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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 03

"Today's special guest for the commentary is Kyousuke's RABURII ANGEL!"

Rejoice! For it is finally Ayase-tan’s turn to grace us with her delicious presence!


Eh? What’s up, Kyousuke?




This is an unanticipated setback. But a true man perseveres in the face of disappointment. Hoping for a better tomorrow, and for a better follow-up animated commentary. This is what Ayase-tan would have wanted.

Hmm? What’s that you say, Daisuke-san?

"I didn't buy that camera to spy on Kirino or anything."

Wait what? I wasn’t aware that we were talking about cameras or spying on Kirino. I must have been distracting by my raging.

But I definitely approve of spying on Kirino for sure.

"She sure is pretty."

… TMI.

It’s one thing to identify with Kyousuke when he gushes about Ayase, but it’s another thing entirely when your preferences align with that of an old man with potentially non-familial feelings towards his own daughter.

Trollface Master Kousaka.

chibi!Kyousuke makes good his escape and tags in an unsuspecting Kirino. I may be mistaken, but that’s probably the most openmouthed open mouth that chibi!Kirino has displayed.

Stay the course, Kirino, stay the course.

"What a cute friend you have."

So from your daughter to your daughter’s friends? Stay classy, Daisuke-san. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Kirino ragequits shortly after this.

Hopefully Ayase-tan will be here for the second segment.

Im 12 and what is this?

Foiled again. And what’s worse, it’s the two girls that I care the least about in the show. And they’re talking about how much they fangirl for pussy!Kyousuke.

I can understand why there is a substantial Saori fandom. Because hidden by that horrendous sense of fashion and the guru-guru-megane is a ojou of legendary standards. That, and she’s still underage despite having the largest tracts of land among all the girls in the anime. Loli+Oppai? The mind reels.

But I don’t understand the Manami fandom. The supporters say that she’s responsible, caring, and dutiful. I say she’s boring, Kyousuke should marry Ayase/Kirino/Kuroneko/Kanako/Kurokoneko-1/Kurokoneko-2/Bridget-chan/Saori (in order of preference, if you haven’t caught on) and employ Manami as the meido.

"This is the scene in which Kyousuke first falls for me!"

Ah, Saori. As an ojou, you could do so much better.

Yes Saori, Kyousuke's coughing so as to hide his confession of love and not publicly embarrass you.

As far as the light novels are concerned, Saori has yet to show a hint of romantic attraction to Kyousuke, and vice versa.

That’s not saying much because Kyousuke’s an unfeeling bamboo pole, but suck on that anyway, Saori fandom!

"I bet Kyou-chan did something really brave to resolve this situation."

For those who have forgotten, this is the part where Oyaji is about to forcefully violate Kirino’s Fourth Amendment rights, and Kyousuke is the only one who can stop him.

It’s fantastic how the Amendments to the US Constitution so easily lend themselves to sexual innuendo.


Come off it Saori, we know you’re more depraved than Kuroneko or Kirino. With ojou resources, one can only wonder how many doujinshi you’ve stored away. “Never have enough time to catch up on current anime,” indeed.

Either chibi!Manami's reactionface was drawn badly, or she's already expected this from her beloved Kyou-chan.

Manami’s no saint either. If one of those girls on the DVD art was wearing megane, she’d be raping Kyousuke just like how Yosuga no Sora’s Nao raped Haruka.

Huh. Manami and Nao both wear megane, are osananajimi to their respective protagonists, and I like them the least (read: hate) out of their respective anime’s girls. Curious.

That's right. You don't stand a chance. Now shoo.

Sadly, this realisation only takes place in chibi world.

Fortunately with the greater attention being paid to Kirino and Kuroneko (but not Ayase, alas) I can look forward to less Manami appearances in the manga/shousetsu/anime continuation.

Apologies to Satou Satomi. It’s not that I want you out of work, it’s just that I really, really, really cannot stand Manami.

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