awesome, and she doesn't even know about it.

When all else fails, turn to Dai-sensei. She deserves her own series, cos to be honest, I think she’s more powerful than Yuu. I mean, Yuu’s latent powers can summon Megalo, but Dai-sensei can turn them to dust with the flick of her finger! Move aside Ayumu. Just imagine her in Magiclad Girl form. Mmmm.

Come back! You can pilot your EVA again!

This is almost like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ayumu’s stuck in a Shinji-esque soliloquy, refusing to awaken to face reality. Thankfully for him, in steps Haruna! Not his projections of her, but the real Haruna that’s been sent by Dai-sensei to pluck him out of the rut he created. She pulls out all the stops and roughs Ayumu up till he can take no more, and promises to finish the job.

Yoku dekimashita, Haruna :3

Beam me up, Scotty!

Mission complete for Dai-sensei and Haruna. Dai-sensei exits stage left and promptly uses her Super-Powered Teleporter of Awesome, safe in the knowledge that Ayumu is ready to get back in the thick of things. There. We need a Dai-sensei to save the day whenever we need her.

Ayumu’s classmate and Seraphim’s colleague, who’s name is revealed to be Sarasvati, arrives at their house bearing vital information and equipment for the impending battle. She should get more screentime as well. She’s as badass as Seraphim when things get sticky.

And Ayumu is still naked. And nobody’s say a thing about it. Oh what the I don’t even-

I vote for a montage of the Many Faces of Yuu, all achieved without emotions!

How could you resist these pleading eyes?

And a battle maid Seraphim too!

Ooh, things are starting to heat up. We approach the climax of the episode with Ayumu and Haruna proceeding up the elevator to meet Yuu and the shopkeeper. As to why they know exactly where they are, I shall not ask, as I’ve learnt that to question a nonsensical series is akin to questioning a horse. Yuu’s powers had inadvertently summoned a huge Megalo that actually looks dangerous for once, and Seraphim has readied herself and her violin to battle it. That’s because, as told by Sarasvati, when a Vampire Ninja that has drank the blood of the necromancer, the music that she plays will have the power to destroy Megalo. I’ll never know why it is so, and why she has to wear a battle maid outfit, but I APPROVE OF THIS.

Th..th..that's a panchira! OF A GUY. OH CALAMITY.

Staying true to the series, we need a Magiclad Girl transformation sequence every episode or two. What we don’t need though, is a panty flash of a guy. Unless you’re a girl. But there are no girls on t3h internets.

Now as an upgrade from the ghostly apparitions, the Megalo summons clothes whales. Fucking clothed whales. Yes, I have convinced myself that the producers have decided to use whales cos of the haunting sound they make. Yes, that should be it. It also means that the Vampire Ninjas have to form an impromptu concert recital to battle the forces of evil.

We all know what's coming...

"But that's not a kick!"

Ah yes, same old, same old. They even managed to make the oft-expressionless shopkeeper utter those words of bewilderment.

Only Haruna gets blasted off, as she's peripheral to the later part of the episode.

Which sets up a one-on-one, mano-a-mano standoff between the shopkeeper and Ayumu!

First blood to Ayumu!

Boom Boom POW!

A straight, straight through your skull!

The final struggle starts with Ayumu on the losing end, but he manages to determine his worth to Yuu. Basically, he’s shouting at the shopkeeper, asking him to stay away from his girl. He gains the upper hand with this momentum and busts the brains right out of the shopkeeper’s skull. The battle is done and dusted. But they are immortal aren’t they? They could’ve just sat down and cut to the chase, have a leisurely discussion on who gets the girl. But hey, this is Kore Zombie man. You gotta let your fists do the talking , else the viewers wouldn’t know that they are immortal in the first place.

Ayumu must’ve said something that struck a chord in the shopkeeper’s heart, but that’s no reason for the shopkeeper to be a wuss about it. The way he bows out of the battle is just meh. He wants to be a penguin? His departure has been as weird as his appearance, and for good measure, his entire role in the anime. He hardly comes across as the biggest crisis that Ayumu and co. have faced. That particular honour would belong to Kyoko. Hmm….Dai-sensei, Sarasvati and Kyoko in an OVA. That would be LEGEN-pregnantpausewaitforit-DARY.

This is is, pals!

This JUST made my day.

With their so-called greatest nemesis eradicated, we’re in for a special treat! Yuu decides that it is the right moment to SPEAK! And not a moment too soon! I must find out who the voice actress is, cos it’s just perfect for her character. Slightly high-pitched, but sweet as sugar. Some may argue that it is better for the series that she does not speak, but I guess a little bit of service from the expressionless necromancer wouldn’t do any harm. After all, she chose her words carefully, and it was meant for her dearest companions. That’s the weight of her words. Worth every single bit of it.

Montage for Yuu! Hear, hear!

Well, Haruna’s been having her fun elsewhere since she was not needed in the fight. The dark mist sure has other handy purposes when not tasked to grapple people.

That’s that, then. This arc wasn’t terribly interesting, not to mention coherent, but at least it ends off on a good note. This penultimate episode wraps up the main story, and the next episode as shown in the preview would be a swimsuit episode! All hail episodes to boost DVD/Blu-ray sales!

Apparently, the next episode has already been shown, due to many stations airing double episodes to make up for the delay due to the disaster that stuck Japan a few weeks ago. But I’ll probably post my review of that during the weekend, along with my thoughts on the series on a whole. Till then, enjoy this Yuu goodness to your heart’s content!



  1. April 3, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Cool episode btw. This episode is like the final episode for me as the next episode is like an extra…XD

  2. April 4, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Yeah i also thought this episode saved the series somewhat. The next episode is great as well, for very different reasons. I hope there’s a second season!

    • April 4, 2011 at 6:54 pm

      Yeah, I really hope for the second season too! ^^

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