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Freezing – 09 : Cassie Lockheart’s Tentacle Rape Just Got Real.

Godspeed, Cassie Lockheart!

Goodluck, Cassie Lockheart!

Goodgame, Cassie Lockheart!

Despite being the fastest and the best third year pandora in East Genetics, Godspeed Carrie Lockheart was still food for Nova.

The episode started with Cassie showing off why she was nicknamed godspeed. Her quadruple accel easily wiped out 2 combat simulated novas.

Energizer, Never Say Die!

Aoi was invited to witness the entire event as Cassie always wanted to meet the little brother of the owner of the 3 stigmas on her back. Despite 90% synchronisation rate with her stigmas, the highest of all current pandoras, it was revealed that her battle with Satellizer (back when she crushed the whats-his-name-again limiter at east genetics), Satellizer’s never-say-die attitude made Cassie realised what a coward she really is and that she lack the determination and should’nt be leading anyone in the fight against nova. In the manga, Aoi never met her before the Nova invasion and instead of  just wanting to become a writer, she wants to settle down with her limiter, Kyoichi, whom she fell deep in love with. In the anime, it is’nt hinted at all. She even blushed when Aoi praised her. LOL.

Kazuya no baka!

During the heli-trip back to west genetics, sister margaret revealed that Cassie inherited 3 and  Satellizer inherited 6 of Aoi Kazuha’s stigmas. Aoi seems to be taken aback by this fact, which was the totally different from the GAR reaction he had in the manga. The worse shit in the episode was that Satellizer coincidentally overheard the conversation between Aoi and Hiiragi+Arthur, with the latter(s) exclaiming that Aoi only became Satellizer’s limiter because she resembled his dead sister. I was disappointed at the fact that Aoi did not immediately counter that statement.


The result? A teary Satellizer dropping her favourite burgers and running away.

Do i smell evangelion?

Meanwhile, back in East genetics, 4 Novas (REAL ONES!) warped in to flatten the city. The 3rd years including Cassie Lockheart were sent to engage them. Reusing the same tactics for every encounter: Decoys (Create opening for strikers) -> Strikers (Smash up the armour to expose the core) -> Finisher (Destroy the core), they thought they fell the nova. Unfortunately, even Cassie’s quadruple accel was blocked, and a beam from the nova wiped out the entire pandora force. The novas later unleashed another attack never witnessed before, tentacle rape and absorption of the fallen pandoras, resulting in SHOCK, GASP AND FACEPALMS.


Wow, Rie Kugimiya unexpectedly did a very good job voicing Cassie Lockheart, a soft spoken non-tsundere character, totally opposite of her usual loud mouth tsunderes. Haven heard from her for a while since her domination a year ago. Too bad for Carrie Lockheart, even godlike speed can’t save her ass.

haiz... no second season.

With this episode, I can foresee that freezing probably won’t get a 2nd season, mainly because they actually revealed that the stigmas on Satellizer’s back came from Aoi Kazuha, Kazuya’s densetsu no onee sama. In the manga, it was actually used as a final trump card for Louis (Satellizer’s sadistic little rapist brother) against Aoi, and the moment of revelation was the climax of that arc. Since it poped out of Sister’s Margaret mouth this episode, Satellizer’s dark past probably and sadly will not be animated. Awwwww. Sobs, model little brother’s ragefuck of his slaved beautiful pandora Holly Rose will never come to light T.T

  1. Dolomite
    June 11, 2011 at 4:48 am

    Glad to let you know there is going to be a second season, if you didn’t know already.

    • defrayal
      June 11, 2011 at 12:33 pm

      Really? Nice! Where did you get the source about the second season?

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