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K-On!! OVA: Keikaku! (Doori Ja Nai)


Mio! You were always the one for me. How could I ever have been taken in by the loliciousness that is Azusa or the Mugiliciousness that is Mugi.

Clarification: This episode, despite my prior exuberance, is not a Mio fanservice episode. (Sadly.)

A year on, I'm still wondering what Azusa's supposed to be doing.

Ah, the memories. My musical tastes may have moved on, but the strains of Utauyo! MIRACLE still bear a place in my heart.

Seriously the biggest travel agency I've ever seen.

In a nutshell: Our heroes make plans to travel overseas after graduation. Hence the Keikaku.

But since this is K-On!!, they talk, get sidetracked, and end up getting little done. Hence the (Doori Ja Nai). At least they got their passports done.

Louis Armstrong with twintails please.

Azusa wants to go to New York. For the Jazz.

Possible plot for K-On! Movie:
The girls fly to JFK but their passports are void because of a civil war that broke out in Japan. They push trolleys for quarters to buy delicious cake from the airport bakeries and convert an unused gate waiting area into their new clubroom.

There are so many awesome things in this picture.

Yui wants to go to New York too. Because it’s Giita’s birthplace or something.

Possible plot for K-On! Movie:
The girls discover a PASIV Device and a handy set of Japanese instructions in their New York hotel room. They enter Yui’s mind to make her a more dedicated guitar player but are thrown off by her SHAFT-esque view of the world.

Of all the things Ritsu could have imagined, she picks hula dancing. Wtf.

Ritsu wants to go to Hawaii. I have absolutely no idea why.

Possible plot for K-On! Movie:
The girls fly to Hawaii and agree to be part-time lifeguards. They run in slow-motion back and forth across the beach. For two glorious hours. Bonus points if they brought multiple changes of swimsuits (sukumizu pls).

I know this is supposed to a reference to some British music group album art, but I don't know which and I don't care enough to find out.

Mio wants to go to England. For the musicals and rock bands (lolwut).

Possible plot for K-On! Movie:
… the only British movies I’ve watched are Love Actually and Johnny English, and I don’t want to see the girls snogging guys or attempting a high-risk spy operation with Mr Bean.

(I love Rowan Atkinson, but it just isn’t going to work.)

KyoAni got lazy with the outfits this time around, methinks.

Mugi doesn’t have a destination in mind. Probably because she’s richer than most countries and has a villa in every one.

Possible plot for K-On! Movie:
The girls accompany Mugi as she flies to New York. Scenes of messing with Wall Street, economic collapse, stockbrokers jumping off buildings are interspersed with scenes of eating cake.

Those glasses.

I think Nodoka is severely underappreciated by the K-On! fandom. She’s smart, mature, and her fashion sense hints of a wilder nature under her sensible demeanor. Smexy.

If Manami was more like Nodoka, I’d be pushing for a Kyousuke/Manami ending. Okay maybe not, but I’d certainly like her more.


Dammit Mio, you’re trying too hard. That …topknot… thing… is atrocious. And don’t you have a business suit in that extensive wardrobe of yours?

Hmm. Business Suit Ponytail Mio. Smexier.

My screentime consists of subservience to my sister. Fml.

Ever since I read a doujinshi of Satoshi screwing the shit out of Azusa,(Metaphorically. I can tolerate Yaoi and Shokushu Goukan. But Sukatoro is just too much) I’ve been unable to look at him the same way.

… “Onee-chan, we can’t be doing that every night…”

Oh the humanity.

Reverse trap Ui!.. isn't quite my thing.

Thus were a thousand futanari-doujinshi unleashed.

I don’t actually remember seeing this guy uniform very often in anime. The Toradora guys wear it. So does Manami’s younger brother. I wonder why it’s so underused.

I suppose drawing bare arms is easier than drawing creased sleeves.

I only just realised that the ED uniforms aren't the Sakurakou uniforms.

Right. Let’s get serious.

It’s nice to see the girls again, but I don’t think it was that great an episode. The interpersonal interaction doesn’t seem as lively or spontaneous as it used to be and the pacing was draggy. Really felt like a filler episode/omake rushed out for the Blu-Ray release.

Maybe the writers and seiyuu were out of practice or something?

Then again, maybe it’s just me and my recent reexamination of the type of anime I like. Everything just happens to end up swell for the K-On! girls.

This is the last time we’ll see them for a while, until the movie comes out on the 3rd of December this year. With the manga restarting, there might be a third season in store.

Azusa has really strong arms. (photo on the left)

  1. Infinyx
    March 23, 2011 at 1:03 am

    hands off my Mio

    • johnnyyandere
      March 23, 2011 at 2:01 am

      Oh, my hands aren’t touching her… if you know what I mean~

      • Infinyx
        March 23, 2011 at 1:44 pm

        no perv. go feast on your yanderes and leave my tsundere alone.

  2. March 25, 2011 at 12:00 am

    >Thus were a thousand futanari-doujinshi unleashed.


    This episode isn’t worth to re-watch. Giggle at first few minutes, bored later.

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