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Infinite Stratos Ep11: Ichika almost dies AWWWW YEEEEAAAA

It’s the penultimate. PENULTIMATE. episode of Infinite Stratos, and the only memorable thing that happened was Ichika getting wounded into coma. WHAT.

When I first started watching I had such high hopes. What could possibly go wrong with mecha and harem?

The answer is “lack of story”.  Apparently Mecha = Mindless Action while Harem = Shameless Flirting, leaving no space for much plot whatsoever.

“Insert Dirty Joke”

Continuing on from episode 10, Ichika and Houki got ready to pursue Silverio Gospel, the white shiny IS droid that’s on a rampage. They easily catch up to it, due to Akatsubaki‘s insane speed, even faster than Ignition Boost, and starts pounding on the opponent.

Silverio looks to have been ripped right out of a bullet hell game, as you can see from the bullet it unleashes. Touhou!

Ichika spots a NICE BOAT cruising far below, and insists on protecting it. Houki dismisses them, being criminals not worthy of protection.

They enter into some VR bullshit where Houki is naked (AWWW YEEAAA) and Ichika chides her for not wanting to protect the weak after gaining new powers from the higher spec Akatsubaki. IMO this came absolutely out nowhere and feels ridiculously forced. I could have done without this righteous nonsense yet again from Blockhead Boy. And this late into the show? It’s just sad.

After realizing the horrible truth that she is a naughty girl, Houki “Zetsubo Shita“s and lets down her guard, while Silverio unleashes more Touhou hell. Ichika is forced to block the bullets for her, and they both end up crashing into the ocean, almost into the NICE BOAT they were trying to shield.  IRONY.

Houki continues to Zetsubo Shita. She looks amazingly similar to Chifuyu when she’s looking down at Ichika. OH YEA AND HE’S IN COMA. No excuse to use harem as a story progression, since the lead male is out of commission temporarily.

FLASHBACK TIEM. Houki’s probably musing about the time where she started falling in like with Ichika, since I’ve no idea about its actual purpose. It shows Ichika defending her, and then when they called each other by their first names (ie Ichika and Houki).

Waking from her reverie, Houki finds Rin confronting her. Before getting bitch-slapped, while the other three girls give their thumbs up.

Ok not really, those three are actually trying to give smiles of encouragement to Houki, but someone needs to slap some sense into EMONESS.

The episode ends with the 5 girls attacking a hibernating Silverio, with Laura lustily screaming, “FIRST BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD“.


Well it looks like they really intend for the first fight shown at the beginning of Episode 1 to be the final fight of the show to be shown in the final episode. All I can say is.




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