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Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne – 11 : Hardcore Lesbian 101




Lets all watch Iroha get sucked dry by Clone nee-san~


Kinda reminds me of Giga Drain.

As hinted during the previous episode, Rin Yatagai Clone nee-san is just as awesome as her younger twin sister Ran Yatagai Princess Leila. Being a hardcore lesbian, Clone nee-san spend the entire episode stalking Nao and fingering her lips, trying to take her virginity kiss. Nao had no choice but to entertain Clone nee-san as she is blackmailing her with the revelation to Shuusuke that his self-perceived “innocent” imouto has been lusting over his taboo stick.

You're mentally an M!

Clone nee-san’s Yuri-Conversion-101:

1) The Musou-Breaker: Induce a fantasy upon your target then break it mercilessly before the fantasy even starts.

Clone: What are you trying to gain by stalking your brother?

Nao: *starts to fantasize*

Clone: Enough with your delusions!!!

Nao: *fantasy shattered before it even started* -,-”

2) The Mind-Fucker: Break your target’s mind with unfounded theory.

Clone: You know romantically loving your brother is taboo and you are still doing that, you’re NOTHING but a Masochist!!!

Nao: =.=||

3) The Unconditional-Lover: Accept everything of your target, even those you denied accepting at first.

Clone: Even though you’re a masochist, it doesn’t matter, its not too late to change, I will accept you!

Nao: =_=|||

4) The Dependable-Sister: Make your target call you onee-sama.

Clone: Feel free to call me onee-sama.

Nao: *runs away*


Noble Phantasm: 約束された勝利の剣 - Sword of Promised Victory.

While Nao is under heavy artillery fire from the relentless Clone nee-san, Shuusuke is undergoing the harsh Savior training planned by Princess Leila, consisting of vigorous vocal chord training in the morning and excessive Excalibur swinging at night…

AGE Serious-business Mode.

AGE Harem-fantasizing Time!

AGE Post-fantasizing Mode.

All for the sake of his AGE group, to complete their quest of discovering the non-existent secret Underworld!

Best hiding place ever...


Best Fwien Forever~!

In order to save herself from an ill-fated yuri ending, Nao engaged the help of her all-time love rival, professional Siberian stalker Iroha, who suggested that they should mislead Princess Leila by pretending to be prophets, guiding Princess Leila with the usage of faked accent through the speaker-phone, warning the princess that Shuusuke is not the real Savior she is looking for. Iroha and Nao hoped that doing so will once again trigger the princess search for a new savior, which will in turn keep Clone nee-san occupied in preventing the princess from tarnishing her reputable onee-sama status during the search, which will release Nao from Clone nee-san’s almighty lesbian grasp.


However, both Princess Leila and Clone nee-san are not awesome for nothing. They easily uncovered Nao and Iroha’s plot, in the process, with Clone nee-san accidentally planted a Leech Seed kiss onto Iroha’s lips, whom she mistaken as Nao due to the Nao making a blunder, letting her real voice come out from the speaker phone Iroha is holding. Unfortunately for Iroha, Clone nee-san immediately took a liking towards her lips, swiftly kidnapping her away.


Good Luck & Have Fun!

Sacrificing Iroha as her scapegoat, Nao was relinquished from Clone nee-san’s lip hunting.

Moral of Ochinko’s episode 11?

Never ever assist your love rival.

Major League Ball?!

Meanwhile, all of Shuusuke’s trainings were for naught as he was arrested by the police for wearing  the savior’s skimpy costume being too awesome while on the way to the venue.

Last Episode! BAWWWWW T_T

Next episode is the last episode. Who will get into Shuusuke’s pants? I’m betting no one. Shuusuke will continue his sperm filled days.

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