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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 10: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

It Friday again so its Mahou Shoujo time!! This week’s episode proved to be an even better one than last week, finally filling up some gaps in the story and showing us something that we have been waiting two and a half months for…..

Artist: Kuroe Mura

This week’s episode is actually a re-cap of Homura’s past which is essentially Madoka’s possible futures. It explains Homura’s journey through time to save Madoka and subsequent decision to act in such a way in the current reality which we are watching as of the previous nine episodes, and she takes roughly four time restarts to come to her current decision.

The first timeline, while not a restart by Homura, is essentially the true timeline of the series. Its starts of with the true Homura, in her geekly twin tales and glasses, returning to class after a long absence and meeting Madoka.

Geeky Homura

The true Homura is completely different from the current Homura we are acquainted with terrible grades and fitness. This traits cause her to be depressed and ultimately makes her end up as prey of a witch. But before she can get hurt by the witch, not one but two Mahou Shoujo save her from it. The two who save her are none other than Mami, who has been missed, and Madoka, finally gracing us in her Mahou Shoujo outfit and Bow!!!

Mami we missed you...and FINALLY Madoka as a Mahou Shoujo!!!

Homura proceeds to get aquainted with Mami and Madoka but before long the Walpurgis night is upon them in which Mami dies first. Madoka takes it upon herself to defeat the Walpurgis but is inevitably defeated in the end. Seeing this Homura, with her strong feelings for Madoka, makes a contract with Kyube to become a Mahou Shoujo with the intent of preventing Madoka from encountering the same fate and makes a leap into the past to alter that future. As we all know already, Homura has the power to control time, but this part shows to what extent is her power capable of and the ability to go back in time is something indeed.

In the next timeshift, Homura wakes up as she was before but already a Mahou Shoujo, and when she makes her introduction in class, she goes to Madoka and immediately reveals the fact that she is a Mahou Shoujo to her. Homura then proceeds to train with Mami and Madoka to hone her powers, as she is not that athletic at that point of time. To supplement her time control powers, Homura proceeds to make explosives to help her combat the witches which prove to be quite effective later on.

The Girls in happier times...

It seems thats anything that Homura stores in her shield attains the ability to deal damage to witches( which will be proved later on) and this shows her powers versatility.

Then again the Walpurgis night arrives, and even though Homura did her best and fought alongside Madoka and Mami, she could not prevent Madoka inevitably death, which leads her to make the leap back in time again.

In the second restart, Homura decides to tell the truth of the Mahou Shoujo and Kyube immediately, in which is rejected by all of the Mahou Shoujo as a ploy to turn them against each other. At this point even Miki has become a Mahou Shoujo and Kyoko has appeared too and as always Miki is against them joining up with Kyoko. Miki, for her own safety, asks Homura to use other weapons as explosions would prove a nuisance to her being a melee fighter. Homura then proceeds to use her time-stopping ability to obtain new weapons GTA style aka stealing, to help in the fight.

looting a D-eagle....

and a Shotgun...

It seems that even though the timeline in different, some character’s fate is still the same as in the case of Miki in which she turns into a witch and in taken down swiftly by the other girls. But as they are grieving over the loss of Miki, a big twist happens with Mami destroying Kyoko’s Soul Gem, essentially killing her. It seems that Mami could not handle the truth about being a Mahou Shoujo and decided that instead of them turning into a witch, it is better for them to die. But before she can continue her madness, her Soul Gem gets destroyed by Madoka.

Mahou Shoujo Carnage...

Because of what happened, only Madoka and Homura are left to fight the Walpurgis and it proves again to be not enough as they still get defeated.

In their dying embrace together, Madoka does the ultimate sacrifice and uses her remaining grief seed to save Homura. She then gives Homura her final wish, asking Homura the change history and prevent herself from becoming a Mahou Shoujo.

Madoka X Homura?

Now at the third timeshift, Homura has a new strategy stemming from the wishes of Madoka from the previous timeline. She now intends to prevent Madoka from becoming a Mahou Shoujo, warning her at the start not to make a contract with anyone who asks her if she wants a wish granted. She then tries to get stronger by herself, intending to take on all the witches alone so that Madoka does not need to fight. She even adds a Light Machine Gun(LMG) to her arsenal of weap0ns in that small shield of hers.

Rambo Homura

She then proceeds to take on the Walpurgis alone but encounters difficulty fighting it. Kyube chooses this moment perfectly and shows Madoka the whole event( which links to the dream sequence at the start) in which he forms a contract with Madoka. In the end, Madoka inevitable fate is repeated and Homura makes the time-leap again.

The episode ends with Homura, in the fourth time-line finally realizing that in order to save Madoka and prevent her from becoming a Mahou Shoujo, she has to get rid of the source, which is to kill Kyube and leads to the events which transpired in this time-line.

Akemi Homura: The Girl Who Lept Through Time

Overall, this episode proved to be one of the best so far, with all of the pieces finally falling into place regarding Homura relationship with Madoka, and her almost crazing intent on preventing her from becoming a Mahou Shoujo explained. It seems that Homura is not a Mahou Shoujo to be taken lightly, with her time control and amazing arsenal of weapons at her disposal in that little shield of hers, she should be well equipped to deal with the Walpurgis but it seems not enough. Maybe she needs to steal an even bigger weapon like a chaingun or rocket launcher to have more firepower. What happens next is anyones guess as it has already been proven that if Madoka becomes a Mahou Shoujo, her fate is sealed, so lets hope Homura succeeds in eliminating Kyube for the good of all the little girls in the world.


  1. Infinyx
    March 12, 2011 at 2:02 am

    Saitou Chiwa really made Homura the epic win she was in this episode.

  2. March 12, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Like a never ending tradegy. I can imagine how frustrated Homura must be after all her repeated attempts.

    • archyver
      March 12, 2011 at 11:23 pm

      well it would be even worse if she fails again in the current timeline….

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