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Freezing – 11 : The Permanently Erected Hiding Nipples.


LMAO Dazzling Nipple? I thought Star Driver’s nipple screws were owning enough. Seems like Freezing easily scores an epic win. Its finally the penultimate episode and the producers decided to troll us by giving us less than 1 second of uncensored nipple action. 612 milliseconds to be exact. But if you are not a fan of raw nipple, you get more than 3mins of erected nipple screen time. Rejoice! The fans of permanently erected hiding nipples will be more than delighted to click on the “continue reading” button dazzling wordpress in red too.

Nova-ed Cassie and Milena broke through the trillions of security gates guarding the holy corpse of Maria Lancelot, only to find themselves facing the Wasted-by-Satellizer 3rd years.

Elegant Destroyer literally.

As the fodder units of the Nova side are giving the 3rd year losers a pretty hard time, the yet-to-be-wasted Elizabeth Mably is stealing the spotlight with her pew pew lasers.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Apparently, Elizabeth’s weapon also got the coolest name of the series: Stigma Satellite System, SSS. lolwut? Angel Beats Ripoff?

Smashed by pure elegance.

As Elizabeth supposedly took down Milena, she found out that Nova-ed Pandoras can be reverted back to their original state by destroying the corrupted stigmas on their chest. Attia Simmons took down her nameless fodder opponent with pure elegance. However, they could not stop Nova-ed Cassie from completing her 2-episode-long marathon, as expected of the Godspeed of the East.

2-episode-long marathon FINISHED!

At the finishing point, what awaited Nova-ed Cassie was red ranger Ganessa, blue ranger Rana and of course, yellow ranger Satela!


LMAO? Can't Accel?!

But stepping away from the usual convention, Freezing’s red ranger is not the no.1 rank strongest of the 2nd years, but the no.1 rank joke in West Genetics. Rana took the blow for Ganessa before fainting due to severe injuries (not without seductively saying Kazuya’s name) while Ganessa just fainted due to utter shock and disbelief of her own powerlessness. Such a prowess Ganessa displayed is also known as the self-petrification move.

The first nipple scene of episode 11, miraculously occured @ 12m08s.

It took pure awesomeness to screen shot this less-than-a-miserable-freaking-second-shot.

What?! Satela is evolving!?!?

With the annoying supporting characters defeated, Satela is out to usurp the pitiful amount of screen time Freezing has left. (Too much wasted on Aoi’s opening and closing of his mouth)

Free Zin Gu!

Unfortunately, Aoi still stole the spotlight near the end, by once again, saving Satela from being impaled by Cassie, and clarifying his heartfelt feelings for Satela. (Note to opponents of Pandoras: ALWAYS TARGET THE WEAK LIMITERS FIRST! GOD DAMN IT JUST LEARN FROM INGRID BERNSTEIN NOOBS!)

Nah, I refuse to consider this uncensored nipples action.

Hmm, I remembered something significant took place here. OH YEA. Satela finally realised that Aoi Kazuya is not treating her as a replacement for his legen—–waitforitwontbelong——dary deceased sister, but as his most precious partner who will defend humanity together. =) Awwww, Noto Mamiko’s soothing self-enlightening voice is finally fully utilised in such kind of heartwarming scene.

Rapeface got raped.

Meanwhile, it seems that Elizabeth can join the 3rd years fodder unit for failing to stop Milena Marius.

Believe in the me that believe in the you that believe in the me that beli...

Tenga Toppa Milena Marius is gonna give us a doki doki heart-throbbing final episode, will she Maria Lancelot Toppa?

Rei Ayanami!?!?

Looks like we can all look forward to an epic awesome sheer win ending comparable to the Evangelion’s.


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