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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 02


Our commentary will be LEGENDARY!


-proceeds to loop Ayase’s 3 second scene-

I can therefore conclude that Kyousuke is a man of excellent taste. Although the anime adaptation of Ayase does not do her true beauty justice, she is obviously the BEST possible ending.

Alas, it is not to be. I can forsee that just as I denied and trolled by CLANNAD’s so-called Another World: Kyou Chapter, I will never get to see the full courtship and relationship of the legendary Aragaki Ayase.

Theory: Kyousuke likes Ayase because among the girls, she is most like Kirino. Since he can’t bang Kirino for certain social and possibly-dire-genetic-consequences reasons, he goes for Ayase instead.

OreImo Portable happens to play this the other way in Ayase’s true ending with Kirino being happy with Kyousuke by proxy of Ayase – since she can’t bang her Aniki, she can be happy that her shinyuu can. Or something. Who cares as long as Ayase is the TRUE PATH, right?

"Submit your frail body to my hypnotic whispers and become my devoted slave."

A Kuroneko is fine too.

Hmm. Honestly, I push for a Kirino ending because I do genuinely like her character, but I can’t say that I don’t want to troll the Kuroneko fans either. But to choose between Ayase and Kirino… Kyousuke can have Kirino because Ayase is totally mai waifu. I would take a knife to the gut for that girl.

A wild Kirino appears!

Epic facial distortion ensues.

Screentime is precious. It is an important bargaining chip in your salary negotiations. Kirino understands this all too well. Not only does she hog the camera as much as possible, she deliberately acts as tsun-tsun as possible so that no one can replace her on the show.

Kind of like how Charlie Sheen is doing with Two and a Half Men, except that A) I don’t watch Two and a Half Men, and B) I don’t give a crap about Charlie Sheen.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu VWEEEEEEE"

Before I get into the metafictional brilliance of a anime character interviewing her seiyuu, let me just say that that sound Taketatsu Ayana makes causes me to cringe in a mixture of pleasure and disgust. Kind of like when I’m enjoying TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s Onnaji Kimochi and I realise that I shouldn’t be feeling so fulfilled watching cute prepubescent girls singing and dancing.

Anyway,while it is sort of a clever masterstroke, this is still a pretty transparent attempt at repairing the damage done to anime!Kirino’s image due to excessive tsun-tsun by having Taketatsu-san praise certain aspects of Kirino’s character.

Public relations 101: No one likes hearing only praise for a character unless its a character they themselves already like. I recommend a 2:1 praise:criticism ratio, with the criticism coming first. That way the fans won’t get overly riled up or feel that they are being patronized, and the detractors are more willing to listen after the first bash.

Try again with Hanazawa Kana, AIC. Not that she really needs the fan points, actually.

"I thought you two were lovers when I first met you."

Oddly enough, Kuroneko has no qualms ribbing Kirino about potential wincest. I bet it’s because she knows that Kirino will steadfastly deny her RABU for Onii-chan as part of her tsun-tsun character… until it’s too late i.e. Kuroneko wins. Sly bicchi.

"When I saw you clutching your handphone with a sad expression I was like 'Aha! Someone more pathetic than me! Yes!'"

Kirino’s never going to let Kuroneko live this down. “Hey, remember the time we first met? In that maid cafe? One person spoke to you, but THREE people spoke to me?”

I can predict much win in the next animated commentary because RABURII MY ANGEL AYASE-TAN will be guest commentating. I shall leave you with delicious omake of manga!Ayase.


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